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Who gets your vote for the best TV father?

You can choose from current TV fathers or from ones from the past. Some front runners might include Jim Anderson (Robert Young) from "Father Knows Best", Charles Ingalls (Michael Landon) from "Little House on the Prairie", and Dr. Alex Stone (Carl Betz) from "The Donna Reed Show".

RobLawrence 7 July 28

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I wasn't aware we could father TVs. Learn something new every day.


Gotta go with Homer Simpson...D'oh!!


Gomez Addams. Fight me.

That's what I was going to say


Ozzy Osbourne!

LOL right? his love for his family does show through his eccentricities...


Herman Munster, The Munsters, 1960s. 🙂


Red from That 70's Show!


I'm skipping TV and choosing Atticus Finch. lol

@RobLawrence The sequel is dead to me.


Darth Vader...he was strong on discipline..but he came round in the end. ?


Al Bundy

Bet me to it.


Lorne Green "Bonanza"

@Iam4MY me too

Bonanza. How could anyone forget it? A 57 year old man who had three 47 year old sons by different mothers.


Steve Douglas (Fred MacMurray) in "My Three Sons." Can't remember the guy ever getting really mad and raised three pretty good sons.

lerlo Level 8 July 28, 2018

@RobLawrence Had some good wisdom for the boys and his kids liked him. 🙂


Dan Conner. He put up with Roseanne!

but ended up with a runaway teenage daughter, a pregnant teenage daughter....and cheated on Roseanne in the original series....and sure didn't care about his health to any degree....and not the smartest light on the tree or the most ambitious. Honestly, his only good quality was his sense of humor. He was NOT a good dad.

@SkotlandSkye True. Though he was the most real.


Andy Taylor


Howard Cunningham


I want to say Cliff Huxtable, but it's been tainted...

You can still say it....the character he played was incredibly well written and a VERY GOOD father. One of the best...

That's exactly what I thought!


Steven Keaton from "Family Ties"

dkp93 Level 7 July 28, 2018

The hippie father on Family Ties.

Jinx! We voted for the same dad at the same time.


Lucas McCaine (The Rifleman)


Father Jack Hackett

Salo Level 7 July 29, 2018

Mr. Gru from Despicable me

LOL not a bad choice! hahaha


Jack Pearson (Actor - Milo Ventimiglia) from "This is Us"


Jack Pearson (Actor - Milo Ventimiglia) from "This is Us"


I wasn't big on TV Dads, but Mr. Rogers was my father figure. He got me through some tough times.


Frank Gallagher of course


Father Ted.


Loved him... lol


If we were to include movies, I'd have to go with The Old Man in the movie A Christmas Story

As the head of the nuclear family, he bellowed, he mused, he grimaced, he wise-cracked, he danced and celebrated, and his enthusiasm for major prizes, furnace and fuse battles and the ongoing war with the Bumpus’s hounds was unparalleled in film history. As a father role model The Old Man had no peer and his look of pride as he caught Ralphie uttering the forbidden F-Bomb was unmistakable. R.I.P. Darren McGavin, you are the most memorable father figures ever.

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