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I wonder why Jesus didn't come in a modern world? We could document his miracles, and interview the people he healed, we could maybe sample his wine he made from water and if it was good get the recipe. Maybe he could escape crucifixion, and opt for lethal injection. Maybe he could have published his own book? Lots of material here. Do you care to help out?

Leutrelle 7 Jan 15

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Fox "news" would still label him as an anti-capitalist non-patriot and then vilify him, while Evangelicals shouted "Lock Him Up!"


Been hearin he’s commin back! Any day now πŸ˜€ Let’s ask ~

Varn Level 8 Jan 16, 2018

if you said the kind of stuff said in bibles you would be thrown in the funny farm.

Unless he proved it. We're not talking about someone claiming to be Jesus, we're talking about the actual part of the holy trinity. The exercise is to show how stupid it is for the story to have Jesus come then. For the people who created the stories, they couldn't anticipate the advancements mankind would make that would render their timeline silly, but Jesus, being omniscient, could.

but there isn't a Jesus


What if Jesus came today?
Would he be the son of God?
Or would we laugh at him and say
"This hippy preacher's rather odd!"?

Would any harken at his word
And dare to nod in sympathy--
Or all decry "This man's absurd!"
And "Get this guy away from me!"?

"He wants to spend more on the poor
"And treat the ailing sick--
"He doesn't care what wealth is for...
"He's a socialist! It's all a trick!"

"Put him in the looney bin
"And throw away the key!
"We can't have goons like him begin
"To undermine society!"

I think it fairly safe to tell
(In light of our modern way)
Not many folk would like it well
If Jesus came today

@Leutrelle thanks for the prompt πŸ™‚

Nice perspective stinkeye_a poeticπŸ™‚


Is this a hypothetical question? For fun? Because it assumes Jesus existed. Not much evidence for that.

Josephus was taken captive in Jerusalem by the Romans in AD70 and and spent the rest of his life as a historian in Rome. He was a secular historian and writes of Jesus as a historical figure. He does not promote the cause of Jesus. Like many Jews he didn't believe Jesus to be the Messiah. So yes I am confidant the man Jesus existed.

@Leutrelle Actually, they discovered that Josephus' originals did not mention Jesus. That didn't show up until some clerk was copying the thing in around the 3rd century after Jesus supposedly lived.

@chicagojcb That is interesting! I haven't heard of any autographs. That would be a rare find. I curious where to find this info?

@Leutrelle here ya go. This is a synopsis with lots of references. []

@chicagojcb Thanks for the link


Ummmm....because it's a made up story.....that would be my guess


Hmmm... Just came to think... Was Jesus literate? I mean I do not remember any line in the Bible mentioning him writing even a memo note. While his disciples obviously were literate (or got so at some point), to write their gospels, there isn't a single line in written by him personally.
So we do not know really was he pretending to be doing miracles, or his disciples attributed this to him posthumously as they certainly did need him to have done some miracles, in order for their preaching to have some appeal through the commoners.


Christianity is a Jewish religion. History is written by the winners. The American Indian was massacred. They were wiped out by Christians. Christians won. Jesus is myth. Even if he was real, which is suspect........ he died for no one. If there comes a time when there is some kind of judgement, Jesus did NOT die for Adolf Hitler, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Richard Speck. It is better to live life believing that "what goes around comes around" The world is a better place, if you are NOT a murderer, a rapist, a child molester. a thief.......Is it important to be kind to your fellow man??? If you are an atheist, and/or agnostic......the question is.....are you gonna leave this world a better place??? And remember, for the most part grandmothers are the same in all religions and countries. My brothers and sisters...They bake a lot of cookies!!! GRAMMAS RULE!!! Most grammas LOVE their kids/and grand kids..........NO MATTER WHAT THEY BELIEVE!!!! My mother did NOT give a rats ass what I believed.......she was too busy trying to pay the bills. I pray to MOM. Screw the POPE......king pedophile!!!


But then faith wouldn't be necessary. Faith is required to please God. The central premise of Christianity is to NOT require proof, but only have faith.

Fucking weird shit.

You talk about some fucking weird shit. Who wants to spend the rest of Eternity with the God in the Bible???? You have to be shitting me. What a sick puppy. He gets pissed....SO HE DROWNS THE WHOLE FUCKING PLANET.....WHAT AN ASSHOLE!!!


Jesus could give tours of Jerusalem following the winding Via Dolorosa to the stations of the cross.


I was thinking about that water wine issue. They do have powdered alcohol and from what I gather it is not as new of an idea as they would have us believe.


In the immortal words of the Hulk, "puny god".


Or maybe he was a fictions character in the first place?


Defeats the purpose. People are supposed to belief on faith. If it's well documented, it isn't faith. Check out Lenny Bruce.

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