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Interesting article.
My wife is a CPA and a good portion of her client base consists of farmers. It appears that farming is like any other business. The success rate seems to be in the same statistical curve as anything else.

She is in an accounting practice in a village between Dayton and Cincinnati. Clients run the gamut of military, professionals, merchants, farming, medical, etc.


The last time I looked residents of the US had some of the lowest food prices in the developed world. Our, supposedly, high food standards and middle person mark ups make it increasingly hard to eek out a profit for the farmer. Competition from overseas markets make for more competition and the consumer is caught in the middle. Prices have to go up and the poor will find it increasingly difficult to provide for a healthful diet. More fast food and GMO's. It's the same old story, more demand for a shrinking resource.


Has outstanding created this problem? Can the outsourcing disease be linked back to some other president? Is there a proactive measure to create a positive outlook? Say for instance farming bacteria that would render the oil industry useless. Perhaps taking some of that land that was seemingly useless and farming something else like sunchokes to use to create an alternative to petroleum.

azzow2 Level 9 June 30, 2018

@TheAstroChuck So you would say solar panels require raw material and labor, as well as energy to make, is so solar panels are a moot point?

@TheAstroChuck Good to know how about wind turbines and geothermal?

@TheAstroChuck Was figuring something out on an economic level. The price of solar panels is depending on what your purchases and your needs for an open system which is partial solar partial supplied by the electric company the cost about 30,000$ a closed system are a batter which is recharged this add another 50,000$ to the bill. To me, this did not make sense my bill ranges from 60$ to 200$ in the winter months so to pay 70,000$ would not pay that in a lifetime for electric.

@TheAstroChuck I knew of the Ponzi scheme you had described. Hope to see the solar price change that would be a nice add-on to my roof and get rid of one bill.


They should not have voted for trumpie

Marine Level 8 June 30, 2018

If Americans don't want to starve in the future they're gonna have to do one of two things pick their own food or accept the that illegal immigrants do it for them to quote a farmer from Texas

The problem with that scenario is that immigrants also need food and shelter and an income, education for their children and on and on. Growth of more of us is not sustainable.


'Culture' has been and continues to be removed from agriculture and replaced with 'business'. Think about what that does. You heard it from farmboy!


Yet, so many farmers support Trump. That is hard to understand.


Welcome to the fucking club, This has been happening for longer than 15 years to most of the workers.


Not just farmers.

I'm always suspicious of the ruling class owned media when they present victims to us.

I agree


The overwhelming percentage of this demographic voted for Trump. If you were to poll them they would probably blame Obama and the liberals for their plight so screw them.

@iamjc I won't argue with that. The Democratic party is fundamentally broken and is no longer even a viable opposition party. I predict they will need a couple of more thrashings in the General Elections before they clean house and get their act together.


Well gee, join the fucking club, oh and most of us don't get subsidies.

nvrnuff Level 8 June 30, 2018

If farming is too stressful then sell the farm and get a regular job, I mean I don't know what else to tell them. When profit margins are low the future of agriculture will be corporate farms, it seems anyway, they already appear to produce the majority of the nations food supply.
Around here the farms produce corn (not the variety you want to eat), soybeans, cotton, rice or milo. The only real foodstuff is the rice, the rest goes in as processed food additives or other products, so it really cracks me up when I see a "No farmers no food" sticker on a truck. Farmers don't feed America, corporate farms do.
Farmers live in better houses than most of us, they drive newer vehicles than most so it must not be as bad as they let on. Also I never met a farmer who didn't try to get me to feel sorry for them, they chose to farm, no one forced them to do it.


Who isnt trying to survive on the same wages they made 15 years ago? wages have been stagnant in this country for so long, its actually 'normal' now.

dellik Level 6 June 30, 2018
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