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First thing you did this morning? January 1st

I found this site!!!! Good start of my New Year

lalaland52 5 Jan 1

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Yay, what a way to start the new year... this is the coolest site and lots of cool people ..first thing I did was drink much wine last night

@Duke tell that to the major headache I had this morning


Grabbed my aching head after waking up from a work nightmare. The sad part is that I DON'T drink alcohol. So, this is not a post revelry case. Any time my pharmacy changes lots of blood pressure or migraine medicine, I pay the price with a headache. I started a new bottle of bp meds yesterday, so this is pain is right on schedule. ):

Zster Level 8 Jan 1, 2018

Thanks! It's better now. (:


scratched my nuts


Checked to make sure the Mayans did not miss predict the end of time.


To the gym ... as usual.


Congrats and welcome to the community. First thing-made coffee-nectar of the gods lol.


Drank coffee and laughed.

Goat Level 5 Jan 1, 2018

Welcome home!!! Drink coffee in bed. Sitting at the bar writting on this forum... loving it!


Went straight outside from bed at 6 AM to experience the coldest ‘static temperature’ of my life! 3 degrees fahrenheit! - along with the magnificent setting moon, ultrabright stars, even the jet planes overhead sparkled! ...then back to bed 😉

Varn Level 8 Jan 1, 2018

Watched a marathon of the TV show black mirror, and then joined this site.


Slept in late


coffee with baileys


Had a pee, fed the cat, checked my emails and had a shower.Started feeling hungry so finished last night's pizza while listening to the news on the radio.

Tomorrow's breakfast will be what's left of tonight's corned beef stew:

Tin of corned beef
Stock cube
Clove of garlic
and water

(could have done with a sliced parsnip.)


Realized I had a hangover and was late for work.


Wake up


Rolled over, asked my Google Home Mini about my day, got a fairly miserable reply, and it was pretty much downhill from there.

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