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QUESTION App creates ‘legally binding contracts’ for one night stands to prove sex is consensual | Metro News

Dating and sexual consent in 2018? There’s an app for that.

What are your thoughts?

IndySent 7 Jan 17

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I can't think of a more romantic way to start...

Use 'I'm Poor!' as a line.

Accidentally, flagged you. I hope it doesn't create any problems.

@MikeJ haha. Butttons are too close together πŸ™‚ If nobody hears from me in a few days, we can blame it on you. Unfortunately, there don't yet seem to be any ladies who will be missing me.


I refer back to an earlier comment.
The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers.
Lawyers have made our society insane.

@NerdyOkieDude I'm talking about the ones who have corrupted the system. Not the ones who actually help people and defend the Constitution.

@NerdyOkieDude there is no way to put a footnote in the replies

@FortyTwo And that was exactly my point. There have been those who championed the rights of the People. Defended the defenseless. Fought against those who believed they were untouchable and could get away with whatever they pleased. Then there are those who have corrupted the entire legal system to the shitshow we often have to deal with now.


Can you imagine being drunk at the bar..
"Hey baby, wanna consent?"

No. I'm too shy to ask anyone something like that


@DobbinPitch just show her the app and say "push here"..


At first blush, it sounds ridiculous, but after a moment of thought, it might be nice to have something that says that everyone was on the same page when they into bed with each other. Sex is scary enough without the thought that if the date goes badly or the sex sucked, someone can have you ttossed in jail out of simple revenge. Now, all that being said, my response is very basic and the topic of sex, consent, and legal accusations is certainly one for in depth conversation


I… think I made the right choice when I removed myself from the dating pool.


Maybe the event should be videoed as well to provide evidence that it was indeed consensual throughout. Copyrights agreed should they want to go public. Almost bombproof evidence to dis/prove allegations?


If this can prevent even one rape or assault, it's a good thing.

But, seriously, what a mood killer, especially for those who appreciate and practice the art of seduction.

Getting consent is a mood killer?

Oooookkkkaaayyyyy.... (walks away slowly from @charley43 πŸ˜€ )

I wouldnt see this as preventing rape as much as CYA for someone afraid of being accused of that or whatever they end of listing there

How about receiving consent without an app @TheMiddleWay ? That is possible, have done so before myself.


Verbal consent is untraceable.... she could say "yes" the night of but then claim she said "no" the next night or 40 years later.

Like Btroje said, this isn't about preventing rape but protecting yourself from faulty memories or future regrets turning into unfounded allegations

Sorry, standing by my position on this one. The essential function of this app is to expose distrust among the people involved. "I don't trust that you won't rape or assault me". "I don't trust that you won't falsely accuse me." If suspicion runs that strong, maybe they shouldn't be intimate in the first place.

Maybe others have different values on the matter, but for me, sex is about CONSENSUAL openness and CONSENSUAL sharing, and all the beautiful vulnerabilities that come with that. In other words, mood killer!


Men need something to protect them. (And maybe I should have said people, but almost no women are ever even arrested for, let alone prosecuted & convicted of, rape, including people we know were rapists.). Can't imagine this is actually legally binding because the woman can say she was forced to consent on the app, but with crazy people like Joyce M Short running around trying to turn everything into prosecutable rape, something needs to be done.

Women do get prosecuted for indecent assault as (in some countries) the law does not see a woman as capable of rape. US citizens can correct me but I read women in US are being convicted of having sex with minors whether that makes it statutory rape (as a minor cannot consent not having the legal capability to do so) I am not really clear on.

@Treasurehunter Yes, it happens, and while I obviously can't prove it, there is a huge difference in the way male teachers with female students and female teachers with male students are seen, investigated, and prosecuted. After prosecution, it seems like conviction and sentencing are somewhat on par according to a few things I've read.


Wow!! That really, really, (I am speechless and that so rarely happens.) When I think of the progresses in life as we knew it when I started dating.... I never would have imagined this way way back when and OMG I sound like a dinosaur. I am a dinosaur. Makes me wonder if I will ever invite someone into my bedroom again.


wow. have we reduced ourselves to this? can i get a contract on the std;s that may occur doing this as well. how about i get a deposit, in case i need medication after the fact? babe you got a pen, i need you to sign these before i can seduce you.


It's an interesting idea, but it doesn't seem foolproof. Forced consent is still rape. What is to stop a rapist tapping "consent" on the victim's phone? Can consent be given while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs? I guess it's a start, but I also think there must be a better way.

good points


I think I’d rather do it the old way. Take a woman out to dinner, get to know her and seduce her when the time’s right.


I like this. I've gotten in the habit of doing a voice recording where we both consent on tape (cellphone) so there is no mix ups the next night (or 40 years later) but I like the idea of having an app to cover all bases.

Wow I have never recorded on tape to a woman before having sex to say it was consensual or not,I was too busy undressing,lol


If you are undressing before consent, that could be construed as sexual harassment. Check out Louis CK's story; he did the same thing. 😟


@AMGT I was too slow.


In my opinion sex should always be consensual that way it is more exciting and guilt free.
No one should ever be raped and the penalty for rape should be increased with a hefty fine and jail sentence.I have been thinking how from the first replicating molecules 4 billion years ago,how did the DNA and genes get the host body to like sex,which of cause is most enjoyable,as genes are only a binary code that is transferred to ribosomes to produce proteins to make our body.Genes don't have a brain but they are the only things that survive,from descendant to descendant.Do biologists or microbiologists have the answer as I clearly don't.

Pretty sure it's just like any other random genetic mutation. A mutation occurred that made the amoeba super frisky. Other frisky amoebae got it on with that one and created even more frisky amoebae. The prude amoebas didn't bump uglies as much, so their less frisky DNA didn't get passed on as much.


Nice have they been sending email illegally also?


What happens if someone changes their mind? Say we start getting dirty and he turns mean and creapy and I want out? Would this give him consent do WTFever after I agree?
I would definately not agree to this.

MsAl Level 7 Jan 25, 2018

You used to be able to trade goats for this sort of thing...


If you don't trust someone not to

  1. rape you
  2. falsely accuse you of rape don't trust them enough to be alone with them in an Applebee's booth.

Start small, people. And maybe don't shag someone until you've, like, gotten to know them a little. I dunno. Does that sound too old-fashioned?


I'm lost and can't date anymore


Iam glad I was young in a simpler time

Don't we? I still don't like the phone call to ask what am I doing? I will answer "I was doing until you interrupted me with your call".


In the immortal words of Leslie Nielson, "Wait a minute, if STDs are free, who pays for them?"

jeffy Level 7 Jan 17, 2018

Sounds like a recent episode of "Curb Your Enthusiasm". