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What kind of pets do we all have?

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PeppermintDreads 7 Jan 10

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I inherited a dog from my wife. More loyal to me then her whole family put together.


I love animals and if I had my way I would have a house full of everything. I do have fish that was not on the list. my absolute passion are birds. I would love to have an Amazon or an African grey. I watch YouTube videos of people and their birds for hours on end. I don't know if I'll ever get one because I'm sort of against owning Exotics. Birds are wild animals they're not domesticated,


One whippet. And, please, no comments or gif's about Devo's "Whippet Good," lol. Very entertaining the first 1000 times but now been done to death.....Her name is Miners (short for Hermione), but everyone knows her by the moniker "Miss P". She has quite the devoted following IRL and FB, with the first thing that friends inquire about after a hiatus:"How is Miss P?" Then they might ask after my welfare, after a discussion of her well-being. Yes, life is all about the whippet!


5 dogs 2 cats a parrot and a herd of alpacas. Dont you think you should break this down by agnostic/atheist? šŸ™‚ I forgot the chickens

Alpacas...there are a number of alpaca farms here in the Blue Ridge Mountains where I reside. Alpacas look a LOT like whippets when they get annoyed... they put those ears back and look at you down that nose, just the same expression my whippet uses for "pissed off".

@BookDeath whippets blessedly do not spit green goo. you have to pay attention to those ears


Ferrets, Rabbits, a cat, Rottweiler lab mix and a kelpie, ducks, chickens, twins.


One miniature pinscher.


One rather large, very intelligent, vocal, and rambunctious cat who is full of personality. Meet Fujita The Cat (named after the tornado scientist Dr. Ted Fujita, who invented the F0-F5 scale for rating tornado strength -- Fujita is an F5 cat!!)

Man, what a GREAT name for a chaotic kitten!!!


Two German shepherds and a half redtick coonhound half yellow lab.


Two turtles, two bearded dragons, three dogs, an aquatic frog, and four birds.


2 puppies... terrier


Grown girls 22 and 34. German Shepherd and shorthaired grey cat


Currently one cat, one chicken, and four neon tetras.

skado Level 8 Jan 10, 2018

None at the moment. I did have a cat (who passed away).

@IndySent That's very thoughtful of you to say. Thank you. šŸ™‚


Three house cats and now a possible fourth (quarantined in the garage), five snakes, a hedge hog, and freshwater fish.

I like to consider the birds in my yard pets, but delude myself. They are wild things that simply enjoy a free meal ticket.

Zster Level 8 Jan 10, 2018

4 female chihuahuas different sizes mind you are my foster kids while in my sister's home. I am going to miss them when out of Maryland. In Vegas there is this cat that made out his work office in an enclosed section next to the garage. dogs and cats love me... specially the females. But I am not a master or slave to none right now.


This girl.


None. Interesting that you didn't include "None" as an option.


I have deer, rabbits and a barn cat. Not by choice and not really pets.


Dog. 75% Siberian Husky mixed with equal parts Alaskan Malamute and White Swiss Shepherd. Her name is Tess and she's awesome.


3 cats. Wouldn't mind a fish tank at some point.


None. I've had all except for exotic, but my daughter had two boas. Now that it's just me, I'm letting my allergies rule and I've cleared the house out.


I am not a pet person. I'm highly allergic to any animal with hair or fur. I do not like animals in my house. The shedding, the drool and slobber, having accidents in the house, chewing and scratching, not to mention the smell...... no thanks!
I'm ok with fish and small reptiles or amphibians but if you have too many, they can start to smell also.
I do have four African Dwarf Frogs named Mullins, Ashburn, Jobin and Schmidt.
Low maintenance and easy to care for!
: ) forgot fleas, ticks and spraying.. šŸ™‚ Other than being allergic, Iā€™m with you ~


I have a black and white kitty, his name is Felix.


6 Pet Rats and a Chiweenie dog.

MoniB Level 6 Jan 10, 2018

Rats are the best!! They're illegal here as pets. :'(

That is very sad. To me they are like tiny dogs. My dog sleeps on my lap and rats sleep on my shoulder.

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