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This afternoon I was informed of my good friend’s death. I knew that it was inevitable (and even moreso when I was told he was given 48 hours) but I have moments when the impact from this really punches me. I am grateful to have known such a wonderful person. Salt of the earth, shirt off the back, gentle giant. Hug your friends. Thanks for reading smile001.gif

By MyLiege7
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I think your friend will be staying with you now. It is cool we all get to live on through people who remember us.

jeffy Level 7 Jan 7, 2018

My condolences, as well.

MrLizard Level 8 Jan 7, 2018

It is hard to loose contact with those who truly mean something to us. The absence of that contact will be felt for a long time.


On 10 July, 2017, my brother-in-law was killed in a KC-130 that fell apart over Mississippi. It's been brutal... and that's for me. I've also had to watch my sister suffer, and deal with the fact that she's a widow now and no longer feels connected to life at all. I wish, after this, that I knew how to comfort a fellow traveler in his struggle with grief. But I did read a great book: It's Okay that You're not Okay by Megan Devine.

Be you, be present, and know that even those of us who say stupid things, still love you. We're just struggling to find a way to show that.

My heart goes out to you.



Heartfelt condolences

Srijith Level 7 Jan 6, 2018

'Sorry for the loss of your friend.


Great friends are worth missing, and tears. I lost two unexpectedly in the last two years. They were my age. I greatly sympathize with you.

Zster Level 8 Jan 6, 2018

Very sorry for your loss.
It's always heartbreaking to lose someone close to you, but like you, I try to be grateful for the time I had with them.

KKGator Level 9 Jan 6, 2018

My heart goes out to you. I received a text today reminding me of our dear friend's birthday today. He died of aids over 30 years ago.

Many loss a loved one to aids. My sympathy thru the years to you.


Knowing that it is coming has never helped the blow. If you are friends with your good friend on facebook, and no one deletes the account, write to your friend when it gets rough. I have two friends are still haunting facebook and I tell them on occasions to get the hell up and start the apunkalypse, those lazy bastards. Sometimes with a little bit of tears, but always with a smile.


I am so sorry for your loss. I hope it was a good death, no suffering.


My heartfelt condolences. I'm sorry for your loss. [[hug]]

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