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I've had a lot of people think because I'm an atheist that I have no morals. They treat me as if I'm easy or I'm evil or whatever. Then they proceeded to tell me all the evil things they would do, like rape everyone or cheat on their spouse or murder someone, if they didn't believe in God. This really freaks me out. They're basically saying if I didn't think I would be punished when I die I would be a horrible person. So who is more immoral? Is it the atheist or the one that needs someone to punish them in an afterlife if they commit a crime? Does this mean that religion does have a purpose? That religion can be a good thing? It seems to keep some people in line anyway.

SonderOpia 8 Jan 15

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I'm willing to bet that all the people who said those horrible things to you call themselves "christians". Don't listen to their bullshit. You're fine. As is.


Religion had a purpose and it had outgrown and outlived it. Time to end it.

The words from John Lennon's song "Imagine" --"nothing to kill or die for/ and no religion too"


People do not do this to me. I have had people tell me that I just look evil though.


I think you should not associate with those people...

it was not intentional. please read my response above.

@SonderOpia that sounds like sexual harassment

@Buddha he did things that were not supposed to be done I've filed many complaints and nothing was ever done to him.


Have you ever seen a 5 yr old screaming come help younger sibling is hurt? Some are born compassionate some of us are not


I’ve seen the same thing. I wouldn’t kill a fly, but a Christian would if he could be forgiven.


We learn compassion from our own suffering. No rational human being would wish pain and torment on another person. The monsters who peddle torments like "burning in lakes of fire" have no compassion.


They seem more immoral to me. Acting for good because it’s right is more moral than doing it out of fear of punishment or belief in suffering in the afterlife.

Well said!


Walk away. No reason at all to stay and listen to the BS.

And yes - I do believe that for some, without religious guilt to keep them in check, they'd go haywire. Of course there's many that do regardless of the threat of "eternal hellfire !"

I know Jeffrey Dahmer tried his hardest to be a good Christian and go to church but he said that the obsession with killing and eating his Partners was greater than his love for God. And in the end he repented so he gets to go to heaven while the rest of us go to hell for being good people. Jeffrey Dahmer felt a little guilt about murdering, raping and eating men only because the church told him to be. I think that's pretty twisted. I just wonder if it wasn't for that little bit of religious guilt if he would have done even more damage.


Stay away from those people. Find some freethinkers to talk to

this was actually a professional That was supposed to be doing a job for me and his company. I did not invite this person into my life nor have I spoke to them since as a matter of fact I file multiple complaints against them and they've never done anything to him. But he told me that he would cheat on his spouse he would force women to have sex with them which is rape and do other crimes. It terrified me and I threw him out of my home.


If a person is moral out of fear of punishment or based on the promise of a reward in the afterlife, then they aren't being moral based on their own goodness. Following rules doesn't make a person moral. Personally, I think morality is trying to live your life without causing harm, pain, or suffering to others.


Yes, those people are scary! You might point out to someone who says they would do terrible things if they didn’t believe in god, that that reflects the kind of person that THEY are, not the kind of person YOU are.
And yes, I have recently been convinced that religion does serve a purpose in society, by giving people a connection to each other and an incentive to be good (because a lot of people DO need that).


Being good or moral is not measured by adherence to rules or holding "right" belief. Being moral or good is having a kind heart, caring about one's fellow human being, trying to help people -- for actually caring. And perhaps many religious people find it simply easier to just follow rules without having to take the trouble to think.


When I was a Christian the worst I ever got from an atheist was some mockery. That is over the span of 25 years. As an atheist in the past six years I've gotten death threats from the very same type of people that tell me that I need to believe in God to be moral. I was moral before I was a Christian, I was moral when I was a Christian and I continue to be moral as an atheist. The only thing that has changed is that I believe in one less god than I did a few years ago.

Sethy Level 4 Jan 15, 2018

I have actually met a couple of people that do good only for a reward in the afterlife.


Its sad people say bad things to people. I'm an old fart, but you'll never here bad things from me. I respect untill theres a reason not to. Welcome to this forum.


Yes, it's scary how many people would murder their neighbor if they did not believe in god.

Or if there wasn't some kind of repercussion like prison and or the death penalty.


"Then they proceeded to tell me all the evil things they would do, like rape everyone or cheat on their spouse or murder someone" Wow, I guess some people need religion just to keep their impulses in check. Hate to say that. As a species, we are still only on the cusp of intellectual awareness.


I recently had to cut ties with my brother, because he thinks just because I'm an atheist, I'm a devil worshipper.

Wow, cut ties..sorry to hear that, but I do get that. My older brother used to be a non believer like me and now he's religious. He doesn't think I'm a devil worshipper, but we are not close now and I'm sure that my strong opposition to religion is part of it. Religion truly is insidious.


it means there week and have no morals without a bible like a dog with a shock collar and you are real.


Religion was called the opiate of the masses for a reason...

Anyway, if people assume you're easy or evil because you're an atheist, then they are morons.

We all have a moral code (except for sociopaths). We don't need religion for that. Anyone who wants to rape or murder is is immoral. That they would do it but not for fear of a vengeful god is pathetic and kinda psychopathic.

You are normal. They sound like rump supporters.


If belief in an imaginary sky friend is what keeps you from doing bad things, look out. I really don't like the forgiveness of sin by going to confession. In college, a couple of my religious room mates would rush down to the church to confess, and do some hail marys, and then go out and raise hell. But it was okay, because they would go to confession next week and all way well. Felt that as a non-believer, that I led a better life, and didn't feel guilty from my actions.


Penn Jillette had some great thoughts on this!


Hi SenderOpia,you do have morals in fact you have a 100%more morals than the christians who tell you that you are evil,they are only being good because of the fear that they will go to hell otherwise,which tells me they are gutless and immoral because fear is the only reason they are not doing bad things.Wheras you and fellow Agnostics and Athiests do good things because it is the right thing to hold your head up high.


If people think an atheist is a bad person or immoral due to that then their opinion is worthless and they are irrelevant.

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