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First thing you did this morning? January 1st

I found this site!!!! Good start of my New Year

lalaland52 5 Jan 1

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Grabbed my aching head after waking up from a work nightmare. The sad part is that I DON'T drink alcohol. So, this is not a post revelry case. Any time my pharmacy changes lots of blood pressure or migraine medicine, I pay the price with a headache. I started a new bottle of bp meds yesterday, so this is pain is right on schedule. ):

Zster Level 8 Jan 1, 2018

Thanks! It's better now. (:


Checked to make sure the Mayans did not miss predict the end of time.


To the gym ... as usual.


Congrats and welcome to the community. First thing-made coffee-nectar of the gods lol.


Drank coffee and laughed.

Goat Level 5 Jan 1, 2018

Welcome home!!! Drink coffee in bed. Sitting at the bar writting on this forum... loving it!


Yay, what a way to start the new year... this is the coolest site and lots of cool people ..first thing I did was drink much wine last night

@Duke tell that to the major headache I had this morning


Went straight outside from bed at 6 AM to experience the coldest ‘static temperature’ of my life! 3 degrees fahrenheit! - along with the magnificent setting moon, ultrabright stars, even the jet planes overhead sparkled! ...then back to bed 😉

Varn Level 8 Jan 1, 2018

scratched my nuts


Watched a marathon of the TV show black mirror, and then joined this site.


Slept in late


coffee with baileys


Had a pee, fed the cat, checked my emails and had a shower.Started feeling hungry so finished last night's pizza while listening to the news on the radio.

Tomorrow's breakfast will be what's left of tonight's corned beef stew:

Tin of corned beef
Stock cube
Clove of garlic
and water

(could have done with a sliced parsnip.)


Realized I had a hangover and was late for work.


Wake up


Rolled over, asked my Google Home Mini about my day, got a fairly miserable reply, and it was pretty much downhill from there.

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