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How much time do you spend on per day?

For me it has been wonderful company, but I'm feeling like I need to controll my time here. Is too long dangerous?

sweetcharlotte 8 July 10

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Probably more time than I should. But I'm kind of in a holding pattern right now, going through some big transitions, and the support I've gotten here has been priceless.


I'm on disability, unfortunately, with a lot of time on my hands. This site, in my opinion, offers a lot, & I try to give back. I've met a few good friends here, tho still not love, or even a reasonable facsimile!!! Not, giving up, tho, & not even the reason I'm on so much, as this site is about so much more. So, to finally answer the question, far too much, but I enjoy it, & it combines with my interest on the internet in general! So, dangerous, I guess it depends. Is it hurting other parts of your life? Only you can answer that!


Way too much, lol


This summer is turning into a very busy time for me, so the amount of time I have for being on this site, isn't very much now.

@sweetcharlotte That's nice to hear, But now I only can get a few in here and there.

@Sheannutt You are fun, And my life is being taken over by Veggies.

@kenriley Always appreciate when you do have time to be on!


More than I expected to, I enjoy the forums. But like anything, if it takes up too much of your time, you better go do something else for a while.


Too much


Half hour to an hour


This is new to me. Its so exciting to see others who are non religious. I'm from the Bible belt. I was raised in religion. I want no more parts of it.


Depends upon the day and how full my work schedule is.


Oodles when I am not busy doing a project.

azzow2 Level 9 July 10, 2018

Too much! It is my new drug of choice!


View it as better than facebook!

Ain't that the truth!


Just hit Level 9-on since last November. It is addictive-I'm retired Cancer Survivor so have had a lot of time on my hands-like the Styx song. Since 5 years in remission I am getting out more and about to spend a week with Dan in NY state.

Congrats on reaching level 9!!

Congrats, again!!!


A couple of hours. More, sometimes. It's not dangerous unless it's affecting your real life negatively.

@sweetcharlotte Then it's a good thing.

@sweetcharlotte, @tnorman1236 If you are getting good things from here, & expanding your mind, more power to you!


A few minutes. 15 at most collectively.

Under-achiever, slacker! LOL Just kidding, to each their own. I love it here!

@phxbillcee i love it here, also. I just try not to be glued to my phone or computer in my free time.

@tryingcake Just teasing you!

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