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LINK Ted Nugent bars guns from his concert in last-minute switch

Yeah Freedom and the 2nd amendment is over rated!

Musician Ted Nugent, a vocal gun rights advocate, reportedly barred guns from being allowed into a venue he performed at in Virginia on Tuesday night.

A local NBC affiliate reported that Nugent's management made the decision to tell fans they could not bring their guns inside the Berglund Performing Arts Theater in Roanoke, Va.

According to the news outlet, the Berglund Center said that since it is owned by the city it is not allowed to ban guns from being carried into its facility unless a performer requests it. A sub-contract between Nugent and his promoter regarding open carry was shared with Berglund Center management right before the performance, according to NBC.

"It happened about five minutes before we opened doors. We had a security meeting before we opened doors and the subject came up and we said, 'Yes people will be bringing firearms,'" Berglund Center General Manager Robyn Schon told NBC.

According to Schon, Nugent's team said, "Uh, no, our agreement says no.'"....

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Most just waffle on about the 2nd amendment without understanding it ... perhaps they never read it.


oh too bad ! the one thing that I would like to see at aTed Nugent concert is large numbers of uneducated drunk rednecks fully armed with loaded assault weapons. all gun nuts should practice what they preach.

Kojaksmom Level 8 July 22, 2018

If I am not mistaken (I have never attended a concert), is it not standard procedure to sweep a metal detection wand over concert goers as they enter? Other than that, in Michigan (he is from Michigan) it is already illegal to take a gun into an auditorium. He may be just following the Michigan law that he is familiar with.

dahermit Level 7 July 20, 2018

fake nugent!!!!


I can't believe a less than average musician who likes guns, hunting and is a loud mouth screeching NRA advocate would actually have a fan base!

It's small. The has-been draft dodger can't even fill Indian casino venues around here. Possibly the Russians gave away the concert tickets free, since he and them are now BFFs.


Ah, the hypocrisy.

Dew25 Level 7 July 19, 2018

Good lord he's such an insane douche canoe.

Qualia Level 8 July 19, 2018

LMAO@ douche canoe!




These guys just keep proving over and over that only cowards love their guns.

Gareth Level 7 July 19, 2018

It's probably wise. He's created a lot of enemies with his inane actions and comments the last few years.

t1nick Level 8 July 19, 2018

wise maybe but hypocritical for sure.


hilarious. another "legit hypocrite" lol

bbyrd009 Level 6 July 19, 2018

such a shame really liked his music until i found out what a wing nut he is

weeman Level 7 July 19, 2018

I don't advocate his lauding of guns, but perhaps that part of his psyche is a also a part of what makes his musc so good. It's not really possible to seperate an artist from his ethos I feel.

@Geoffrey51 yeah maybe

His guitar playing is just as mean as he.


Just like the gop and the nra. I wonder what they're afraid of.

Anonbene Level 8 July 19, 2018

ROFLMAO, chickenshit no-talent has-been knuckles under.........

AnneWimsey Level 8 July 19, 2018

You forgot pedophile

@Countrywoman when you are right, you are right. Plus pedophile!


On top of that, he is a below average guitar player.

Sticks48 Level 9 July 19, 2018

You're being very generous!

@Byrdsfan I didn't want to sound petty. ?


Of course he's another right wing hypocrite, I would like them to go further and not allow Nugent to be in the immediate vicinity of any firearms excluding those belonging to the law enforcement officials charged with his involuntary internment.

Seminarian Level 6 July 19, 2018

He feels like he's going to get shot! LMAO!!!!

We can dream!~ Like there aren't long range sniper rifles anywhere LOL Duhr. That would be epic poetic justice wouldn't it.

@Qualia yes it would be! He's such an idiot! Lol

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