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I need some unique travel ideas

If you go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

BrandonMorgan 4 July 10

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Just got back from Vancouver. Loved it there.

antman Level 7 July 10, 2018

Was there in May. Amazing city! Can't wait to go back!

@Mystical right!! I think I want to try other places first but going back to that awesome scenery is very tempting.

@antman What were some of your favorite sites? If I didn't get to them when I went l can add them to my list for next time.

@Mystical deep cove and grouse mountain. There’s an app I found: Moovit. Told me how to get there on the buses. Just buy a $10 day pass and off you go.
Deep cove was so beautiful. Felt so at peace there.

@antman I just looked them both up. Absolutely stunning. That view! I did the tourist stuff (Stanley Park, Granville Island etc.)this last time as I rented a house in Kitsilano and had a car. But these are fantastic suggestions I will love to see. Thanks!

@Mystical I biked around Stanley Park. That was great. Didn’t do Granville Island. The Chinese garden was crap.


I've just come back from Iceland and would recommend it to anyone who loves dramatic landscapes and fresh seafood. It is expensive though, especially if you like a drink.

NZ has great scenery, food and wine, so does Tasmania.

Sri Lanka is next on my hit list.

Strabo Level 6 July 10, 2018

I'll second that I went to Iceland in May it was stunning. Going back for a longer trip next year.

Do you have pictures of Iceland that you wouldn't mind sharing?

@Donotbelieve very few as my phone basically died as we got there. About 25 mins battery while taking pics then that was it til i could charge it back at the hotel! But give me 20 mins and ill dig out what there is

@Salo ooo! I'll be eagerly awaiting them. πŸ™‚

@Donotbelieve Here are a couple from a walk I did at Skaftafell

@Donotbelieve A couple more

@Donotbelieve standing in America (geologically) looking across the rift at Eurasia

@Strabo Thank you! These are lovely shots.

@Strabo, @Salo Thank you!

@Donotbelieve Just a tiny sample as I was there for ten days. It is hard to take bad photos in such beautiful places.

Sorry about the poor photos! I had one chance at most of them before the battery went!

@Strabo I would imagine so. ((sigh))

I'm living vicariously, for now.

@Strabo, @Salo Don't apologize. I appreciate your sharing.

@Donotbelieve Dont go without some decent spending money its a bit steep! But the best exchange rate is using a card. Everywhere takes them, maybe get 10 dollars worth from an ATM for the Reykjavik buses you won't need cash otherwise.

@Salo Handy to know. Thanks


Depends on what you are into. New Orleans is always one of my favorite destinations because there is literally something for everyone. Vampire events, haunted locations, museums, an incredible food and music experience as well as art, festivals, nature parks, etc.

I'm visiting the US later in the year. Hoping to fit in a few distinct locations and not necessarily the obvious ones. I'd decided on Boulder CO for the hills and Bellingham WA for more hills and their peace vigil on the International Day of Peace. But I've been persuaded to add a Big City as well and think I'm probably settled on New Orleans. Not sure about the vampires though, I bleed too easy.

@Salo Vampirism isn't necessarily drinking blood lol. If you enjoy elegance, sensuality, and the macabre or strange then you might enjoy it. Or any burlesque event.

@Akfishlady great thanks! Any hints for nice food and/or live music venues would be great I love the music scene there


I hear there is a lovely cave in Thailand.

dokala Level 7 July 10, 2018

Better bring your scuba diving gear. The rainy season is just getting into full swing.


Switzerland the fjord lands and scotland


I love that so many people are suggesting iceland. Me too me too

The only downside is we all should've gone 20 years ago, the tourism boom is in full swing there now! It doesnt ruin anything but it's weird to visit a small coastal village with 500 inhabitants and a large coach parking area right next to the cafe/gift shop. So far they've handled all that with more thought than many other places though.


Okay, here's a trip few take that will amaze you and you'll be able to impress the living kapok out of your friends with the recordings of your tour. The New York Underground.

That qas fascinating. Thank you for sharing.


Edinburgh. The Royal Edinburgh military tattoo happens in August and looks like so much fun.

GwenC Level 7 July 10, 2018

Iceland, the sun doesn't set this time of year and it is home to some of the most attractive people on the planet, hot springs, nature, glaciers and wild parties.


Thermal Baths in Prague


Scandinavia! It's where my family originated and I have never been.

Beautiful. I did Sweden a good few times as a kid and once a round trip across to Finland then north by train into the Arctic Circle then West to the Norwegian coast

Where in scandanavia?

@Bigwavedave Where would I like to visit or where are my relatives?

@Donotbelieve where were your relatives from? Scandanavia is Sweden, Norway, Finland and denmark.

@Bigwavedave Sweden and Norway, but I would like to visit all of them, if possible. Including Iceland.

@Donotbelieve I have spent a lot of time in sweden . Amazing

@Bigwavedave Where you just sightseeing or doing photography? What was the draw?

@Donotbelieve I worked for a swedish company with operations in the us. My family became best friends with a swedish family. We vacation every year together since 2000. We have stayed at their house , visited extensively and sailed on the archipelago. Wonderful in the summer.


Cuenca, Ecuador. It is close to the equator, four seasons in one day. Big expat community. At one time I thought I might need that.


One of my bucket list items is to travel to the southern hemisphere to see the southern sky at night. Do you have any bucket list items that would work for your travels?


Ireland, Scotland, England, Bora Bora, Mayan and Aztec Ruins, Greece, Spain, Tokyo, Australia, Switzerland, Germany, Iceland, Andes Mountains/ Macchu Pichu, Vancouver, St. Petersburg, Sweden.


A two year European tour, again, see what's changed and what hasn't. Berlin most definitely and Eastern Europe (since I couldn't go there before). Museums, river cruises, overnight in castles, the christmas markets, rosenmontag in Frankfurt (my favorite place to spend the weekend), the highland games, the Med coast.
Too many memories to count, too much fun to forget.


glow worm caves... they are so cool. but I'm going to Iceland in Sept.

@minhmeister what he said

You should check out the hotsprings there too. I wanna goooo


Japan. But like, more than tokyo. And maybe seol. Or scottland. Or greenland. Or italy. Somewhere completely different than here.


I'm a Lovecraft fan, so there are some select places in Massachusetts and Rhode Island I'd like to visit. Also a couple of places in Hungary and Romania, tied to the Bathory and Tepes mythologies. After seeing a TEDtalk a few years ago there are some kind of anomalous archaeological features in southern Africa I'd like to see, as well as some of the standing stone clusters around the world.



Or you could buy rail traveller tickets which allow you to go anywhere in Europe for a limited period.


Anywhere that tourists and selfie-sticks don't go!


South Africa (Cape Town) ... Mediterranean climate, excellent/cheap food, best fruit, jackass penguins, Cape Point where the ocean's meet, wildlife parks, wineries, Cape Dutch architecture.


My Unique... I keep to myself.


Some folks in the office were talking about Angkor Wat temples. where Indian Jones scenes were filmed. saw a travel site that had 4 day tours for 250 USD today and my jaw hit the floor. I believe these are in/around Ho Chi Min city. assumably plane tix will be a bastard.

Kso721 Level 2 July 11, 2018

Peru for the mountains and the carved rock

donnjb Level 4 July 11, 2018

If I could bear the heat and humidity I would learn some Spanish and visit Cuba.

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