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A man opened a new husband store. As ladies walked in they read the rules; All our husbands a new and on each floor they increase in value. However you may only visit each floor once in ascending order and you may also only visit this store once.

A woman enters the 1st floor and reads "all these husbands have jobs". Well thats nice she thinks but mmm I wonder what the next one has? 2nd floor reads "All these husbands have jobs and like kids". That is good she thinks but .... 3rd floor" All these husbands have jobs, like kids and help out around the house". Great she thinks I but wonder... 4th floor "All these husbands have jobs, like kids, help out around the house and are good looking". Wow there are some good looking guys here and Im tempted but... 5th floor "All these husbands have jobs, like kids, help out around the house, are great looking and are fantastic in the sack". My giddy aunt these guys are wonderful. I am sooo tempted but if this is the 5th what`s on the next floor? 6th floor reads "Congratulations you are the 4,862,574th lady to visit the 6th floor. There are no husbands on this floor, it exists purely to show what impossibly demanding bitches you women are. Now we suggest that you bugger off home and buy a cat. Thank you for visiting the new husbands store".

As you can imagine this coursed quite a furor from women, so he opened a new wife store. Well to save my typing, by the time you get to the 3rd floor it reads "All these wives are good looking and love sex, beer and football". To this day no man has visited the 4th, 5th or 6th floor.

273kelvin 8 Jan 9

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I love it.


Gave me a good chuckle. 😀

Betty Level 7 Jan 10, 2018

This was definitely a good laugh.

3 I have to learn all about football?!? LOL! (Great joke.)

Nena Level 6 Jan 9, 2018

Very good. I had a friend that was the best at telling bad jokes, this was a good one he would have changed a few details I can only imagine how twisede this could get.


I would have chosen the 5th floor

Men definitely 3rd floor.

@irascible I can only assume the basement has the guys who sit around all day in their underwear, trolling the internet. As for where are all the vivacious intelligent women? I`ve been asking that all my life.

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