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Take a look at the picture.. If someone were to choose you as the book they want to checkout, what are one or two of your life experiences you would share, as a means to educate in an area you find important?

AMGT 8 Jan 7

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Probably the experience I had with my late husband. The complications and symptoms of traumatic brain injuries, e.g., how a traumatic brain injury resulted in two neurological disorders with hyper-religiosity as a major feature, and how common mental disorders of this nature (where delusions and hallucinations are of a religious nature) go undiagnosed.

But what a cool idea. I've never heard of this before.

@AMGT It's especially fascinating and heart-wrenching because TBIs are alarmingly common and a major cause of disability in the U.S. Symptoms often don't occur until years, even decades later.

@VictoriaNotes veterans tbi range from tinnitus to throbbing nightmarish skull pain. ...the least the VA could do is let us have SERVICE CATs and enough money to live on. ...I cope with tbi dream management awake and remembering my musical repertoire asleep from my dreams....I memorize whole movies that last 3 hours of full R.E.M.

".the least the VA could do is let us have SERVICE CATs and enough money to live on."

@GreenAtheist I agree. I am an advocate for TBI awareness and have blogged on behalf of veterans. Most people I run into are not aware that over 60% of U.S. combat soldiers who had been in the Afganistan and Iraq wars sustained a TBI.

@VictoriaNotes aircraft carriers air bases even loud engines inside tanks or ships ARE ALL DEAFENING NOISES OF WAR as CONCUSSION is a Shockwave inside the skull coming from the outside. is confirming SHAKEN BABY SYNDROME brain fluid forced into un'natural areas human can escape violent traumas through helmets or earplugs or dose conditioning

@GreenAtheist Invisible wounds of war. Thank you for sharing.

@WizardBill I'm sorry. I didn't mean to cause you worry. Not everyone who sustains a TBI experiences future complications.


My father who is 101 years old has so many stories to tell from the Great Depression to being on a destroyer that was hit by a kamikaze in WW2 and having to abandon ship in the middle of the ocean .Many more interesting events to numerous to mention

Another of us Atheists in Foxholes ? Real courage is not having a heaven escape clause


First of all my story of surviving AML which is a killer The way it put my life on hold for 5 years.

Second story would be the birth and life of my daughter born 2 lbs, 5 ounces with cerebral palsy.

  1. My late husband's 89 day cancer battle and death at 42: it's people who matter when time runs short, not status or stuff.

  2. The follies of youth really do start taking a toll during mid life. I recently attended a college reunion. Most of us are now between the ages 50 and 60. Some classmates look old and worn, lije life isnearly done; others look like they could have graduated just five years ago. I know genetics play a role, but healthy living really can buy some time and quality thereof.

Zster Level 8 Jan 8, 2018

So sorry you lost your man so painfully. ...your book seized and destroyed from the library of life.....some years I let my white beard grow to the delight of toddlers suspecting I am Santa in hopes I find an Atheist mate who appreciates my age....other years I shave and younger religious women are first attracted then repuled learning my youthful Atheism that sings dances in perennial joy

@GreenAtheist rePULSED damn spelchek


Fostering Autistic, dually diagnosed children. And the other, raising children of divorce with their gay father—(How to help children stand up to religious bullies)


I guess emotional health, nutrition, art. Maybe a few others. I wonder if something like this could be set up here?

Americans have a lack of focus and short attention span, they would never sit long enough to listen, face would be buried in smart phones.


The first chapter would be my 4 years in the military. It was an unbelievable joke from day one. And the joke is still with me today. When some fool president says a war will be cheap he needs his head examined. Thousands of GI's are still being paid (by you taxpayers) for the Viet Nam fiasco (to name one).

The next chapter would be my 15 years in Europe. It gave me an insight to people and cultures that was invaluable.


I want to live at that library. I have taught security/body guard work, emphasizing on minimizing a violent outcome. My steel work, I suppose. I have had a few apprentices. But I learn as much from who I am teaching as they learn from me, so it is more symbiotic than teaching.


Love it.


You're so heavy, as the beatles would say.
That is really interesting.


Child rearing and managing a family.


Sounds like a great idea.


The years I spent as an adrenaline junkie pursuing activities and jobs that were high risk. And the yrs I spent raising my daughter to try to help her be a more balanced individual, and then my time as an athlete, albeit a mediocre one ,but trained like a mad man,lol


I don't think I have any experiences that are insightful enough or interesting enough to impart wisdom or entertainment. I think I'd be a book that just lists other, more interesting books (people) than me with better life lessons.


nice question

  • fibromyalgia, debilitating chronic pain, disability, invisible illness/disability

  • being disbelieved and shamed as a lazy, lying malinger because no one who could help you believes you're sick and thinks you're just faking it for attention and a free ride; being a living violation of people's expectations and how they treat you for it

  • guilt, shame, hopelessness, attempted suicide; depression; crippling social anxiety

  • sincerely, earnestly trying to love humankind despite having been profoundly pooped upon by it for most of your life

(file under "fiction", or it'll be pulled from the shelf)


Professional: The process of current infrastructure management in the United States: highways, transportation facilities, water and waste water treatment facilities, utilities, with side notes on facility assessment.

Just for fun: Stories and anecdotes related to DC and University of Virginia sports teams over the last 30 years or so.

I want to meet the woman who is hot for us bureacrats making sewers snow removal highways and bridges sexy. ...Robert Waller made old wooden Madison County Iowa covered bridges sexy and Dirty Harry made Meryl Streeps DAY with camera not 45 caliber bullets

When you can identify the pipes that need replacement and make that happen before you have the drama of a main break, you have more time for the meetcute, just saying.


I hate to say but on relations wise and since my children are already adult... I don't need help. I will be looking for the person that can talk about money... I never cared for money, never put much value on money, I waste and throw away money when I a not observed by a witness to my life. I don't touch or pilfer my companion, just mine. It just never been to much use to me except to misuse in other people's sense. Never envied... it just alien to me despite the society we live in is so against my tendency. So I can live with very little and give it away to my kids instead of saving it. The "what is money and what to do with it" will be the person I will request.

@AMGT me neither, I just go for the good times. And between me on good time or my children on good time... I always chose them on good times. I never had that when young so I let them have it and piss the hell of the mother because that is what exes are good at. He, he, he, ha, he, ha.

@AMGT who said satan is an enabler?


I would be the fundamentals of common sense.


Well instantly I call this co-parenting. least children are the books parents mutually learn and teach from/to......I'm not likely to get qualified as a monk or guru stocked in a religious library but this is sorta like letting me offer and glean here....thankyou for the photo caption


What a fascinating concept. I don't think I would be open to sharing though. I have knowledge I could pass on, but life experiences as lessons to others, no.


Isn't this place called Starbuck's?

I have anecdotes I tell; some funny, some involving bizarre coincidences, I don't delve into tragic ones b/c who wants to be depressing?
But I don't see how they would be educational or enlightening. Just entertaining.

I learned a lot from years on the road as a journeyman carpenter/climber, but I see no way to share that without going oneself.

So throw me in the section labelled frivolous, with the tabloids.

  1. Self improvement
  2. Relationships
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