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Can you recommend a new hobby to me?

I love trying new hobbies. My hobby is probably trying new ones and finding ones that stick. Like drawing, writing, and yoga have stuck with me for a long time.

Any suggestions?

silvereyes 8 Dec 31

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Bake Cookies! All kinds of cookies. Too many cookies. Give them away. Everybody loves a good cookie.


Ballet. I took it up when I was 48 and have loved it. It ties in well with yoga and the intricacy of the moves is apparently good for your brain. And as I can attest, you do not have to be good at it to enjoy it.


Try writing a novel. Pay for a good editor. Get it published on CreateSpace. Make a Youtube trailer for it.

It's a really fun adventure.

@silvereyes - yes, twice. I then became a reviewer of POD publications (print on demand) which basically means "vanity press"; i.e. your shit gets rejected by every publishing house in existence, so you self-publish. But there's lots of good stuff out there missed by the big publishers; their loss. I've yet to figure out how such trash gets attention, but quality writing doesn't. Maybe it's who you know, dunno.


Nothing much.

#2 was may favourite. Could be a movie script, I was told by numerous people in the industry. Need a good agent...


Learn to ride a motorbike. I don't know about over there, but here in the UK there is a great social scene around bikes. Women are welcomed and treated as equals.



OK yeah, that's not a match for you then. It really is the most awesome feeling you can imagine. I haven't done so in many (too many) years. I'd love to get back into it, but I have too many hobbies (dog training, home building, car).


Based on the likes you listed, try Macrame, Crochet or Knitting. I do macrame on occasion and it's something that keeps your fingers busy. It's not too expensive to buy into and can be used to make some interesting things for yourself, friends and family.

I am just glad it's not "someone" on those needles! 🙂


Blues guitar


A hobby usually comes from some sort of interest, for example, photography, which, may develop into a passion. What interests you?


You sound creative - try music, learn an instrument ... it's been quite therapeutic over the years for me.

Guitar (mainly jazz). I'm also a wannabe drummer 🙂


Blogging and/or vlogging. You have the gift of gab and are approachable.

@silvereyes Yay! I'd be happy to assist, and I will follow, too.


Naive me; what is vlogging?

@JackPedigo A weblog using video as its primary presentation format.


SCUBA Diving! Super awesome, and a great excuse travel and vacation in warm climates.


Frog chucking is purty fun...sorry, feeling awnry. Maybe donating some time at animal welfare or community help programs.


I do a lot of reading be it fiction or non

What do you read?



I am projecting, sorry.


Jewelry production: beading, wire work, metal or leather stamping, weaving, chain mail.

Zster Level 8 Dec 31, 2017

Only beading so far, and have read up on wire caging. I hope to do more once my nest empties and I possibly retire from industry, freeing up some time.


Tantric sex?


Macrame, Orogimi, Tough one Philosophy, crossbow target practice, cellphone repair, locksmithing, invent something that takes lots of time and if it is successful you get return on your effort.


What hobbies do you have now? I've been teaching myself to be a pewterer.


Gardening or aquaria?


Scuba diving! Seriously, most fun thing ever.

haha, I may have gone once or twice


Well I just started keeping a journal...write thoughts that come to me...sometimes about mt day, people I meet..enjoying it... and I am using paper and pen no blog...


A streamline talk show host. You gather well. people's interests here.


Sewing, learn an instrument, take up dancing, photography, pottery, gardening, learn a new language, cycling... hmmm wine tasting? hehe

Sacha Level 7 Dec 31, 2017

@silvereyes Some would say sewing can be quite therapeutic, and a cheap way of making original clothing.. others would say its completely frustrating. My mother made me learn sewing as a kid, she also made me play tennis. I have not done either of those again since.


What was the Chinese flute to wanted to study? Like many such basic woodwinds, the basic techniques are very easy. You'd be playing your first day!

If you're first choice is too expensive or difficult to acquire, a Renaissance recorder would be a good head start!

Good thing the net wasn't around when I was making a bundle giving private lessons!

Last half of the video...and there are others!

@silvereyes Dave...ACTION!!! stage direction: wrings his hands in dastardly glee

thought bubble: "Nooooow....nooooow...NOOOOOWWW I have her in my artistic clutches...hehe...heheh...hehehehehe"

(Yes, the bold text tells you you say this stuff...c' know this!)

I'm glad it worked for you. If you ever need any further artistic advice, you know where I often am!




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