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Useless Products

When I say "useless products," I'm speaking along the lines of cruise control on a bumper car. What is the most useless, dumb item you have ever seen advertised? What triggers this is an ad I saw for a glow-in-the-dark snore suppressor... WHAT? You're trying to allow your better half to get some sleep by suppressing your snoring, but instead you're going to keep her awake all night with that glow coming from your nose or in your mouth?

godef 7 Jan 11

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It's glow in the dark so when your partner smacks you for snoring in the middle of the night, and you're half asleep, you don't have to work too hard to find it 🙂


Believe it or not, Kellogg Corn Flakes were originally marketed as a means to help one reduce sexual urges and get them under control. That was the start of how breakfast cereals were brought into existence.

Today, it seems amazing that getting rid of one's sexual desires would be seen as a desirable thing.

So Tony wasn't the Tiger?


The pet rock ,that was once a very popular item believe it or not

It wan't the rock, but the "training book, tellin you how to rain your rock, " that came with it which made it so popular.


I once bought something advertised on tv and could never use it. I bought my dog a battery operated nail trimmer. She hates the sound it makes and won't let me use it. Waste of money-rarely order anything from tv now.

I guess the dog they demonstrated it on must have been deaf.



jeffy Level 7 Jan 12, 2018

not what I had in mind but too funny!


Checkered paint, left handed smoke shifter. I know inane, was in boy scouts when I was a kid. Almost anything in the As seen on tv store.

I was charged with finding a left handed smoke shifter at YMCA Camp.

@MrLizard no they never considered me gullible I debunked snipe hunting before I had to spend endless hours looking for it.


STP oil treatment is a famous one.

BD66 Level 7 Jan 12, 2018

Actually only if you use it as oil treatment, it work amazingly well to slide bearings onto shafts or pulleys

@HeathenFarmer did you know Lysol used to be marketed as a feminine hygene product?

@godef , you have got to be kidding that stuff burns the hell out of mucus membranes it can even burn skin.


This may sound strange but, the most useless item I have encounter Is that hand soap dispenser that is located as part of the tap on the double kitchen sink. Although it seems a great idea ever try refilling it? It sits behind a sink with a 10 inch or more drop and the draw that has another 10 to 12 inch drop and usually a dish washer drain as well not to mention the water line. The only way to get it out is to empty the cupboard lay on your backside the cupboard and reach while contorting around the plumbing.

@FortyTwo , they do but not mine.

@HeathenFarmer you musta owned the first version. ????

@godef , could be Canada is often the dumping ground for product that don't sell Stateside.


a tv remote control holder stuck on the tv. auto unlocking your car at a distance

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