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If you had to choose between being deaf or blind, which one would you choose?

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I’m already deaf and have a cochlear implant that allows me to communicate quite well. To my knowledge there’s no technology that allows you to overcome blindness but I would definitely consider deafness the lessor evil even without the cochlear implant.


Oddly people with these disabilities say that deafness is the worst, as it isolates you from other people


If you had to choose between posting a nonsensical quiz or utterly ridiculous quiz, which one would you choose?

If you had to choose between posting a choice quiz or posting something worthwhile, which one would you choose?

Whatever comes to mind. Sorry! Just watched one of those Saw movies and it had my mind going to all types of places.

It's in the silly and random section its allowed !!

@EmeraldJewel And he took time to reply...

@Simon1 Right!


Deaf. We can see sound. And the visual spectrum has so much variety it would be a shame to miss it.

Huh. We can see sound? News to me.


Deaf. I could still drive, cook, read, travel, take photos, surf the web......etc.


Deaf. You can't hear boobies jiggle!


@EmeraldJewel. That popped out between waking up and my first cup of coffee. That's my own personal Twilight Zone.

You can if they have those little cymbals attached to their nipples



Deaf people don't consider it to be a disability. They have their own language, village etc.


I can't lose music. But I don't want to lose seeing the sky. And I can imagine either but...

Damn tough, but I choose blindness. Without my glasses, I'm pretty much there anyway.


Blind. Hearing is critical for communication. I saw how deafness isolated my mother from society. Thank Science and Medicine for the Cochlear Implant that gave her a life again.

Science is a wonderful thing!!! I’m glad she got her life back.

@EmeraldJewel Yes, I was, too. She was my best friend until the day she died. When she lost her hearing, everyone abandoned her socially. We're all going to get old and have SOMETHING go wrong kind to the ones to whom it happens before you.

@MissKathleen Well said!!!

@MissKathleen glad your mom got some relief...but with you having said that, since there is a possible remedy to being deaf, wouldn't you then rather be deaf?

@lerlo I am afraid I would not be a candidate for the surgery, so no.

@MissKathleen ok


I’d rather be blind. I’m a musician.


Blind. Easily. I absolutely cannot live without music.


Already completely deaf in one ear and partially in the other so since I have lived this way most of my life I will stick with it.


deaf...there are all kinds of ways to communicate other than talking/hearing. In my life I can't think of one thing I've heard that matched the things I've seen in the world in my travels. Of course things like hearing a crocodile chomping on a lamb carcass in Kenya was amazing but my sister could have described it to me. I love music and dancing but still nothing beats things I've seen.

lerlo Level 8 Aug 20, 2018

Blind, I would choose blind. I can learn braille for reading (which I love), watching TV or Movies doesn't really need eyes, but music -- couldn't live without music.


I have minor hearing issues already and generally watch TV or video with the subtitles on anyway, so blow the ears!


Deaf, almost all my hobbies require eyesight.


I choose blindness. I have really good hearing and would die without music. Plus, I can't read lips at all.


If there was no way to have that sense returned in someway, then I will choose being blind.

  • I can still listen to sounds (music, audio books and movies, nature)
  • I can still communicate normally (listening/talking)
  • I can still read (if I learn Braille)
  • Any kind of judgment I have towards new people based on physical appearance goes away (however I can still judge people based on sound and smell)
  • I don't have to pay for contacts or glasses anymore
  • I can have a cool walking cane that I can hit people accident of course.
  • I'll never lose at the Circle Game anymore

Deaf, I could still read without having to learn braille.


Deaf. I'd sleep like a log.


Can’t do without music, sorry eyes.


Deaf because at least I'd still be able to watch movies


Deaf, for sheer pragmatism.


Deaf. Easier to navigate the world. Though still difficult.

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