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Do you give compliments with honesty?

As a side of a question I posted in the singles group, do you give honest compliments?
I mean do you give them easily as a way to break the ice or do you think about it and only make them with honesty?
On a side note of the side note, do you use compliments as a way to advance on the idea of picking another up?

Akfishlady 8 July 18

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A compliment given any way but honestly is no longer a compliment.


I give encouragement, or try to. I compliment when I can, and I always try to be honest, but we all need encouragement.


If I notice something special, I attempt to state it and appreciate it in a sincere way.
My motive is to put more positive statements of substance into the group. I only give sincere compliments in order to let others know that I see their value/strengths.

@sarahjustme It gets tiresome when people assume that I'm just sweet or nice and freely throw these things around.

In all truth, I'm judgmental and grouchy. If I give a compliment it's been earned and well thought out. I am not sweet, but I do notice details and I do appreciate special people.

@sarahjustme I understand.


I really don’t compliment often. I always thought giving compliments were kind of insulting. Idk, I guess I’m weird. I think I perceive people’s usage of complimenting as a manipulative tool. I need to break myself of that, but some others need to stop dishing them out like Halloween candy.


I will compliment people, even those I don't know. I always try to find something nice about someone to compliment them on but sometimes that is easier said than done.


I don't give compliments unless I mean it.


At this point in my life, I don't say anything that I don't mean.


I give honest complements for the most part. Only when i am ambushed and ask directly from the person how something looks on them i may stretch the truth.

do coerced compliments count? idk a requested compliment is more like a critique for me.

@hankster yeah i agree but some people need that i guess

Hey TW, what do you think of me? I'm a real good guy, right?

@kenriley super awesome Kenriley! and that is the truth! 🙂

@twshield I'm very honest and happy to say I enjoy seeing you on the site. Remembering our first encounter, which I will never forget, nor do I want to, You have gained so much respect from me. I hope one to meet you and have a beer. LOL I( don't even know if you like beer.

@kenriley That would be great to have a beer, but my limit is one lol! I really appreciate your kind words and you are a great guy as well. This place is my sanity and escape from a crazy world and i am glad you are a part of this community and someone i consider a great friend!


always honestly compliment. rarely just out of the blue to a stranger.


They actually are honest compliments but yes, i do use them as ice breakers.


I do give compliments and with sincerity. I know how good it makes me feel if someone compliments me so if I like someone’s hair or notice a cute new outfit or even if they just look especially happy I’ll give them a compliment. I do that to strangers too.


Here’s an article about what can happen to women who agree with the compliments they are given. What a weird response from this guy, yet not unusual. The Twitter comments are telling. They oddly veer into a book discussion but then continue after that. []

UUNJ Level 8 July 18, 2018

This. All of this. And I wonder why I struggle with self-acceptance. Can't be pissing off the men by owning that I might actually be pretty.


I can't afford the time or effort to be false.

I find it hard to pretend.

DeeTee Level 7 July 18, 2018

Very rarely but when I give one it's sincere. I generally go with the assumption that a person is smart enough to look through false praise.


Whenever I give anyone a compliment, I do it with complete sincerity.
People are always really quick to tell you when you're fucking up, but they hardly ever make the effort to take the time to say something nice.
Whenever I have the opportunity to pay someone a real compliment, I'll do it.
Especially strangers.
I've never used a compliment as a pick-up line.


On the side of your side side, compliments on your note !! ?


I like to compliment and look for something to compliment about a person. I am honest about it. It is my true opinion. Would never compliment some one to advance on an idea of picking up.


Because I've got this terrible affliction of honesty, the compliments I give can only be sincere.

However, there is often a compliment to give and doesn't always have to refer to appearance. I give them freely often, and honestly to both men and women.

Compliments also provide good balance when they might not like my answer to "Please, tell me honestly...."

Athena Level 8 July 18, 2018

I think the best compliments aren’t about appearance.

@UUNJ I had to think about that. In a very friendly way I disagree, And why I say that, It is too easy to look at the outside of a person. but to see into them the kind of person they are. means so much more to me.


Absolutely! I wish more people agreed. 🙂 Looks change from day to day (ugh... buzz off bad hair days and no sleep), and fade over time, but who you are and things you accomplish are the real deal.


I think we agree and you may have misread it. UUNJ said exactly what you did! I had to read it carefully too. 🙂

@Athena You are right, damn I did misread that. I got to slow my reading down as little. Thank you for pointing this out, I was about to go on my merry way.

@Athena, @UUNJ Sorry. I misread what you said. And I agree with you.


I do give honest compliments even when they take it wrong. Oh well ?


I don't give compliments easily so when I do, I mean it.

And yes, if I'm interested in a relationship with someone I will give her compliments to communicate my interest. Her reaction will tell me if she reciprocates my interest.

Strabo Level 6 July 18, 2018

I only compliment when someone has done something noteworthy. Praising someone for personal gain is ass kissing. These lips weren't designed for that.


I compliment you on this post. It is a very nice post. Just like the rest of your posts.

jeffy Level 7 July 18, 2018

I usethen when people deserve them. And I hate the awkward moment when I receive one and people expect one in return


I give genuine compliments without expectation of acknowledgement or reciprocation. If I did that would be insincere or manipulative.


I use compliments when people deserve them-I don't use them unless they are sincere.


I give very honest compliments, Like on this site, it's hard to really know someone, so what I do is kinda see what they say and how they respond to other people on the site, and a big one is how that might share something about themselves that is not really easy to share. So I guess my way is to respond to them that I like what they said, or I might tell someone that I would really like having a beer with them, Some people I have pm them and said I would like to be their friend, All these things coming from me is a honest compliment. I don't give compliments easy, so if you get one from me than it means something, and it's honest.

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