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Have you ever met someone who you found irresistible, physically and mentally, and had them reciprocate the feeling? Would you describe your experience as infatuation?

Donotbelieve 9 July 8

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I met a woman and after our first date, I felt like I found the best drug in the world! For weeks, I went to work in the morning feeling like I was barely touching the ground! But the timing was wrong (I was separated, not divorced) and she was kind of bipolar. The rollercoaster ride was wild and emotional, but unsustainable. I miss that feeling ?.


Never. Male stripper cowboy firemen don't seem to like it when I'm yawning without make up on.


What I have found to be mutual much more often is resistibility.

skado Level 8 July 8, 2018

Yes I did. There was a woman that worked in the same office as me, April was her name. She was beyond drop dead hot. I kind of felt bad for her sometimes, because she got hit on by just about every male in the place.Except me. i was way ti insecure, and shy to actually ask some one out, especially her, all i could think of was that she was way out of my league.

One day a mutual friend of ours told me that April had asked about me, and that we should go out to have some drinks some night and she would introduce us to one another.

It took a while to get out of the shyness, for both of us. And at one point she had aked me why I never talked to her before, and I explained that I saw her getting hit on all the time, and that I never though that she would be interested in me.

The real irony was that she thought the same about me. in that instant we bonded wonderfully. We both had some sort of mental issues that aslo made it real easy to relate to.

That relationship went on for quite a long time.

Sounds like you have since broken up? Or are you two still an item?

@Nardi Yeah, that was a long time ago when I was much younger. The only reason we split up was That I went to another school out of state, and she wanted to stay there. We are still friends though, we chat here and there on FB.


My wife of 57 years


Yes and yes. Unfortunately after five years the relationship petered out.


Yes. Infatuation and brain chemistry. I treated it like a bad case of flu and waited it out. Usually helps because during the" wait it out" you get to know the person a bit better, and small things creep up that break the bubble


Yes, I met a man two years ago. There was his attitude, his lust for live, thinking and his ellegance in all attracted me as a magnet. He was obsessed by me and I was obsessed by him for an year. But unfortunately he was kind of man that brought the package of happiness and sadness in the same time, and finally after many struggles, I was able to forget him..


Yes! I would describe it has transcendent, but not in a religious sense. Definitely better than any narcotic.

@AMGT it’s only happened to me once but I have learned to enjoy the memory. How many times has it happened to you?


Oh yes! I wouldn't say infatuation as much as CHEMISTRY. Didn't last, of course. Never does. But what fun! That's when you know you're alive!


1991 - My senior year of high school...

I had been dating a girl named Sarah for about 1 1/2 years at the time of our Senior Proms. I say Proms -- plural -- because Sarah and I went to different schools and our school's proms were on different days, so we attended both her prom and mine.

This was Sarah's prom, so we spent the majority of the night with her friends. At some point, one of Sarah's friends -- Brian -- began gathering everyone together for a group photo. I was not included in the photo because I was "just Sarah's boyfriend" (which was fine with me because I didn't like many of Sarah's friends). There was Brian, Sarah, Sarah's best friend Charity, their friends Lynette, Danielle and Amy. At the last minute, Brian jumped out of frame to grab up one more friend, a girl I had never seen before named Lee. Lee was an absolute angel. She had blond hair, green eyes, great smile and a cute little dimple in her chin.

Everybody was laughing and smiling and trying to squeeze in close enough to be in the picture. I just stood there, mesmerized by Lee. And I could've sworn that she was checking me out too, though I convinced myself that it was just my imagination. (By the way, Sarah caught me staring at Lee and oh boy, did I pay for it the rest of the night!)

Flash forward to 1993...

I had been dating a young lady named Tori for a few months at this point. One day, Tori stopped by my house to say goodbye. Seems Tori had been planning to move out of town at the end of the summer. She had somehow neglected to tell me this over the course of the relationship. I liked Tori, and we had a great time hanging out together, but what was I supposed to do? I couldn't ask Tori to stay because, well, I didn't love her.

After Tori left, I decided to go have a drink at the bar a few blocks away from my house. It's a small town I live in. Most people know each other. On this day, there were a few familiar faces at the bar, including a guy I knew named Travis. Travis was a few years ahead of me in high school but we were friends. I hadn't seen him since he'd left for college 2 years earlier, so I sat down and began talking to Travis.

At some point, Travis got up to go to the restroom and, to my surprise, Lee had been sitting there on the other side of Travis the entire time. We locked eyes and I smiled and said, "Hi!" Lee looked away, quickly. Like, "I'm not interested, creep! Fuck off!" quick!

