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What's your Favorite Kind of Cat?

If @Wildgreens can ask about dogs, I'll ask about cats...

I have a tabby, but like nearly any cat. Those hairless ones look weird, though.

MrLizard 8 Jan 16

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Generally, one I've raised just after he/she was weaned. The closest and most intelligent cat I had was a mix Siamese, who looked full Siamese. I got her when she was five weeks. She lived 21 years. The second closest was a long-haired tabby around 6 weeks. He was a stray, probably dumped, and showing up on my porch on a cold October night. So I put a box out on the porch with a blanket and a bit of food. Didn't have plans to adopt him, but the next day I fell in love. He was so personable, but also a bit adventurous when he got older and was hit by a car when he was 4.


My favorite cat is Schrödingers


I don't think I have a favorite breed. I have a calico (girl) and a brown/black tiger striped (boy)


The 3-legged tabby that lives in my nephew's house. His name is Tripod.


The lap cat. You are sitting on the couch, and then, like magic, you have this cat on your lap. How do they do that? Our last two cats lived to 19, and were both lap cats.


Maine Coons

@AMGT I have rescued 2 and a Norwegian Forest Cat.They are kind of like dogs. I saw one of them jump in to a stream after a frog


I have a short-haired grey cat Zeus. His brother CJ (Capt Jack) disappeared 3 years ago and was tri-colored-brown, black. grey best cat still upset. Got both at 8 wks. Eight years old now.


One of my big cats click on the pic to see the whole cat


My cat thought he was a dog. I actually wanted a dog but lived in an apartment at the time so I got a kitten. I named him Bob. Bob fetched better than any dog I've ever had. He would sit on the arm of the couch and wait until I put my hand out to give the toy back to me every time. He would come better than any dog I've had. I'd call "Hey Bob come here Bob" and he would come at a dead run, everytime. I'd take him to the park off leash and he'd stay by me on our walk around the park. He would find my car in the parking lot no matter where I parked. Loved that cat, and my EX in laws killed him. True story.


A toilet trained one.
While I was on the train back to university, I suddenly smelled something quite disgusting. Thinking it was me, I sniffed all my clothes, but found myself clean. Then I opened up my rucksack, only to find that everything in it was soaked in urine.
My cat had evidently seen fit to piss all over my paperwork.

that was probably an editorial comment

@btroje That cut surprisingly deep. Well played.

@JosephHarrison not trying to be mean. just a smartass


Black ones or rescued babies. I've always loved black cats. Everyone thought I was a witch growing up openly non-Christian in the bible belt and I embraced it. Today, I know that black cats are less likely to be adopted and more likely to be injured due to ignorance and superstitions. I currently have a 4 year old solid black animal familiar. The most expensive piece of furniture I own is his. LOL


Overall, my favorite kind of cat is the jaguar. Third largest cat on the planet, behind only the tiger and the lion, a jaguar has the most powerful bite, pound for pound, of any cat. A true apex predator with mad skills even in the water, a jaguar will even prey on the Caiman crocodile.

If you're talking about a domestic cat, then my favorite kind of cat is the one that I have. Fujita The Cat is the most unique cat that has ever owned me. He is believed to be a Ragdoll, a notion that is supported by his veterinarian. Although he was a rescue, thus the uncertainty regarding breed, he possesses all of the typical characteristics and mannerisms associated with Ragdoll cats.


A tiger 🙂

Sacha Level 7 Jan 16, 2018

Female. Last GF was cat lover. Her male cats hated me... the females loved me. Does not matter if tabby grey or if tuxedo. We had a siamese boy when I was teen called mom mah. Yellow tabby are gorgeous in my book.


I must resist the temptation to say that any pussy is fine with me......

Anyway, here's mine. 8yr old rescue cat.

@AMGT I thought that was just his mouse hunting camouflage!


i love them all


Panther to eat people that get to nosy. House cat siamese seem to be one of the smartest breeds. Black cats are awesome also.


Colorpoint shorthair, followed by other exotic shorthairs (solid, tabby...). Basically the long lithe siamese type. I love a loud, talkative cat!

I also love Cornish Rex and Abyssinians.

That said, I only acquire pure bred now and then, rescuing lots of domestics as pets.

Zster Level 8 Jan 16, 2018



Fluffy and active.

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