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Thoughts on Interracial Dating & Marriage

Are atheist, agnostics and freethinkers more or less open to dating and marrying someone of another race and why?

By mbhorner4
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theres one race humans everything else is ethnicity if you don't like someone based on melanin your a sad fcker

weeman Level 7 Aug 10, 2018

I only date humans, but I refuse to marry one.

Funny thing, I lean more heavily toward Cardassians.

@ghettophilosopher Good luck finding one.

@Donotbelieve I know. Our space program is WAY behind schedule. That, and our best hope for getting it back on track turns out to be highly problematic...

@Redcraze Oh, no. These are from Star Trek.

@Redcraze I will not argue with that!

@calendarman Me? Afraid OF something?

I just think marriage is unnecessary and outdated.


Don't marry outside the human race if you plan to have children.

It seems to work out on Star Trek all the time...

@Paul4747 Of course it does there.


I'm Canadian, we don't care about that.


We should be so far passed that it shouldn't even be a topic.

Savage Level 7 Aug 11, 2018

I support any form of marriage that doesn't involve me.

JoeVZ Level 4 Dec 5, 2018

“The heart wants what it wants." ~~~Emily Dickinson


Why would I stick with just white people? Seems really limiting. I don't really have a heritage to 'preserve' or to not date outside of, anyway.


I have absolutely no idea why anyone of intelligence would not be open to it.

Seeker3CO Level 8 Aug 10, 2018

I don’t think religion or lack of is a factor.

yes there is tons it is about prejedice

@benhmiller ummmmm....I don’t understand what that means


When I find love again, I’ll be more concerned about the person on the inside than the outside. Diversity is to be welcomed, not shied away from.
Make no mistake though, there’s plenty of xenophobic/racist non-believers. You only have to read a couple of threads to see it for yourself.


I would say it's a non-issue. Just like gay marriage. It doesn't affect anyone but those 2 people. I feel I would be declaring some sort of superiority by giving my "approval." It's not an an issue that needs approval.


Yes. Because we're more humanist than our religious brothers and sisters. They cherish their god and what they think he wants. We cherish the human race and what's good for us as a whole. Well, most of us anyway. Thus, we're inherently more open to this sort of thing.

KevinMR Level 6 Aug 15, 2018

I can't speak for other atheists, agnostics, et cetera, but rather only for myself. I'm open to meeting/getting to know/dating people of other races. I come from a long line of folks who have eschewed closed-minded bigotry and have instead chosen to love the heart inside the body, regardless of the gender of that body, or the skin color wrapping the outside of that body. My family, whatever their faults may be, sure didn't raise an ignoramus.


Never questioned it. Someone's race has never been an issue with me. We love who we love.

bleurowz Level 8 Aug 11, 2018

One of the many things we learned from the Human Genome Project was that there is not enough difference between us to separate us based on race. We are all one people. So, my answer is obviously no. Love who you want. I am however against interspecies dating. Leave those goats alone!


I don't know that a person's belief or lack of belief has anything to do with it, other than I notice that conservatism, religion, and racism seem to often intertwine. I think religion encourages tribalism to a greater degree, and for some, tribalism = racism. Just my rambling thoughts, though. Perhaps I'm totally wrong.

Deb57 Level 8 Aug 21, 2018

No, I think you're absolutely right. We have many social patterns that have old roots in tribalism, and probably pre-date civilization. You can see this on a different scale when people from neighboring states in the U.S. show active antipathy towards each other.


If two people love each other, something already as meaningless as skin color will matter even less. And I think atheists, freethinkers, and agnostics are probably a little more open to mixed race marriages, mainly because it is the religious who seem to have the most bigotry and taboos.


I hope that freethinkers are not affected by race when it comes to dating choices. I don't believe that one should be. That being said, thinking back, I dated one First Nations person, and that's about it when it comes to other races. I'm Latina myself, so does that count? I think that my own dating choices had more to do with who was around than race, but maybe that was an unconscious factor.I am surprised by how many people on dating sites say that they only want to date their own race. I click past them. I don't want a relationship with a bigot. I don't even understand where that would come from.

@calendarman I hope not.


Love is love, attraction is attraction... simple as that. Sincerely from an Agnostic. ?

Vayton Level 4 Aug 11, 2018

It's the personality that counts.


From my experience less religious people tend to be more open minded. I personally am attracted to the person, not the skin or genitalia they happen to be born with.

Minta79 Level 7 Aug 10, 2018

I'm married to a lady of Asian/Pacific Islander descent, my son is engaged to a lady of African descent and my daughter is engaged to a man of Hispanic descent.

Why? "Because we love them. M-O-U-S-E."

Yogisan Level 7 Aug 10, 2018

they are still the same race just difference place of orgin and different cultures.

You called?


@LionMousePudding. Not intentionally, but now that I know how it works I'll have to do it more often.


On my book, a beautiful woman is a beautiful woman regardless of race

IamNobody Level 8 Aug 10, 2018

I can't see it being an issue at all


Years ago the argument was "Think of the children". Implying they will not be treated well. Then it is up to us to change that & treat the children well. The issue is becoming a mute one as the world shrinks & cultures collide& infuse. Great food in the world, music too.

Mooolah Level 8 Jan 29, 2019
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