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Rambling's of a mad woman (warning, LONG)

I just read a post from a friend and for just a split second I thought she was starting to come out of the darkness of religion. I thought WWAS...would would atheist her final enlightenment.

"I took one of my clients to look at a house which was just listed yesterday. When we got there, an appraiser came out and told me that he had been hired by someone to come out and do an appraisal for someone who was putting in an offer on the house. He said that there was another agent in the house with a couple who was writing an offer as well. I took my client in and rang the doorbell. A woman approached me (I didn't know if she was an agent or the person putting in an offer) so I said, "I was told someone was putting in an offer; however, we would like to take a quick look at the house.". Her response was, "Fine. But this is MY home. I have already claimed it in the Name of Jesus. "

For the first time in my life, I was really taken back by her remark. It made me stop and think about it in a completely different way than I have before.

I will admit, I have used that same expression, "claiming something in the name of Jesus". How many times have I "claimed something in the name of Jesus" (choosing a spouse, begging to get pregnant, wanting a house or something that I just thought I HAD to have), when maybe it wasn't what Jesus wanted for me?

What if this house wasn't the house Jesus wanted for this woman? What if Jesus wanted the other family to get this house? By her claiming it, does that mean she DEFINITELY gets it?

John 14:13 states: "And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son."

Wait a minute, what was that LAST part of the verse?

"So that the Father may be glorified in the Son".

So will God be glorified because this woman gets to purchase this home?
Or will she be glorified because she gets what she wants?

I'm really not trying to be a brat (my client really didn't want the house because the traffic from I-26 was very distracting despite the tranquil backyard), I'm just calling MYSELF out.

God, I'm sorry if I have ever asked for something in your Son's name for my selfish pleasure. Please forgive me. It really is more about bringing glory to YOU, than getting MY way all of the time. I"m so grateful for the many times you loved me enough to NOT let me get what I asked for. Thank you for the powerful life lessons I have learned when you have allowed me to have things which really weren't in my best interest.

It is my prayer that God will direct ALL of my clients to the homes that are best suited to them, and somehow God can be glorified WHEREVER they live."

Of course I had to respond to this, I just had to... While you’re praying for god to help your clients find their perfect house so he can be glorified, ask if he can cure cancer, especially in children, end poverty and hunger, the homeless could use a house, war isn’t all that great either. Maybe he can find glory in that? Never know, if everybody prayed hard enough it could happen.

helionoftroy 7 July 18

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i've never heard of claiming things in the name of jesus. it seems awfully selfish to me! who came up with that one?



That's funny, I though Jesus preached about letting go of the riches of this world, wandered around in poverty, and never owned a home. Guess it's another one of those, "You don't understand (our hypocrisy) b/c you don't have faith" things.


My retort generally is: Pray or flip a coin. The outcome is just as guaranteed either way.


I don't waste my time, or my breath praying. It doesn't work and there's no one there to hear any prayers that are made, either.


Maybe that's the new way of dealing with competition in the real estate market. I can't offer more money for the house so I'll scare off the other bidders by invoking the boogeyman.

dkp93 Level 7 July 23, 2018

The kind of blatant supidity and lack of simple character such people display is really jaw-dropping. That's just how I feel about it, lol.


If i convert to evangelism, can i claim my neighbors house in the name of Hair Trump?

He is a nasty person and needs to be rapchured, or deported. My neighbor, and of course, Hair Trump.

Jacar Level 8 July 19, 2018

False programmed notions are not religions' monopolies. There are plenty of political pastors aroumd to guide THEIR flocks of mentally lazy cattle to the boxcars.

Political ideology and religions only differ on where the promised 'pie' will be the reward that followers never actually get.


Claiming and taking possession are two different things. And Jesus would be appalled if he heard her claim a house in his name. She is supposed to be saving her brownie points for a mansion in heaven.

Nice sentiment. But, the jesus did not exist.

@Jacar Well, yeah.


Everyone knows that claiming in the name of Jesus (or Matty or Felipe for that matter) won't work. You need to actually lick the door knob to claim it. That's the rule. ( Shout out to old time SF Giants fans)



Why not, your whole continent both north and south was claimed in the name of Jesus

By people from your country.

Well Spain 1st

@273kelvin, weren't the Spanish Catholics? Seems odd to me they'd claim "in the name of Jesus."

I claim all of michigan.

@Condor5, @Jacar You guys wanted to buy the old London embassy in Grosvenor Square. So you asked the duke of Westminster who owns the land how much it would cost to buy it. He said you could have it for free if you would give him back Virginia that you appropriated off his family in 1776


The whole principle of prayer is messed up. If they think it has any effect they should sit with a microscope and some colorised bacteria and pray up a storm, and see if that does anything. Physical process is where it’s at.

Denker Level 7 July 19, 2018

If it's long, i'm not reading it ?


Holy shit! That lady is lucky I wasn't the real estate agent when she claimed the house in the name of Jesus. Right after she said that, "Step aside Satan!! " would have flown out of my mouth. Lol. ??

Now that would have been an interesting exchange.... 😉

@Lavergne lol. I can online imagine!!


Boy, that is some bat sh!t crazy sh!t. Never having been a Christian, I get surprised every time I hear something like that. Having been brought up in a Jewish home, the simple paradigm is that if everyone follows the rules, the entire polity remains secure. There were vows and deals and stuff with God, but no promises!


I'd be surprised if you found anything but def ears and butt hurt.

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