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Have you ever been in a newspaper story?

In last Sunday's Wenatchee World newspaper, there was an article about the high school College Mentor Program.

The article featured me and used this photo! Last June, I took three students I previously mentored for a hike on Icicle Gorge trail.

Since 2006, I have been a volunteer college mentor, helping first generation, low income students write essays for college and scholarship applications. It thrills me to send kids to college.

I teach students writing and organizational skills, and the importance of doing work before the deadline.

LiterateHiker 9 Aug 21

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Yep. TV here and in Europe, Ukraine, Australia.


More times than I can remember. Mainly for activism though in my younger years for more anarchic activety. My first ever headline. "Mad axe attack on police by drugged crazed hells angel." Never been a hells angel, it wasn't an axe and I had just seen the cops stomp over my 18 month old son. What would you do?? One thing I have noted in every article I have ever been in, or interview I've given always stray far from the truth. Sometimes out of lazy reporting and often to sensationalise, and now and then from reporter bias. I have also produced many news sheets and in later times, online news items but keeping as close to fact as possible.


I got quoted in the Chicago Tribune once by a reporter about machine politics in the City of Chicago circa 2004. My quote: “ I’m tired of the machine.” This one minute of my allotted fifteen-spent.

Ed Harris said it best in Glengarry Glen Ross.


Actually, a few. The earliest was in a tri-state drama competition when in junior high, the latest was both in print & video at the anti-gun rally here in Phoenix. Besides 'letters-to-the-editor' there have been a few more. 'Nuff said!


I wrote an Op-Ed to the college paper against the idea of invading Iraq prior to us going in. Disabled vet, 6 yrs in the Marine Corps, so not like I'm a liberal or anti-military, just my time in Somalia woke me up to what war was about...and that wasn't even a war! Of course post 9-11, you couldn't reason or argue with people...even on a college campus, the need to deepen the Bush family oil pockets was just too important - oh...and and getting rid of Saddam who masterminded the 9-11 attack with his WMDs, yea, yea...that too. The war fever was like a religion at that time...and unfortunately not much has changed.




I got front page once. Just my name... not flattering let’s say...


Does the police blotter count? 🙂


Never interviewed as I am not so important. I have had a few letters to the editor printed. Usually I am correcting or complaining about some narrow view or some trite comment. Most recently I complained about someone asking why a person "did not look like an American". An American looks like their pass, their naturalization papers, their native born birth certificate. Sort of like our previous POTUS. Not our current jag bag. No American could look like him. Much too orange.


You are to be commended. I admire you, I am proud of you and I congratulate you.
I won an engineering drawing contest when in college and made the front page in my hometown newspaper.


Thank you! I appreciate your kind words.


Yes. I was interviewed by Esquire Magazine and the interview appeared in the Nov. 2017 issue. Not a newspaper, but interviewed nonetheless.


Congratulations! What was the topic?

@LiterateHiker Opioid Crisis


I've been in the Houston chronicle several times

Hope you are a famous healed artist soon


When I was 15 I was third in a three state 440 yard dash. I was in the paper for the placing but mostly because I was only 5'6" and all my competitors were 5'10 and over.


September 1969, I was in the Telegraph newspaper of St.Johns nfld, because I was the first Inuk to graduate from Stationery engineering class 4.


I was my sophomore year of high school. I placed third in the state on a Latin Derivatives exam.
I'm pretty sure I was in the paper when I was in an MVA the day before my 18th birthday. I was ejected from the car.
My birth announcement.
That's all I can think of.


My ex wife and I, along with our twins was featured in a medical cannabis article. In addition we were interviewed several time by various tv station for the same reason.


Lots of times local, national and international. I specialize in sexuality and aging and there aren’t many of us in the field. It lost its novelty when I realized how much time interviews took away from paid work.

UUNJ Level 8 Aug 21, 2018

I was written about while I was at the World trade Center Clean-up. Front page and they got my name right, a first. Made it several times when i was chairman of the chamber of commerce! It really only matters to Mom and Dad and maybe a few of your friends.

BillF Level 7 Aug 21, 2018

No that I know... but I was the lone witness of an incident outside a San Juan Disco Club. An argument between a female reporter and a former Governor of Puerto Rico that was that night with his mistress in the club. Because I was under the effect of mescaline or LSD, I deposited not much stock in the memory but did told a couple friends next day. 2 days later was in the newspapers and the TV news. I will never forget because I almost got hit by his limmo when his bodyguards wisked him out of the situation. The governor's phrase most remembered on my mind "you can take a picture of me kissing the american flag while you kiss my ass". Was exactly quoted in the story. CIRCA 1978. No youtube, no selfie, no video, just that deluded, vivid memory for me to take to the grave. And all my friends cared about was the mistress... a beautiful and famous PR singer and their Secret was Safe with me.


yeah but thankfully all the leads led nowhere


I was in a local Omaha television segment about coworking a few years ago.

Ohub Level 7 Aug 21, 2018

I was "Little Miss (insert small town name here)" when I was 5. I made the front page, photo and all!


I was also mentioned long ago in the afternoon newspaper (long defunct) for winning the city racquetball championship and featured in a high school football spread.


You are so freaking awesome!!! A picture of me was in the local paper when I was in the 3rd grade. The got my name wrong


Thank you. I appreciate your kind words. I take myself for granted. Public service is my lifelong goal.


In them and wrote them, My first was when I was 11 as part of a safety program, the last time was an editorial piece about the folly of RR's Star Wars program.


College newspaper. I still have a copy somewhere.
Having spent years in photography, one day was approached by an aspiring journalist who wanted to tag along to do a spot on my job, which at the time was school bus driver.
When invited to look at the pictures couldn't help notice out of all the film the guy took, the amount of which in itself was a surprise, had devoted an entire roll to my feet at various angles. ?
When the article came out, being that I was still religious at the time & had promised my supervisors I'd bring a copy of the piece back to them, was pissed off the writer infused some satanic humor at the end. Of course now it's hysterical to me, but it wasn't then.
The lesson in all that was you never know what's going to be said until the thing is in print. No one offered to share that with me prior!

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