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LINK Whoopi Goldberg kicks guest off 'The View' - CNN Video

There's a word for people who don't understand how insulting they are to others. In this case, I'm talking about FOX News' Judge Jeanine Pirro. The word is narcissist.

Edit: To clarify, she accused Whoopi of having "Trump Derangement Syndrome". Afterwards, she claimed to be hurt to be so badly "treated" as a guest. If you ask me, anyone who can support a politician who's a proven racist, homophobe, misogynist and communist sympathizer would seem to be the one who's actually deranged.

By godef7
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Wow, it’s refreshing to see a political thread that doesn’t devolve into tu quoque about Obama and Hillary, or accusations of racism or ignorance. This is my first post, won’t be my last. Happy to be here smile001.gif


Whoopi rocks!

LucyLoohoo Level 8 July 20, 2018

Finally something worth watching on the view and I missed it ....dag nab it! Go the Whoopster!!!


I actually do not believe that Donald is what you call communist sympathizer, after all Russia is no longer a communist country, it has not been that for many years. It is now very similar to the US. Russia is govern by the oligarchy and the US is govern by big business. But everything that you say about Donald is perfectly true.

Jolanta Level 8 July 20, 2018

Just trying to put some perspective on Twump's current idiocy. Putin was a communist back in the old Soviet Union, and if Jimmy Carter ever did the same thing back then, you can bet the GOP would be all over Jimmy as a communist sympathesizer, but today's GOP is apparently OK with it. Incredible hypocrites.


I always respected her. Now even more. You go, Guinan!


All I can think about what Whoopi did is, Awesome.


Whoopi has never ever been afraid to tell it lik3e it is, that's why I have always liked her!

bandit321 Level 6 July 20, 2018

Pirro's lucky they were on-air and that was all Whoopi did.
These fucking foxtards are pathetic crybabies, just like their boy.
I fucking LOVE that The View is pissing off so many of those assholes.

KKGator Level 9 July 20, 2018

All vocal Trump apologists are lying, aggressively irrational, propagandistic people who have long since lost all of their honor and integrity.

wordywalt Level 8 July 20, 2018

I think Pirro is a freaking deluded prima donna.

Here, in Westchester county, not liked at all. She was the District Attorney.


Good for Whoppi, I love it.......

Dhiltong Level 7 July 20, 2018
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