I must have had a strange look on my face when Travis came back because he asked me what was wrong. I leaned in closer to Travis, close enough that he could hear me but Lee (I had hoped) couldn't. I started asking Travis questions about Lee. (In fact, at that point, I didn't even know her name!) After about 3 questions, Travis looked over at Lee, leaned back on his bar stool and said, "Lee, I want you to meet my good friend Michael." She flashed me a brief smile then said to Travis, "Yeah, I know who he is."

I was shocked. That angel I saw at Sarah's prom knew who I was? My next thought was something like "Oh shit! I wonder what kind of shit she's heard about me?" But it didn't matter because Lee turned her head and began talking to the woman next to her. Travis, still sitting there between us, shrugged his shoulders and said, "What are you drinking? I'm buying!" I sat there and finished my beer, said my goodbyes to Travis, and got up to leave.

As I walked past Lee, she reached out and grabbed my hand, squeezing it tight. I stood there, confused as hell, as Lee continued to talk to the woman beside her, still holding my hand tightly. Travis must have seen this because he moved over to the seat I had just been sitting in, freeing up the seat next to Lee, so I sat down next to her. She went back to talking to the woman next to her for several more minutes, still clutching my hand, before finally turning to me and saying, "I remember you from prom."

It turns out that Lee had in fact noticed me at her senior prom and had always wanted to meet me but was always afraid I wouldn't be interested in her. As I said, it's a small town, so I had run into her several times over the years. I had always been afraid to strike up a conversation with her for all the same reasons that kept her from meeting me. But from that moment on, Lee and I spent practically every day together for the next 2 years.

@Donotbelieve Wowie Zowie, as Lee used to say. Oddly enough, "Wowie Zowie" is also the title of a Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention song that reminds me of Lee. However, Lee didn't know about the song until I told her about it.

Wow, indeed! I always wondered if things like that ever really happened or if they were just romantic fairy tales and as nothing like that ever happened to me I kind of assumed the latter.


No, I'm always a brides maid and never the bride <flutters eyelashes>

Well maybe once or twice.


Is romance dead here? Nothing better than spotting her across a crowded whatever and feeling the sparks fly. Or have them take you by the hand and pull you off to a secluded spot to talk and flirt. I had this happened to me when I saw a woman reading Thomas Paine at a Starbucks and just couldn't resist asking her about it. We talked for hours... Then weeks... It was great

Of course it's infatuation at first-the rest is up to you.


Seemed that way, until the attraction evaporated for one party.


I have indeed......Someone who I found irresistible more than 20 years ago. As far as reciprocity, that I am not so sure if it ever was.... Of course this is just one side of the story


Yes, I have. It is the most incredible experience. We still feel it and are best friends after a couple of years.


Yep. I married her.


A few one sided, lol, I think I am better looking in my own mind than in reality, lol.

A couple times it worked in person though. 😛

A key element is to be able to transform the infatuation into a lasting connection.


I'm assuming you mean the sort of situation where you meet someone, there is an immediate attraction and you cannot be in the same room together without ripping off all your clothes.
The sort of relationship that is an intense fuckfest for a month or so, until you actually get so exhausted you start talking and then find that apart from sexual compatibility you have nothing in common and actually don't even like one another very much, the sex continues for a while but eventually even that fizzles out.
That was pretty much my first marriage, six months of whahay followed by four and a half years of “ what the hell was I thinking? ” on both our parts.


Yes. Not an infatuation, though...more like a total obsession. I can't sleep, I can't eat, I can't breathe.

@Donotbelieve least he feels the same thing, but we have to deal with this...breathing is


Yes. And I would describe it as infidelity. Fuck me sideways, I loved that woman.

But that was then. This is now.


I would say that it was more physical, so it was just infatuation, nothing more


I have come across a couple of ladies in my time to whom I was drawn "like a month to a flame" as there saying goes; alas, there was no reciprocity.

@RobLawrence c'est la vie, eh? Instead of ruing or getting by upset about such things, as one ages, we get philosophical. I like to reflect on one (of the very few I'm familiar with) saying from the Bard, "Expectation is the root of all heartache." Such adages are now how I comfort myself.

@Condor5 great saying, I hope to remember it!

@Angelastras the man had a few.


Not one person. Quite surprised so many people here have.


Yes, only twice in my life (well, so far, but I think that I hit my limit). All logic and rational thought just disappear, and the only important thing is to be in each other's company. You think it's gonna last forever. But it doesn't.


I can like someone a whole heck of a lot and enjoy my time with someone, but once I know that feeling is completely mutual then I'm able to release the love beast and the relationship will take on a brand new form. No fear of rejection=No walls, no inhibitions, no holding back. True authentic love. I guess this is called infatuation? Happened only once for me and we got married.

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