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What type of coffee is your favorite?

Coffee comes in many styles and flavors. It can be in pods or brewed in carafes. Sugar and/or cream can be added.

How do like your coffee?

MyLiege 7 Jan 11

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Drank it a lot when I was younger, but they took it away when I was 7. Now I just drink tea.

@IndySent True story! Said it made me too hyper, but I did that myself.

@evestrat Brownish, no sugar.


Strong Cuban coffee...Bustello ...

@IndySent here in Miami we call it Cuban crack..after 3 shots I can walk to Key West ????

@IndySent come and visit....mi casa es tu casa


Hot. Received as a gift a supply of "Butter Toffee", so decadent!


Espresso, but it has to be good - fruity with no bitterness. Difficult to find because it's difficult to make. But if needs be I'll drink almost anything for the caffeine..


I limit the caffeine i consume but on occasion i will treat myself to a peppermint Latte from star bucks during the holiday season

see there is a benefit to the holidays

What's your reason for that, bud?

@Zoidburg I have an irregular heart beat and large amounts of caffeine is not good for this condition according to my heart specialist.


Hazelnut or Vanilla with accompanying flavor Coffeemate. Usually K-Kup at home.


A dark-roasted Guatemalan coffee, with a little bit of cream. I especially love it pressure brewed.


Sumatran dark


Herbal tea is my favorite coffee.


The one that keeps me awake at hour 16 on my way home from work.


EEEWWWW.. don't touch the stuff... can't even stand the smell of it, makes me want to hurl..


Darkroast and breakfast blend. Cheap coffee. I drink way to much.


caffeinated, preferably strong.


I am easy to please, just not too bitter


Dark roast but not burnt. For my everyday grind Costco Kirkland brand is very good. If i want a fancy latte at home I brew it EXTRA strong, melt a good vanilla ice cream in my larhe coffee mug and then add the very strong coffee. I nCle Elum there is Pioneer Coffee - excellent coffee. Here in Ellensburg we have D & M Coffee, excellent and IMO way better than Starbucks.


Regular coffee, hot, strong, with ID Sweet Cream creamer.


It really depends on my mood, the time of day and what I have been doing.

In the mornings, my favortie is to grind soem chocolate flavored coffee beans to warm up and wake up.

After hiking, on a hot day, I like to stop into a coffee bar and get a "vanilla ice blended", or on a cold day, just getting the regular "drip" to warm up helps restore my energy levels.

I liek to eat out for breakfast once in a while, but my prime criteria for where I liek to go is how good the coffee is. There is one locl cafe that has great food, but terrible watery coffee, so I ususally go to a place with food not as good, bu better coffee.


Smoky, strong Lapsang Suchong Tea. No coffee please.


I like the one other people prepare for me. We now have a small coffee roasting operation in the back of the laundrymat. They make wonderful coffee drinks.


I loved this single origin coffee blue Nile ethiopian, medium roast.

can't find it anymore!

I like my coffee any way I can get it, lol.


The type with whiskey in it!


strong and black no sugar thanks


The old fashioned coffee brewer on the stove. None of this high tech coffee gadgetry for me. And Blue Mountain coffee.


I like the south Indian filter coffee like drip brew.


5 lb bags only way to go

I hope you keep, it in the freezer!

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