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Which accent do you like the most/ find the most sexy, and which one grinds on your nerves?

Im in love with both the New York and Boston accents, I could listen to them talk all day!
I find the southern accent both sexy and funny at the same time. I have a friend who lives in Georgia and everytime we talk we just laugh at each other lol. Bless their hearts ๐Ÿ˜‰

My most favourite accent comes from one man, now every Aussie and Kiwi will know this man, he makes ladies go week at the knees and giggle like school girls just by talking. HIs name is Manu feildel and he is a judge on My Kitchen Rules Australia and now MKR New Zealand ๐Ÿ™‚ He is French but has lived in Aussie for a long time so now his accent his mostly French mixed with a bit of Australian. You can hear him here

For some reason I also love a Bahamas/Jamaica/Central American Caribbean one. Ohhhlala

Sacha 7 Jan 12

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I think i find french accents the most attractive because i am from Quebec. The accent i find most annoying is Colombian or certain latin accents. Example: Sophia Vergara....Beautiful Lady but the sound of her voice makes my ears bleed!

I agree with you about Sofรญa Vergara's accent...but, then, her accent when she speaks Spanish she is also annoying; it has nothing to do with the "Colombian accent" but with the region she grew up and her """schooling""


A masculine voice speaking in an accent that is Scottish, any kind of Irish, or Australian gets me every time!


Oh, Australian accents get me every time. As a New Englander I find our accent annoying and hope mine isn't too terrible. ๐Ÿ˜€


The Boston accent grinds my nerves and I have a terrible time even understanding the Indian accent especially on the telephone. I like the Gaelic accents and a Mexican and Spanish accents.

I pride myself on being from Boston but not having a Boston accent, people mention it to me sometimes when Iโ€™m traveling. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Which Gaelic accent are you referring to? The one in Brittany France, Cornwall England, Welsh, North or South Irish country or city, Scottish Irish around North coast of Ireland, Western Isles Scotland, Highlands,or Orkney?

@FrayedBear I like them all at least the ones I have heard.


I love French! and French accents too.

Seems to be a very popular choice!


British, Scottish, and Irish accents come to mind but really, for me, just the sound of a woman's voice that does the trick. Having that smoky quality can really get my attention. Couple that with any accent that I'm not often exposed to and she'll have my attention. From what I've read, men at least consciously prefer a higher pitched voice but I don't find that to be true. Pitch pitch doesn't play into it as much for me but that natural smoky quality...


And this dudes accent is a trip, I see the attraction. Thanks for sharing!


Hello Sacha, I have a NY accent, I love to listen to Ozzie's, New Zealand and Jamaican Accents


The New Englanders are interesting Was I Maine was getting some dinner waitress asked me if I wanted hornpones I had no idea what that even was turns out it is catfish dipped in beer batter and fried. Southern accents are cool also Favorite is Australian.


Southern Irish on women. New York drives me nuts.


well being from the north east, i can't stand the new york or bawston accent. not big on a real bad redneck hickabilly accent, but a sweet southern girl accent will melts my heart. there are so mant in the uk, i like , but the top ones are scotish, austrailian and some british ones, just not brummish or blackpool liver pool ones. someone witha russian or german accent can be quite sexy as well.

Be still your beating heart... swwooon


I like Irish accents. The girls have an unique turn of phrase


French is sexists for me , Pakistan accents biggest turn off. I'm berry berry , sourry.


OK, I don't like french accents, I can just tolerate it in a guy, hate it in women, but for a guy I hate the Irish accent, and yet it is my favorite in women. Go figure.

Don't come to Quebec then.


You didn't which one you dislike

I dislike the outback Aussie accent, and the girl that has never left New Zealand 'Westie" grindy accent ugggg. Also I find Russian and South African accents a bit harsh.


I've a dear elderly friend with a thick boston accent, then again he's a character and a riot to talk to so not sure if it's so much the accent as it is him. We're "related" thru dogs- he likes to call "relatives" at random. I know the day is coming where I'm going to miss those calls.

AFA attraction, hmmm. It's odd being from the south southern accents used to bug me, now I miss them.


I love Irish and Scottish. Irish is usually easier to understand, but Scottish makes me want to listen more closely, anyhow. I also enjoy hearing someone who speaks Spanish natively when they speak English. Aussies, especially from the South, and Kiwis are fun, as well.


I met a girl a long time ago when I was a teenager. She had the most amazing voice with a British accent. She was unavailable, but I was totally smitten by her.

balou Level 8 Jan 14, 2018

@Uncorrugated I love it when I drive 200 klms for an appointment, take the pretty routes on the by roads and on a busy day encounter 20 vehicles if I'm unlucky. Most working in the major cities are commuting 1-5 hours a day in stressful conditions. 40 years ago i used to be able to travel by train from Preston to London in just over 2 hours. It used to and now takes longer to commute 50 miles to Sydney.


Mexican accents are a weekness


I heard english or spanish with all kind of accents. Spanish = Argentinian but the way Colombian female talks to a man... melts in my mouth. After a few drinks a Cuban will do it too. The Spanish of "My Gringa Salsera" got me from Hola. The Spanish of "My German Amazon" made me pay attention. The Brazilian that can habla can have me any day. English = The Irish, the french, the Ukraine born. But who am I kidding... Spanish in Andaluz Accent spoken as a whisper to my ear gets the tops.


I find English and Australian accents spoken by men of Asian descent to be sexy. I think I am just attracted to the unusual. I find it interesting and attractive because it is unusual... at least it is in the U.S.


East European and Indian women have lovely accents. Liverpool is the worst!

Jnei Level 8 Jan 12, 2018

I think a French accent is the most romantic. A song in French, or a man talking to a woman - so sexy. The Scot's accent is charming as is the Irish - hard to understand at times and funny many times, but charming. The Germanic accent is disgusting - sounds as if the person is cursing! (sorry folks)

PEGUS Level 5 Jan 12, 2018

I find that the whole of the UK have some of the sexiest accents. With that said, the Australian accent is pleasing to the ears and would not turn down a lady from down under.

Gohan Level 7 Jan 12, 2018

The strangest that I have ever encountered was a drop dead gorgeous Polish woman who had not only the beautiful body of a petite gymnast but a face to match. The shock came when she spoke perfect English with a voice sounding like a three year old.
. Incidentally for those generalizing about English accents I wish to point out that about 60 years ago accents in England noticeably changed every five miles. I belief this had a very practical basis - that of stranger danger awareness. It was caused by lack of general movement outside of birthplace. Local accents and dialects however began to be eroded with the spread of radio and tv which have resulted in accent homogenization.

Agreed about English accents and there are still significant differences in regional accents and even local variations - in Lancashire, Wigan, Bolton, Bury and Manchester are within 25 miles of each other and have very different accents.

@Uncorrugated thanks for that information. In the old days the horse and cart had a lot to answer for. Perhaps the buses and trains no longer travel between your highlighted E. Lancashire towns? I haven't been back for 30 years.

I've been away since the early 80's, but can still tell which area of Lancashire each dialect comes from. On the odd occasion I go back there is so much traffic I think most people still work and play close to home = my family think I am mad for travelling 10 miles to Work - and that I was completely insane when my commute was 63 miles each way!!!

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