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How much time do you spend on per day?

For me it has been wonderful company, but I'm feeling like I need to controll my time here. Is too long dangerous?

sweetcharlotte 8 July 10

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Probably more time than I should. But I'm kind of in a holding pattern right now, going through some big transitions, and the support I've gotten here has been priceless.


I'm on disability, unfortunately, with a lot of time on my hands. This site, in my opinion, offers a lot, & I try to give back. I've met a few good friends here, tho still not love, or even a reasonable facsimile!!! Not, giving up, tho, & not even the reason I'm on so much, as this site is about so much more. So, to finally answer the question, far too much, but I enjoy it, & it combines with my interest on the internet in general! So, dangerous, I guess it depends. Is it hurting other parts of your life? Only you can answer that!


Way too much, lol


This summer is turning into a very busy time for me, so the amount of time I have for being on this site, isn't very much now.

And I have missed your comments.

@sweetcharlotte That's nice to hear, But now I only can get a few in here and there.

@Sheannutt You are fun, And my life is being taken over by Veggies.

@kenriley Always appreciate when you do have time to be on!


More than I expected to, I enjoy the forums. But like anything, if it takes up too much of your time, you better go do something else for a while.


Too much


Half hour to an hour


This is new to me. Its so exciting to see others who are non religious. I'm from the Bible belt. I was raised in religion. I want no more parts of it.

Ormand Beach FL, I've been there. I'm from Memphis, that's very religious too. Welcome Chris This is getting to be more and more fun here. Hope you will enjoy it. Anybody will talk to you. Look at the Groups under Browse and sign up for some of your interests. Then when someone posts stuff for that subject, you will be notified on the bell


Depends upon the day and how full my work schedule is.


Oodles when I am not busy doing a project.

azzow2 Level 9 July 10, 2018

Too much! It is my new drug of choice!


View it as better than facebook!

Ain't that the truth!


Just hit Level 9-on since last November. It is addictive-I'm retired Cancer Survivor so have had a lot of time on my hands-like the Styx song. Since 5 years in remission I am getting out more and about to spend a week with Dan in NY state.

Hi Sassy, I'm glad you are continuing to feel better. I saw a pic of you and Dan in a garden. Stories about couples that get together really warm my heart. My son met his wife on a dating site called American Singles in 99. They are still in love. My best to you both.

Congrats on reaching level 9!!

Congrats, again!!!


A couple of hours. More, sometimes. It's not dangerous unless it's affecting your real life negatively.

No it isn't affecting my real life negatively. Just the opposite, I feel like I really have some friends on here. I hear from them. It's really nice for me. I was beginning to talk to the walls before. Now I think about what ever is discussed. About daily I get out my dictionary and look up words people use. I looked up a real old war on Google last week so I could know what they were talking about. It's great for me.

@sweetcharlotte Then it's a good thing.

@sweetcharlotte, @tnorman1236 If you are getting good things from here, & expanding your mind, more power to you!


A few minutes. 15 at most collectively.

Under-achiever, slacker! LOL Just kidding, to each their own. I love it here!

@phxbillcee i love it here, also. I just try not to be glued to my phone or computer in my free time.

@tryingcake Just teasing you!

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