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How do you motivate yourself?

How do you motivate yourself? I have a LOT of stuff to list on eBay and can't seem to bring myself to start.

HeyHiHullo 7 Jan 7

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Ever tried that approach.

@HeyHiHullo Question or statement?


Prepare with shipping materials, see when sales for your types of items peak price-wise (certain times of day bring higher end prices and weekends tend to be better as well), take your photos and get to it 😛 I used to sell stuff on there. It can be a hassle unless you are ready for it. Also, be sure to be available to answer queries. The often come just before an auction ends.

...and fizzy drinks too!


I have rediscovered my motivation!
Got to work, flipped on Pandora which I've not listened to in months... Chelsea Dagger by the Fratellis was on. WOOT! Then all the EDM tracks with Die Antwoord (love Banana Brain and Alien!) feeling PUMPED today!
Going to setup stereo when I get home to play Pandora and blast it!
Today is turning into a good day!

Good point. Music is medicine. Comedy can have a similar effect on me too. Endorphins and dopamine, mmmmm.

@Epistemology yeah, veg out to impractical jokers, those guys are a riot!!

@HeyHiHullo funny you say that. That's what I had in mind. I always watch that show. They're like a modern day rated PG13 Jackass.

@Epistemology Murray is my fav lol
Not a fan of germophobe Sal.


Not very well


Caffeine and other energy sources may help.

Avoid caffeine do to acid reflux, bleh! Lol

**due to

Chocolate and other non-addictive chemicals can give energy as well. On top of a healthy diet, exercise, and good sleep of course. B12 vitamins give you energy that is one example. Sometimes just forcing yourself to start moving can start a domino effect of motivation. Something simple like sweeping the floor or tidying up.


I don't seem to need much motivation, I get up in the morning, and move from one task to the next, with some limited priority. And it never stops, probably because or why I haven't watched television in over 30 years. Despite having an I.T. background, I live a low tech lifestyle, job 1, feed the bloody chooks so they don't wake the neighbours, which also equates to let he dog out and man I need a coffee. Chooks fed, set solar and turn pumps on and so it goes till my last coffee at night and off to bed.


I have trouble myself


Sometimes I sit and wait for inspiration, can take days, weeks... my motivation is pretty relaxed now days... oh the life of the Retired without Scheduled Workload. They Bitch about it, I loved because I earned this spot I am in. I used to slap myself in the mirror. But my man in the mirror no longer plays that.

@JoelLefkowitz time to scream... Evil Spirit Be Gone!!!

@JoelLefkowitz anything to help out.


My dog motivates me to get out of bed for his morning walk


I toss myself into a situation that's impossible to get out of so that I'm forced to do the thing that needs to be done.


I find my motivation comes from wanting to avoid being discomforted/pained.


Today I finally unpacked a bunch of boxes that have been sitting, stacked up, in my bedroom.
They've been there since June when I moved into my cottage. I got tired of looking at them and finally pulled the trigger on purchasing storage bins.
Granted, I transferred the contents of the boxes to the bins, but at least I got the boxes out.
I still need four more bins. Maybe next month. I gotta pace myself.


I have a lot of pain. I have taught myself to ignore it, on occasion it is beyond belief. Very good friend of mine taught me a kind of meditation he had learned from his tour in Vietnam. It goes kind of like this you have to put your mind besides yourself. So in essence use your imagination and create a distraction in your mind. This is what I must do on a daily basis or nothing would ever get done.


Set goals-today I'll list _ items. Tomorrow I'll list ___.


You've got to want to do it more than you want to do the other stuff you're doing. I don't know, I have a ton of stuff to put on eBay and a shortage of time. And sitting on my a** with FB and this site isn't helping.


I tend to resist motivation unless it's of personal benefit to me. My writing, going to the gym, etcetera. Very few things are so important that they can't be put off til later. Unfortunately, the trouble arises when "later" becomes "never". And my laissez-faire attitude has occasionally been troublesome for me and others.

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