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I'm getting hit with stupid at work too. Had to walk out of the room when I heard a meat eater say, "Seriously, they need to make animal abuse a felony already" so I wouldn't start a huge argument. Do these people think the animals we eat all live happy, full lives and die of old age??

JeffMurray 6 Jan 8

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According to many, there was no death before Eve ate the apple. Maybe they only ate fruit. Maybe they did not have sex either because that was something they did know. Adam didn't know Eve til after the apple. What the heck did they do all day? Maybe God did not want the writers of Genesis to describe asexual painless birth. The apple shut up the snake and brought sex and death. Maybe not so bad afterall.

Did this get posted on the right thread??


For me, not eating meat is a religious choice I make. I could care less about defending my agnostic beliefs, but I will argue with anyone about the cruelty involved in the meat industry. It is just wrong to hurt other sentient beings. That is a core belief I have.


At least that person was aware that animal abuse in general is a terrible thing. Hopefully that realization will expand to their eating of dead flesh. I have not eaten meat for about 50 years, but I didn't come to that immediately. I ate meat for the first 20 years of my life. I tell others, ;just do the best you can.

See that's the problem she does realize how incredibly terrible butcher houses are and how poorly treated the animals are that she eats, but then doesn't see the correlation between that and animal abuse that she's so worked up about.


I think most of us know that our food is being tortured, and it bothers us. There's nothing unethical about wishing for better treatment for our food. Nor do I see a need to argue with someone who wants a more ethical process in how we treat the animals we eat.

Maybe my OP was unclear? She eats meat. She knows it's tortured. She has no problem with that and is not fighting for that cause, yet she thinks somebody who abuses an animal should be charged with a felony and thrown in jail. I guess to her it only counts as an animal if it's not one of the ones that we eat in this country.


Someone is not a hypocrite for wanting humane treatment of non food animals.

Ignorance of harvesting practices and knowingly encouraging/accepting of inhumane treatment are two different things.

I have a bigger issue with what they do to the meat after harvesting. Soaking in bleach, filled with chemicals to enhance taste/texture/appearance, dirty storage.

She is not ignorant regarding the inhumane treatment of her food.


this wounds like a conversation for the younger gens? Did you ear a lot of "LIKE" and "OMG"?

A comparative analysis of treatments for different arbitrary classes of animals is too amateurish for you? Like, I'm totally sure you have totes smarter things to dish.

@JeffMurray lol


Ignorance is bliss for these uneducated fools.


Yes - many do. Which is how most folks rationalize their choices. I've actually spoken to some that think the flesh products originate in the stores ! Some magic process ...

People love to show their children farms, and fruit orchards. Ever wonder why no one wishes to tour a slaughterhouse ? How 'bout the films : Food Inc. , or Forks over Knives, or Vegucated, or Supersize Me , or Fat-Sick & Nearly Dead . Reality bites ! I love animals - all - I don't eat them.

Haven't seen the rest, but I've heard from many people (and I agreed) that after seeing Super-Size Me, all I wanted to do was eat a Big Mac.


Rational "sense" doesn't always (or even usually?) cut through cultural programming. I used to be completely flabbergasted by all the "stupidity" I saw around me...until I started to get a breakdown of the proportions of people who

-never even realize there are others ways to think about things outside of the scripts their society provides (e.g. animals are food)

-never question the scripts

-fail to spot inconsistencies (e.g. animal abuse is bad; animal killed for food is good)

-make an earnest effort to explore and work through cognitive dissonance

Call it stupid if you want (and I still do, often) but I think it's more reflective of the fundamental nature of human thought and the distribution of it's capacities than anything else.

It's a rare person who will honestly, vigorously work out for themselves an opinion, attitude, or value that is not endorsed by mainstream society. Logic and reason don't have much to do with it, I'm afraid.

P.S. long time vegetarian, here.

I am too, but I've gotten flack from vegan for eating honey. I'm doing the best I can.


Abuse and humane killing are two different things. Too bad you can’t see that. It seems to me that you make your choice to not eat meat on an emotional level.

Who said I don't eat meat?

