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A lot of the religious people look down on atheist people and consider them to be immoral. Why do you supposed they do that?

Trajan61 8 Jan 7

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Because religious people lack the ability to reason.... Because anybody who thinks / acts differently is a source of fear to them.

I would not say "lack", but it is certainly impaired!

@Reignmond Well, if a person believes in the existence of a guy who looks upon mankind 24 x 7....said person LACKS the ability to reason. Period.

Many of them just can’t fanthom that you could be a good person without accepting religion.


Most religious people especially Catholics believe if you do not believe in god you are going to hell . Hell is associated with the devil ,so they associate non believers with the devil and the devil is in their definition immoral

Yes and many of them are serious about that. That’s what’s so disturbing.


Because they think you need god to be good. Supposedly the fear of hell and eternal damnation is needed before you can do the right thing. They haven't realized you can be good just because it is the right thing to do and you're note an immoral idiot. And I could go on but my soapbox is smoldering.

Yes that’s true hell and damninationi Is the only thing keeping a lot of
the only thing keeping the religious nuts in line.

@Trajan61 that's not working anymore, they think their religions condone hatred and violence.


When I moved to Georgia I let my Atheism lay low for a while. Partly to figure-out if they were going to stone me on the Square and partly to let them get to know me first. I suffered through the comments about how Seculars / Atheists we're so evil, ruining the country, no morals, couldn't be friendly, and all the rest. Meanwhile, I just did what I normally do. I brought in treats for co-workers, listened to their problems, tried to offer good advise or moral support, went to their funnerals, church (a little), and the like. When I finally told them they were totally floored! One guy felt like he could talk to me because he had been deceived. I assured all of them that I was the same guy as always. I still didn't eat babies, I don't celebrate the Black Mass, I never tried to convert them, I cared about their happiness, and all the rest. It took them a while, but they hot over it much quicker than I would have thought. The funny thing was I found a few secret non-believers among them. There are a lot more non- believers than what shows up in the polls, even here in the Bible Belt.


How could the religious defend their religion if they admitted that a non-believer could be as moral as they are? If atheist are as moral as believers, what's the point in believing?

By their standard, Atheist can't be as moral as a Christian. We violate nearly all of the 10 Commandments (because they are mostly about morality towards god). It is a piss poor standard though.


Why stop there? My Methodist, fundamentalist church taught that atheist are possessed with Satan and don't know it. That part was true. If I am possessed with Satan I'm certainly am not aware of it. My wife and I have certainly made a few imps.

It's very simple actually, Christians believe that they get their moral values from their God. If one does not have a God to issue them morals they simply cannot have them.


Because they don't have common sense when it comes to religion. They think they need morals to know right from wrong.


Because it is what they have learned from there shepherds and sheeple always follow their shepherds.


They wanna go upstairs not down. Is that being good or just plain scared? You know the answer 😛


they were told to by their leaders and peers. no other rationale


Because we reject their dogma.

No shit as none of it makes a lick of sense!

The answ r is kind of apparent.


Because without the threat of hell they'd be immoral. If I put a gun to your head and made you go to medical school and heal the sick and donate your time, that wouldn't make you a good person though. That's the trick they don't see. Being good because of heaven or hell makes you a tool and not a moral being. They don't know what morality is.


To recognize an atheist as not being immoral, would mean that what they believe is or could be wrong. I think most religious people think that is what keeps them from being immoral. Without god watching me, think what I might do.

"If you need a god watching over you to keep you from being a terrible person, you're already a terrible person." ~ Unknown


Hell, a lot of the religious people look down on people of other religions and think they are going to hell also. We're just a peg below them on the ladder.

gearl Level 7 Jan 8, 2018

people in greenhouses shouldn't throw stones


I care little of what they think of me. I don't think much of them. Not occupy much with the concept of gods, angels, saints, martyrs, sons of gods, churches, sects... they are blurred blemishes on mankind fabric.


It's possible that religious people those without religion having no commandments to guide them. They fear that individuals with such freedom will choose to act on those freedoms.

Gohan Level 7 Jan 7, 2018

Religion and Faith often makes people arrogant to other people that don't I think, therefore they enjoy demonizing things ir people they don't understand, so anyone out of the norm for them is most likely a blasphemous person!, thats why its often wise to pair up with a significant other that has somewhat similar view or at least isnt bothered if they're partner has a different belief


Don't worry all daughters and nonbelievers look down on religious fanatics like are you for real and hope for them to get a clue. Sorry for the lingo did hang out in California for too many years.


Because they're Republicans

I know personally many democratic religious folks who condemn mother is one of them. My whole family is democrat, I'm the black sheep of my family, and for being liberals most of them are rather hostile towards atheists.


Because they can't fleece us with their gobbledygook bullshit religious dogma.


They can't wrap their feeble minds around how someone who isn't brainwashed or was able to shake off their indoctrination can possibly be anything other than an immoral beast.


I don't think that educated and well-informed people would hold that opinion...but maybe because so many people in the Bible who were supposed to be God's special people were immoral - Lot, David, Saul, Peter, etc.

PEGUS Level 5 Jan 8, 2018
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