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Weirdest food

What is the strangest thing you have eaten in your life. I am a foodie and will try almost anything. I have had rattlesnake. I like chicken feet, and head cheese.

By Teterbilt6
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I was gonna say my favorite, pineapple and onion pizza.

Reading the responses… y’all are gross. Lol.

BeccaVa Level 7 Aug 21, 2018

I was served tongue once. Not really prepared or anything, maybe boiled, but a whole tongue sitting right there on the plate. I took a bite and it was just like chewing your own tongue. The experiment ended right there.

Byrdsfan Level 8 Aug 22, 2018

Tongue tacos (lengua) rock!


I don't eat much meat at all but for 20 years I was a strict vegetarian. I heard dandelions were healthy to eat. Since I did not use pesticides in my yard, I pulled all the dandelions in my yard and with a food processor, some tofu, garlic, breadcrumbs and seasonings made dandelion burgers. They were actually pretty tasty.


Tarantula tacos.-Mexico City


Squid chips and fish cheese. BTW...if you're ever in Japan or Okinawa, don't get anything out of a vending machine. smile001.gif

jondspen Level 7 Aug 22, 2018

squid is awesome ....had squid kebab in Portugal....


Frogs legs is the weirdest thing I was willing to have eaten. They kind of taste like salty chicken.

Frog legs are the bomb. Real frog legs can't be beat...and seeing them jump in the frying pan is kewl. BTW...I'm from frog legs, squirrel, deer, and anything else running through the back yard or in the pond is open game!

@jondspen Yeah, I actually like them. I don't care much for watching them in the frying pan though lol

I've had deer before, but not squirrel.


The tripe wasn't bad until my mother told me what it was.

godef Level 7 Aug 21, 2018

Under pressure to taste it, I took a tiny bite of Lutefisk at a Norwegian festival in Seattle.

Promptly spit it out. Hearty laughter.

HAH! I was in a similar situation at a "bring something which represents your ethnicity" pot luck. That stuff was HORRIBLE! I pretended a coughing attack and quietly left!


Snails, some kind of worm and lamb and bull fries, oh and brains.

LouisD61 Level 7 Aug 21, 2018


My daughter ate that in Thailand. I asked how can you pick it up?

@Beowulfsfriend It cooks up with a nice texture once you've gotten most of the water out of it.


fermented shark and don't try it unless you want a memory that makes you throw up a little each time you remember the flavour

weeman Level 7 Aug 21, 2018

@MattTeter yes i strongly advise against it i didnt even manage to swallow 1 mouthful

Is that the same "pissed-on shark" from the Kit Harrington anecdote?

@KKGator don't know had to look up who he was but yes pissed on then left to rot seems about right taste wise warm fermented piss tho

@weeman Pass.

@KKGator good plan wish i had smile049.gif


Uni-sea urchin gonads. Taste like licking the inside of a very dirty fish tank


Dried mopane worm - with some spices I believe.

Decieven Level 7 Aug 22, 2018

Sorry. I haven't eaten them. Just know they exist. actually a shortage of red tarantulas so the government is regulating their use. Imagine that?


Kangaroo sausages.

Zealandia Level 6 Aug 22, 2018

Having a hard time thinking of anything I've ever eaten that I consider strange. Many people would think boiled okra is strange. My bf shook his head night when I had rice crackers with strawberry jelly, hot sauce, and soy sauce. BTW they're not that great. ?

MollyBell Level 7 Aug 22, 2018

Toes and dick

jonothan Level 2 Aug 22, 2018

Calf brains......YUK!
Turkey testicles......OK

Sticks48 Level 9 Aug 22, 2018

I haven't had it, the closest restaurant serving it that I knew of closed. But I still think I might, if I run across it: guinea pig.


Spleen sandwiches ... sounds better In Italian, I’ve gone vegan so perhaps now it’s faux duck in a can or noochsmile001.gif


Nothing really that weird. I'm a vegetarian now, but when I was growing up I ate cow brains (definitely not recommended now), cow tongue, frogs legs, the usual stuff.

mcgeo52 Level 8 Aug 22, 2018

Pigeon & lava bread - the bread was actually gravy
Dogfish - will never throw them away again!
Habanero cheese fritters - the place now offers a Carolina reaper version (no thanks)


Shrimp heads and chicken feet

You're eating all the wrong parts! smile001.gif

@Donotbelieve I didn’t say I didn’t eat the other parts.

@MissKathleen My mistake.
I should have said, "You're eating ALL the parts".

@Donotbelieve No worries...I was answering the question as simply as possible...context may have been lost by the time you read my answer.

@MissKathleen I understood. I am only kidding.
I wish I was less picky and more open to trying new foods. I'm a pain in the ass to try and cook for.

@Donotbelieve House Rules: You don’t have to eat anything you don’t like, but you do have to TASTE new food to find out IF you like it...if you don’t like it, go make a PB&J sammich.

@MissKathleen That's how we do it, as well.
I still ended up with some seriously picky eaters.
I guess it's partially genetic?

@Donotbelieve My son ate everything, his favorite food was broccoli until he was twelve years old. My daughter would only eat what I called “Purina Kid Chow”, Spaghetti-o’s, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, cereal, Pop Tarts, crappy packaged food...and a lot of vitamins. He turned out sane, she’s a lunatic. Don’t feed your family packaged food; serve only organic whole foods.

My dad ate pork feet, ugh. I have eaten chicken hearts and rice.

@Beowulfsfriend I have unwillingly eaten some weird things, but I was a child.
(My father is a hunter/trapper, survivalist.)

shrimp heads is where all the flavor is!


Sqirrel brains
Snapping turtle
Homemade Souse
Homemade Scrapple
Poke sallet

@MattTeter i don't think of snails as weird. In my mind they're are more of a delicacy.

Scrapple - good old Pennsylvania Dutch food.


Definitely jellyfish!

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