@pfreddie62 I totally agree. That's not my issue. I have a problem with someone who contributes to the lifelong suffering and horribly inhumane slaughter of animals telling someone else they should be charged with a felony and possibly thrown in jail because they left their dog in the car or left their cat outside when it was below freezing.

If you were to research it, it would be revealed that there IS no humane killing in the meat industry. Animals are treated as merely money making raw materials - from birth to murder..

I took vegetarian tag off. Since you’re not a vegetarian. @JeffMurray

@evergreen You must not harvest your own meat. Or have humane butchers near you.

@Annaleda The post is related to a vegetarian issue that's why there was a hashtag vegetarian. I was not aware that you had to be the thing that the post was about. I've seen several post that had hashtag god yet I'm pretty sure none of the people that were writing those posts were gods.

You are not a vegetarian. You said your post was not abuse. @JeffMurray

@Annaleda Again, what does that have to do with anything? Hashtags are used to denote topics included in a post, not describe personal details about the author. Like I said before, someone using #god is not trying to tell everyone they are a god...

I’m not using any other example for this.

You are not a vegetarian, she is not a vegetarian, and it’s not about vegetarianism.

We want tags to help take us to posts relevant of the hashtag we look for. Not be used for more views for your agenda.

If you find posts hashtagging god, and the post isn’t about a god, then say something to have the hashtag voted down.

Don’t use other bad behaviors to justify something else. Please.

@Annaleda So you can only use a hashtag if the post is related to that thing and you take a pro stance, got it.


As a meat eater who takes the good fight to people who abuse animals and keep the animals we eat in horrible condition, she is not stupid. Animal abuse is a felony at least in some states as far as I am aware. I can't stop eating meat because I'm such a picky eater, I've tried going vegan but I literally end up starving because no matter how I try to force myself to eat the shit I don't like it doesn't make it taste any better, I tried for 3 weeks and I was already becoming sick. I have to have plenty of iron in my system or it'll kick a medical condition I have into high gear and I hate beans and most other veggies beyond compare. So, I try and help out as much as I can whether it is through donations and petitions to put the people who abuse our food and put them in such bad conditions. If a life is going to be taken for food it should be done quickly. So, no, she is not stupid. You don't know if she tries and helps the same way I do or if she actually volunteers with a group to help stop that mess.

Sorry, I just believe that if you contribute the the torture and death of animals, you have no right to tell someone else how or why they abuse animals is wrong, regardless of why you think your reasons are special.

Also, most animal abuse laws do not cover poultry and sometimes all livestock, which is precisely my issue. Why does someone who contributes to chickens getting dipped in boiling water while alive to help get their feathers off get a pass, yet someone who LETS put bulls fight goes to federal prison for year and a half?!?

@JeffMurray It's domesticated animal abuse that is a felony. Though people who treat the animals that are supposed to be food like this are charged and whether or not it turns into a felony or not depends on the court. If you're actively trying to change the condition those animals are treated I do think you get a say. You care and you're trying to do something about it, even if one small voice doesn't make much of a difference. If more people would be exposed to what actually happens and gave a shit, and got into an uproar about it then there probably wouldn't be as much of abuse going on. I know plenty of people including myself who would gladly kick down doors and beat the shit out of people who mistreat any animal. Despite it being put to death for our needs or wants, they should not have to suffer because of it. Like I said, quick death.

@AccursedHalo Yes, but that designation is arbitrary. In fact, the entire taxonomic system is arbitrary. Some of the animals we eat are far more advanced than some of the animals that we don't, and there's no legitimate reason why one class should be protected and the other shouldn't.

@JeffMurray And I agree, but unfortunately I don't make the law nor am I judge. That is why us animal activists try and push for all abuse of all animals to be a felony.

@AccursedHalo And I completely understand that and have zero objections to that position. It's the arbitrary and hypocritical shit that drives me fuckin' nuts.


That is what the meat industry wants everyone to believe. The reality is gross and one of the reasons I eat less meat.

That's commendable. Again, though, not my issue. My problem is with the hypocritical behavior.

@JeffMurray with so many hypocritical behaviors out there - how does one choose !?

@evergreen I hate all hypocritical behavior, this is just the rant of the day.

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