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When it come to children... how would you guide them? Would you tell them they could choose to believe whatever they want, with regards to religion, or would you keep it atheist?

Mkumar 4 Jan 14

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My kids got the whole experience of no one of the grown ups going to church but they got exposed to church and their activities. Never forced to do anything, it was more social than everything else. I did caught my first born once preaching to all her stuffed animals after sunday school. Never passed judgement. None is aching now because of church. One sings in a church choir and is okay with me. I am not in a war against religion.


Although I am not a theist in any way, I am fascinated by different religions from around the world.
My favorites are Native American and eastern faiths.

Although I am not a mom at the moment I'd like to think that I would take every opportunity to teach my kids about the different belief systems. For some people, religion is an enormous part of everyday life and understanding what they believe brings me one step closer to understanding them.

I have observed that ignorance leads to fear and fear can lead to hate. That's how people get hurt. I would not try to shove the child in a specific direction by saying whether any religion is wrong or right. Simply keep them informed and let them make up their own minds.


I advised mine to believe whatever they wanted and answered their questions honestly, with evidence as needed. Their mom drug them to her church. They ended up outspokenly atheist. Using evidence instead of stories seems like cheating.


Whatever she wanted but I emphasized critical thinking. "If you think I'm wrong tell me" and she did. She's a junior at university and an atheist.

gearl Level 7 Jan 15, 2018

I never forced mine either way. I told them what I thought and why and left it to them.


I don't talk religion at all. It's up to my kid to chose.


I took mine to a few churches, including some that family go to, was very open with my own thoughts about it, and emphasized that, as we mature and learn, our ideas about spirituality can change. I also kept the discussion channels open as they came home with questions from school (teachers, kids, other patents). We've always been scientific. I've shown them how to question, test, and seek authentic answers. The rest is up to them. As others have said, I'll love them no matter what.

Zster Level 8 Jan 14, 2018

I am honest. I have 2 grown kids of my own plus a few extras. I encourage them to read on many religions, we read a lot of fantasy in this house, so that provides many more. At any age, if a kid asks me a question I will answer it honestly. Due to the nature of some of the questions, I only answer the question, I don't give any more info. But I don't lie to them. If it is about religion, I tell them what I think, why I don't believe. I don't preach at them, but when exposed to a number of religions, each claiming to be the right one, kids work out that none have any validity.


I don't have, nor do I want kids, but if I did I would focus on science, philosophy, and critical reasoning skills, and hopefully they wouldn't fall victim to religious claims. I'd even expose them to the many, many different world religions and point out that each is based on faith, and nearly all claim to have the truth, all without providing evidence. Ultimately it's their decision, but I'd do my best to ensure they have the tools they need to make the best decision.


I taught mine to study the religions and non-religions that interest them using critical thinking then make up their own mind about what's true. I will love them no matter what they decide. Currently all three are non religious.


Whilst I was born in an Atheist parents always discussed with us the impact religion has on society...and we were always told we were free to change owr minds. My second cousin, for instance, did change his mind...became a priest and is at the Vatican.


I never saw a child who choose to be religious if he is not indoctrinated. If he is predisposed to believe in magic, because doesn't have the self-confidence that he needs, and many other social factors, then he may become religios when he is adult.
How you guide your child? being honest, being open, being rational. If you just think you are, but you are not, that will have other outcome.


I would never tell him he could not participate in religious activities, but I would teach him to question things, and not to accept wrong answers with nothing to back it, also not to argue with crazy people that can’t see reality, but that does not mean they are wrong all the time. Poor kid, poor all of us that need to deal with this twilight zone.


I would inform and educate them and strongly urge them to seek the truth and question everything, but never indoctrinate them. The best gift we can give children is the art of Critical Thinking".


There was a huge post about this a day or two ago if you want a lot of feedback...


I am going through this currently. My kids want to go to Sunday school I allow it but then I reassure them that it is fiction.


I raised two daughters without religion. Know culturally their mother is Jewish and their fathers one Born Again now and the other atheist. One believes in Wicca and the other believes in nada.

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