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Are shorter people respected the same as taller people

I am 5 foot 7, and am more than happy with this. However, I remember joining a dating website a few years back, and the amount of women who specified they were looking for a man with a minimum height of 5'10 or 5'11 or whatever was incredible. I must have checked 30 profiles, only 1 had no preference for height, and 1 more had 5'6 or above. All the rest had specified they were looking for someone taller than myself.

On a larger scale, when it comes to things like job opportunities, promotions etc, does society favour the taller person? Also do women have a similar issue?

RobH86 7 Jan 17

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Men have historically been judged on height.

Women have historically been judged on weight.

glad to see someone is backing up their claims with real evidence. thanks

No hope for short men then. Women can just ease into higher esteem as they age and gain mass?.

@Treasurehunter society tells us that the average size is considered fat.

@EllenDale People too influenced by Hollywood and skinny models. Take heart, there are a lot of men who like curves on a woman. MeToo

@Treasurehunter Breasts are just deposits of fat, so men who want thin women lose out on natural boobs.


Yeah, i deal with short jokes all the time. I don't think i've ever been passed over on a promotion due to it, but who knows.

I keep a step ladder at the house and a milk crate in the car. It helps even the odds πŸ˜‰

I too am about 5'7".

Honestly, compared to all the hatred, bigotry, sexism, and homophobia in the world, i can deal with a couple short jokes and tall folks looking down on me. Comparatively, my issues are small poatoes. Pun intended.


I’ve read reports about men’s heights and the taller they are the more income/respect they receive.

I’m also the short one in my family at 5’8”
I’ve tried dating shorter than me by a few inches and I don’t like a man eye level at my breasts every time we stand next to each other or hug. I’m sure he loved it!

My wife and I have been married for over 35 years. She was about 3" taller than me when we met (I was 5'4" then), and I have lost about an inch in the last few years (I don't think my wife has, but it doesn't really matter). Both of our children are taller than me.

In my parents' family, however, I was (and am) tied with my brother as the tallest. I'm also the oldest of my siblings.

My point is that although comparative height is a genuine factor in social relationships, it can be overcome when a disadvantage and defeated when it is an advantage. History does show that extraordinary short people can become great achievers, but 'ordinary' tall people can be very successful with far less effort or resources.

I know there was a point I was tying to make when I started this reply, but I have lost my trains of thought ...


I think it’s a matter of preference in so far as comfort factor, or if in the procreating stage, I’ve heard tall men are preferred. I’ve always been attracted to tall men, but then again I’m 4’ 11” so most guys are taller. πŸ˜‰


no they are all beneath me. lmao j/k i am 6ft 2. . i have seen many profiles on line dating sites where women specifically ask for tall men. and the same ones will bash me for any preferences i may have. i have no idea on your second part.


I have read over the years that taller is better for promotions, for getting the job, and for dating success. As for me, I have come to realize that I want continent, breathing, intelligent, tolerant, and sense of humor. Height is not a good measure of what kind of person one is.

Yes, I've seen men looking for tall slim gals. Well, be happy with that stick, I have curves and got built way too close to the sidewalk. The tall gene skipped me. My grandmother (born in 1905) was 5 foot 11 inches.


My last bf was 5'6"--1" taller than me. I never cared and never thought about it much.

I could tell he thought about it more than I did because he frequently told stories about how he coped, growing up, with always being the smallest boy (hint: fights). I didn't get the impression that it impacted him much in his adult life, other than having had a big influence on his childhood and being part of his psychological make-up.

My LT bfs have all been slightly shorter than average and a least a little soft around the middle. It just worked out that way. Appearance was not what attracted me.

Women screening for height seems ludicrous to me. Like men screening for cup size. Whatever. Let the shallow advertise themselves so they're easier to avoid, I say. Sucks, man. Sorry.

Twenty comments and no one said it yet??? Good grief! ALL MEN ARE THE SAME HEIGHT LYING DOWN!

Some rise above the rest?

@Treasurehunter Definitely!
All I need is 9".

@stinkeye_a You don't ask for a lot?

@Treasurehunter I'm a joker, not a size-queen! πŸ˜‰

@stinkeye_a Pheww!! Thank goodness. Next would be you asking for proof and I would have to direct you to my videos on XXXHubb πŸ˜‰


I believe everybody deserves respect regardless of height, weight, gender, political beliefs, or religious beliefs. Respect is easily lost by action or inaction and difficult to regain.

Gohan Level 7 Jan 18, 2018

It sure helps to be tall to play basket ball.


just in dating or in the police force i ththink

I'm 5`6" and happy with it. I don't bang my head much either.

@LeighShelton taller than me!

your all the same height laying down and our minds could be level.


While there are certain assumptions made of taller folks (and using the orange one as an example - look how wrong you would be !!) there's more to it than that.

