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There is already a brain eating virus in the United States. It seems to affect mostly Republicans and makes them indifferent to lies and fabrications, with an inability to distinguish real life from TV reality shows. They have turned the presidency into a bad version of a reality show.

sad but true


The believers will think it was caused by gay marriage and abortion in the US. Others will think they are safe because it’s a biblical prophecy come true and only sinners and Athiest will be culled (they will be wrong, of course).

I'd laugh but you know it's entirely possible if not probable...ugh

@Freespirit64 At least their heathen pets will be taken care of! []


Nature and evolution at work. Thinning the herd, survival of the fittest. The universe doesn't care. May sound cruel but that's the way it is.



Flu is a constant threat to human life. We are due a nasty one. Spanish flu in the 1900s made people cough up large volumes of blood. It was very vicious. Disease and virus mutation is also the cycle of life. What can you do? Flu vaccines are always behind the mutation. There is currently an Ebola outbreak that just isn’t featuring on US news. It’s a very serious outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Do you know why it’s not widely known about in the USA? Because Trump chose a new leader for the CDC and he is off his game. []

Livia Level 6 Aug 16, 2018

Well stated! I’ve been keeping up with this story also. And agree with you 100% about the new dumb ass at the cdc. He’s not even in the game let alone off his game. Not sure he knows where the game field is.

@DiThor USA has been murdering millions of people with germ warfare along with Germany Soviets Chinese and their military customers for over 100 years USA deliberately injected syphilis into thousands of African Americans TrumpOLINI is simply hiring millionaires to enrich themselves in all these agencies rather than improve the facade mission of doing good

Flu has killed more people than any of our wars.I would say it is very deadly.


I'm surprised it's taken this long.

"The Stand" was published in 1978.


The Spanish Flu in 1918 took down a bunch of people worldwide and those crafty little germs are becoming immune to our antibiotics.
After all there's no such thing as evolution ?

Flu is a virus, unfortunately most people don't realise this and demand antibiotics anyway.

@Davethecrow I'm in my 60's...never had a flu shot...never will...never get a cold or a flu...but the medical people keep trying to force antibiotics on me as preventative medicine.


Something is coming. Time to thin the herd

Xena Level 6 Aug 16, 2018



With 45 at the Helm, I would up it to 50 to include minorities, persons who are detained in a detention center and the populace being detained at Immigration Compounds.


one can only hope.....

Beat me to it


I think a coming disease could kill every human on planet earth and what I think is just a valid as what Bill Gates thinks, (or anyone for that matter). For what it's worth.


That is a misleading headline. He doesn't mean 6 months from now, he means 6 months from onset of the disease. Lots of people believe that.


Thanks for sharing @empirical! I don't know how Mr. Gates got his information, is it fact, is it conjecture, I don't know, however, I do think there is some truth in it due to the history of the world, we always have had epidemics, there have always been people dying of a virus, a disease, or a mutation, and there probably always will be.
As long as society as a whole doesn't have access to health care and the community support they need, there is no way to prevent something like this. It just breaks my heart that the people who will suffer the most, are not the ones who will make it happen because those people have the resources to protect themselves. Feel the Bern!

Sanders has not lifted a finger for HR 676 MEDICARE 4 all in 20 years his 2017 bad Senate bill increases profits to private insurance CEOs Bernie is a cowardly thief who sold us out in Philadelphia the same day the legal delegates were trying to unseat the illegal BILLARY DELEGATES she gave us TrumpOLINI by being the worst most corrupt 1st lady&SecyOstate she is guilty of 33 thousand counts OBSTRUCTING justice destroying subpoenaed emails....if you want HR 676 REAL MEDICARE4ALL that pays for itself like it does for seniors and save 10% off the total USA GNP vote @Howiehawkins20


With the anti-vaxxer movement making such good progress that disease could easily be flu and/ or measles. Perhaps with a soupçon of smallpox or a pinch of polio.


Bring on the bottleneck! We need a good one! Hate to point it out but we'll lose a lot more than that when the Russians hack our power grid and put the power out for a few months. No meds, no food being transported... Truly survival of the fittest. (And those with the most ammo)


In my opinion Bill Gates pushes this possible scenario because he is selling GMO's to the World, so he can make more . He is heavily invested in Monsanto's Bt grain seeds that kill innocent people by destroying the human stomachs.
Bill is a God in his own mind, when in all actuality he is the world's biggest Pimp, because every deviant porn site uses the Microsoft Operating System to sell their version of normal sexual behavior.
I would suggest the World's citizens get ready for the Anthropocene Climate Change Tipping-Point.

Peace through green jobs abates melting polar ice below freezing TEMPERATURES like road salt on ice burning fossil fuels wafts poisons into the air settling upon glaciers and ice/snow everywhere


This article is all conjecture with nothing written to back it up, no sourcing or anything. I think people give Gates a lot more credence than he deserves on a lot of things.

PDF Level 5 Aug 16, 2018

Bill gates is a piece of crap

@DiThor Gates is an IBM gangster just like his mom


Scarey to think how fast a disease could spread. I think it would kill more than 30 million people.

ObushaObombney vetoed states rights to label food with all ingredients including deadly GMOs and radioactivity TrumpOLINI is just adding naked greed to the executive branch of fascist USA


He also thinks vaccines are a good way to reduce population!

Exactly ! He probably is the one that is creating this.

Yes. I think it is time for de-population. Scary.

@IAmLove ...who all do ya wanna get rid of?

@Scottzillyun AFRICA will be the new AMERICA of 1825 to depopulate millions in tribes there as is being done in Palestine....John Quincy Adams was a racist genocidal xian not an Atheist like his father


Gates.... Gates...... Wasn't he the guy that once said no homeowner would ever need a computer with more than 25k memory?

640 k.

He also is wrong in a lot of what he says about education... which has done a lot of damage to our piblic schools.


How many voted for Twump?

godef Level 7 Aug 16, 2018

A similar movie worth watching is "Contagion" This movie, although Hollywoodized, does have a few points that demonstrate a possible process and outcome for the next pandemic. An RN suggested that movie so I screened it for a group of HS students. The RN really enjoyed explaining the accuracies the movie demonstrated in the process of the disease evolution and spreading.


Ligma is going to be the worst epidemic in history


Like HIV or Ebolo ?


Does he have inside information?


Has he been smoking the Rice Krispies again?

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