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What kind of person are you a sucker for?

VelociraptorRemy 6 July 7

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I was raised in a very harsh cold environment by very harsh cold women so any time a woman is sweet and nurturing to me I absolutely love it but at the same time it totally freaks me out


open minded



I like my women like I like my coffee:

Cold and bitter


Ozman Level 7 July 8, 2018

Isn't that from the movie "The Edge"?!

@KCjoe108 i just checked, and the quote in the movie is "bitter and murky"

I don't remember that line. Perhaps it subconsciously affected my viewpoint.

Well, it is a DAMN good movie.


Male stripper cowboy firemen.

Oh yeah baby πŸ˜€

Wow, have you ever come across one?? Share please!

@VelociraptorRemy I used to date one.......many, many, many moons ago πŸ˜€


Eeeeeeeeeeek! ???????????

@patchoullijulie, @VelociraptorRemy

No. They don't exist in my world.

@Ellatynemouth LOL

@Ellatynemouth we will just have to live vicariously through @patchoullijulie ?

@Ellatynemouth Honestly he looked great but in reality wan't that much of a catch lol


I have so many questions..... Ha ha!

But I realised he can't have been that great if it didn't last long.

@Ellatynemouth Exactly. It was fun for a while but it grew old when I realized how shallow he was. It was fun though..........πŸ˜€

@VelociraptorRemy LOL now that is funny. If you could only see the boring life I live right now!!! πŸ˜€

If I said female stripper, nurse French maid.... I feel sure someone may be so bold as to label me shallow.....perish the thought....????


You're probably right, perhaps because that's a clichΓ©. I must be careful not to be a hypocrite.

(I'll try to remember not to criticise in future, whenever a man says that.)


Nooooo!!.......Don't do that....Let your hair down...I was mauled by a prudish but well meaning young lady for being shallow when I answered this post with what I thought was a tongue in cheek and humorous response. Just saying even when we are just fooling around, we can be reprimanded....its a minefield sometimes...even on playful posts...???


I agree. It is a minefield. It's a ridiculous minefield too.

Years ago, I once had a guy on a dating site ask me, in all seriousness, if I had a nurse's costume. He knew I wasn't a nurse. Very strange.


So... are you saying you don't have one?


I was kidding...! Lol


My Fireman's outfit is in the cleaners....? ?


Intelligent, witty, politically charged people who love cats and having a good time tbh

Cats are awesome ?


Long hair..beautiful witty..playful..large boobs..small waist..big bum..nice pins...insatiable sexually..oh yes and glasses...

But I'm not fussy though.

So you're quite shallow and only allow for people who meet an unrealistic body expectation? Good luck man ?

Did you play with Barbie dolls as a child πŸ˜€

@patchoullijulie Good one! ☺

@Sticks48 Ha Ha...why thank you πŸ˜€


But Barbie doesn't wear glasses.

Me too! Haha ?

@Hitchens This is true. Can't believe they missed that one. Nothing sexier than a good set of glasses!!!!!!


No..action man..and 6 million dollar man know Steve Austin.


Nah...the question was what are you a sucker for... long as she wears glasses..thats fine by me...

@Hitchens I recall Steve Austin but I'm missing your point? Did they wear glasses? lol


Oh yea..she has to like animals..especially dogs.


No..because they had eagle eyes..they didn't need glasses...but I do think glasses are sexy on women...not so much on dolls..

@Cain_Blue Now nice blue...

@Hitchens duh of course. Not to mention Superman! You know Clark Kent's glasses never fooled me...I always knew he was Superman!!! I'm just clever like that πŸ˜•


You me and Clark knew...don't think anyone else knew he was Superman ..not even that Lex Luther! ?

@Hitchens Only the people that matter knew hee hee


Brains, humour, geekiness. Compassion.


Intelligent nerdy-looking guys.

@OlderMusicGeek add in a dad bod and either grey hair or bald? Oh baby!!!!


I’m a misunderstood sarcastic dude with insomnia. I’m kind with a slightly warped sense of humor... people are often not sure if I’m kidding but when the shit gets serious I can be counted on.


Intelligent, nerdy, passionate, maybe artsy? But not necessary. Oh, and secure - I might put this one to the top of the list. I’m tired of men who can’t handle me because I have my you know what together. It shouldn’t be hard to find someone who’ll respect and adore the fact not once but twice I reset my life - first in TΓΌrkiye, second here in TX from nothing- without anyone’s help... tell me about it. I guess being strong and independent means dying alone LOL (somethings wrong with me today- I’m usually more optimistic ?)


Bad boys, apparently. Intelligent, funny and very sexual.

Kanda Level 5 July 7, 2018

Oh yeah, I should add that to my list too


vulnerable, shy, quirky sense of humor, geeky, intelligent but not arrogant about it...and yeah, I like guys who wear glasses a lot...salt and pepper hair/beard...gets me every time...sigh

@Humanistheathen lol fake glasses are $3 a pair at the drug store...just πŸ˜‰


Artsy types who laugh at my jokes.

We artsy types are generally a little quirky, so we tend to laugh things other people don't laugh . What does that say about your jokes? ?




Someone that can hold an intelligent conversation about most anything


Doesn't take himself too seriously, adventurous, intelligent, good sense of humor.
Sensitive lover giving and receiving.
Gets me....and is ok with it


I tend to like liars.


The WRONG kind


open minded


Dog lovers.


An intelligent wit.


Intelligent without arrogance


Charming intelligent nerdy puppy dog types.


It would appear I have a habit of attracting beautiful, yet, emotionless girls that have a strong codependency on alcohol. My issue is I am a helper / fixer. I'm the guy that will mow your lawn because your mower is broken while mine grows out of control. I would also much rather work on someone's needs more than my own issues. I guess I used to think that a strong and supportive relationship would curve these problems.

Now that I know more about what I am ("thank you" to my wonderful therapist), I know to look out for this type of person as we are likely to attract each other. These relationships only work with a lot of work and communication. I also know, from some heartbreaking experiences, that I cannot help them - they must want the change themselves. I can support them, but they have to find that reason to change.

From these experiences and a lot of self-reflection I am now working on myself.


Thoughtful men who have a pleasant baritone voice, and love to read and fish. An extensive knowledge of the combined works of PG Wodehouse a plus.

I'm obviously going to die alone.


Smart, well-spoken, silly, animal lover, music lover, sensitive, a "deep" thinker, an eye for small/minor detail, nerdy, sweet/kind, open-minded, likes to laugh / easily amused, and a redhead if at all possible (though hair dye is pretty inexpensive...).

JILost Level 5 July 11, 2018
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