I think that actually getting respect has less to do with stature, and far more to do with how one carries oneself, along with the degree of self confidence, attitude, and the ability to follow through with reliable action. Think Napoleon !


just responding, we all have issues, keep on truucking


In many cultures, yes. Lots of studies have been done on this. Sorry that I'm not actually being helpful by linking any of them.


Napoleon got all the respect in his world got booted to an island.


Yeah . People still have this dilemma about the body height rather than the nature of the person. Especially in relationships and dates.


I've had the same experience. I'm also about 5'7". This is a great question. I'd really like to know why women's preference is for taller men. I guess in some sense, size does matter.

I can imagine there are very good evolutionary reasons for it as well


There's a belief that shorter men are often more driven. The entertainment industry a good example with plenty of shorter guys making it big time & gaining respect.


Women wear heels, they look better when their partner is taller than them. Case in point used to have a girlfriend in Germany a few inches taller than me. We were together for 2 years. But I didn't wanted to live in Germany. I pondered since I got divorce will my ego getting the best of me and I will end up married to this woman because of her height? Just to show off? Wrong reason to marry someone but it does happen. With heels she could be 6'6". My ego did not made me be an asshole thinking "I got what it takes to satisfy this woman". Life taught me earlier on that sometimes tall people live miserable lives, misunderstood, hard to find suitable partners, expected to do great in sports, or to have awesome leadership skills because society likes a tall leader and after a certain height you are just goofy looking. Noticed how tall women at times try to shorten themselves in pictures. I like to observe people, the physical language of the body. And yes Our society look up to the tall. In Navy bootcamp. We lined up by height in our line from tall to short. Women may think if nothing else at least he may have the "right size of tool". I have to bring it up sooner or later right? We as a couple and her girlfriends height 6'3" to 6'1" spend a christmas in Miami, FL. I am Nobody but guys in the hotel thought I was a Big Shot from somewhere. To fuck with them I told them "They are all Spetsnaz bodyguards". Beauty, Height could be intimidating, it is an acquired and society taught fear. Added a photo and let you guys decide about perceptions. I am 5'11" if you wonder. And my wife was a basketball groupie when we met. I am the shortest and worst basketball player she might had ever dated. But I took the prize and I hate to admit my biggest fear was her mother is pretty, pretty short. But my son ended being 6'4" to my relief and never worried if my daughters were going to be tall or not... just my son. Is a man thing I reckon.


Cats are usually pretty short. Grumpy cat seems to be doing pretty well. Height doesn't matter that much. Though I am also 5ft,7 like yourself a little taller than the average woman (5ft,4) in Australia but the average man is 5ft, 10 apparently. My bf is 5ft,8... It depends on the woman or man. Some prefer a bigger than them, but that's more social/take care of me than anything else. Mighty Mouse is pretty short but he's fit, rich and his wife is taller than him. Robert downey Jr (Iron Man) is 5ft, 6. Personality and appearance counts but appearance is specific and personality matters. Mostly personality is cross referenced with skill, no body gives a shit if you're nice/supportive but you do nothing, don't contribute to a company. Then again nobody wants a downer, asshole etc if they don't have anything to back it up.
Like attractive women aren't douches and being unattractive doesn't make you likeable. That's a stereotype, a model is up at 4am a blogger at 10 or whenever for work.


I have a friend of sorts who is 6ft 6, she will not date guys under 6ft 2 so I just scraped in but she does pick on me for being short. Another friend is 5ft 2 and will not date guys under 6ft, and a younger friend is 4ft 10 her boyfriend is 6ft 7. You do see relationships that work well with the guy shorter. This will get me into trouble I know, but I blame women. They always seek guys richer, taller, more powerful than themselves. (over generalized I know, but in general)

I had seen, a lot of short women looking for taller men. My take on it... She want to show the world she can handle something "big". Just like the man that shows the world he has enough to satisfy a tall woman "big" pocket. Ego and vanity is rampage on 21st century mankind. Despite the reality that not every tall man is proportionate to his height or every tall woman comes with a large cavity. Thus the need for the more scientific method of size of the shoe. I am a size 12 EE. IS A JOKE!!!! I am just a 12D.


Shorter people have to work harder for respect, relationships, jobs and dunking a basketball. An obvious flaw in our society. Basketball nets should be lower. Of course I'm 6'2", so I don't care, I'm just pointing out the obvious.


I have found in my career that it is skill that counts most, as far as dating is concerned, I have no idea, I haven't had a boyfriend in 16 years and haven't been on a date in 10.


5 ft 8 inch women. Yes I look for someone taller but not that much taller? I think it's all relative to your own height? My brother is 5 ft 7 inches and has a very good job. I don't think height was ever an impediment. But we grew up with a Mom who was 5 ft 1 in and we listened to her. And my Dad was 5 ft 11 in - so we were well prepared for reality. I have to admit I enjoy having someone I have to at least tilt my head up to look at? And I'm baffled by all the tall guys short gals couples. My nephew is 6 ft and his girlfriend is about 5 ft. Sigh. It's a weird world!

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