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How will you be unwinding tonight?

Tonight I will enjoy a bottle of Sangria and a good book. I need to have my fireplace repaired soon.

Shelton 8 July 31

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Same as every night: walkies, din-din, chewies, potties, bellyrubs, zonk.

@Shelton TYVM! One is valedogtorian and the other is a goblin!


That book should get really interesting at the end of that bottle of sangria.


I am retired, single, live alone, very laid back, stress free and I hardly ever need unwinding. I just go with the everyday flow and enjoy my life doing as I please and striving to cause or do no harm in any way.
Life is good.


Dubstep, weedstep, showerstep, bedstep


I'm trying to extricate my 8-track from the player...

@Shelton It was a pun on your question of "unwinding"...


I'm not unwinding, I'm participating in GISH, the greatest international scavenger hunt. I spent my evening creating a giant yarn chain for a domaKNITrix photo, organizing, filming, and editing a string quintet where half the players had literary never touched the instruments before, and working on a fake Time magazine cover. Last night I made a portrait of Obama out of flower petals and I'm going to organize a human pinball game before Saturday, among other things. ? craziest week ever!

Remi Level 7 Aug 1, 2018

My usual, unless I am doing something else. The dogs go out and I sit with them and read in the back yard. If the horses are in the pasture by my back yard, I go and love on them. We go in and the dogs and cat eat. If it cools off, I go up to the barn, and if my daughter is home, after chores, we might go for a horseback ride. I eat, sit with the dogs, watch TV, read, do crosswords, just hang out. It's very relaxing. I also go to the library on Thursday night for my writer's group. Bangor has a great library. On the first Friday of the month, there is an art wall in Bangor, and a story slam in one of the coffee shops. That is lots of fun. I sometimes meet up with friends for dinner. I also want to go to one of the trivia nights they have around town. A lot of times, I just see what's going on in the evening and go with the flow. That's very relaxing.


Dinner.. then feet up...couple of glasses of Shiraz..reading Mary Beard's latest book on Roman Classics..then news/documentary/ movie.....shower...bed.


Trivia with work mates at the local dive bar. Our group name is the HEATHENS!


It's Tuesday, so I met a female friend at 5pm, as she got off work to take a long brisk walk around the lovely lagoons, then came back to my place for an leisurely dip in my swimming pool with two glasses of white wine. Chatted with various visitors as it got dark and the lights started shimmering on the water. Then she left and I heated up my dinner and ate it while scrolling through to see what's new in our Agnostic community. That's about it!


A glass or two of Pinot, Then falling asleep watching a movie.


It's BEAUTIFUL I collect antique books especially from my favorite authors and this, good human, would look lovely in my library


Spent too much time on the computer trying to find a weekend getaway for me and my kid before the summer is over. I didn't succeed.

Hihi Level 6 July 31, 2018

@Shelton I homeschool him (online public school) and he doesn't start until the 27th so we have time. I wish we were closer to the beach or a nice lake. Thinking of going to Gatlinburg.


Pretty close here too! A rich cabernet and a book 😉


A cup of tea, a bit of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, a nice round of Pogo Scrabble, and maybe a Xanax.


I won't be relaxing tonight but I agree, a good book and glass of wine..


I really like Wilde. I'm helping a friend with a website so the creative aspect of that will be relaxing

@Shelton we will see how fortunate she feels after we get started LOL


well its wednesday which means poker at the pub with a couple of shared joints slows the game down but i enjoy it


Cash poker and a steady supply of joints


Usually read. Tonight went to a ball game.



Tonight I went to a book reading and met the author, who was very cordial. Tomorrow I'm going to see a friend of mine perform and host at an open mike night. Back at work Thursday, after which I may unwind with a beer at a bar where another friend works. And if all else fails, I LOVE to go to the movies!

  1. Had salad and barbeque for dinner
  2. Pleasure-studied for a timed hour (lil over)
  3. Did 5.05 miles on my stationary bike

4.Took my vitamins and minerals

  1. Took a refreshing shower
  2. In bed watching Frontline with a hot cup of relaxing bedtime tea

I'm going Bunburying.

Strabo Level 6 July 31, 2018

I braved the heat and smoke and went for a walk


@Piratefish Boise, Idaho. And to be more specific, it’s actually more hazy than smokey.


With my puppy and my laptop, in bed.


A Yorkie named Cecil.

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