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Colorado is using profits from its marijuana industry to help the poor and needy........

sassygirl3869 9 Jan 12

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I, personally, would support it even untaxed.i think if you want conservative support it would go to the defense and prison fund.



The thing is though, Jeff Sessions and LEO's across the country don't give two shits about the homeless.


and the feds want to end that. brutal country you live in.


No wonder Sessions hates it so much.


brilliant it's about time the planet did the same


Truth be told, I support legalization regardless.


It just seems funny to me that drug sales (marijuana is a drug) are being used to help people who often have drug problems to begin with.

Smoking rope has limited neuropharmacology

If only we could get the other drug companies to follow suit. Like the alcohol and tobacco companies. Hell, if they just spent the money they spend on lobbying against the legalization of marijuana to these causes would be a major social gain. And how about the opiate drug companies helping to fighting the opiate crises they and our government have caused. Would that seem funny also?

@William_Mary I lived next door to a mystery office. There was no advertising and the people were not friendly. I asked a friend and he said it was a medicinal marijuana outlet and the people did not want to let the word get out lest there might be problems with thieves. A friend on the island has an outlet and it is sold in several shops here. She says medicinal marijuana has had the part of the plant that elicits a high removed in order to better utilize the medicinal parts. Medicinal marijuana has been legal far longer and is more widespread than the other kind.


Our esteemed Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, just rescinded the Obama Administrations policy that states have the right to decide about the legalities of marijuana use. He has instructed federal prosecutors to begin litigating marijuana offenses. Boy, I can see the cat fight coming already. Wait till they try to raid a dispensary in Colorado or California, or start hauling citizens to court for marijuana infractions. It will go straight to the Supreme Court and states rights will be on the line.

Of course, since our prisons have been privatized we need to expand their business!

US Sup Ct ruled 2-7 states have no duty to expand MEDICAID eligibility poisoning the compromise of Obombneycare. ...Kucinich was betrayed by all but Sotomayor and Ginsburg


I support legalization of marijuana for any reason and any usage. I think it is great to use the profits for public good.


I wish Washington would just legalize this Nationwide. There is no valid reason not to. This plant has so many valid medicinal and industrial uses not to. Medicines made from it help so many people with issues with seisures and it is a really excellent renewable source for bio fuel. It can also go a long way towards saving our trees used for making paper. Fabric and rope can be made from the stalks.

FDR over reacted to PROHIBITION and moved away from farm supplied rope to nylon line. ...a racist policy linking all "drugs" with pimps and prostitution. ....if reefer madness takes over states rights will Nevada bordellos also be outlawed by Sessions ? TrumpOLINI will do whatever the black market mafia tells him to do

You're actually talking about 2 different plants. Hemp has no THC content to even be on the ban list. Which was the most moronic action to even have put it on the ban list. Taking it off the ban list and allowing farmers to move to this as a crop would turn the industrial world upside down. Which is why it remains on the ban list.

@William_Mary I am aware of the differences but because the average laymen can not look at a cannabis plant, tell te difference between hemp quality and drug quality they are all outlawed.


I also heard education.???


Well we can't have that!!! If we let them use that money to help people how will we ever afford tax cuts for Trump's best buddies?!?!?!?


Good for Colorado now the rest of the states need to follow

I agree. legalizing this would also reduce the influence of the illegal drug mafia. The cartels will lose that source of income. I don't smoke but as a farmer I am interested in becoming a grower


Yes....bring it on...yes!


Good use of the funds.


The British government apparently thinks it's a much better idea to let criminal gangs control the industry and spend the profits on guns.

Jnei Level 8 Jan 12, 2018

Interesting, I was under the impressison the British were far more enlightened than we were in the US

@misstuffy If you'd asked me 20 years ago I'd have said this could never happen, but the US as a whole is massively more enlightened and liberal regarding marijuana than the UK!

Unfortunately we have Jess Sessions and President Trump dead set on reversing all the progress we have made in legalizing pot nationwide. All because they can't stand we had a black president who was far better at it and more popular than they ever will be.


That is most awesome. Grate example.

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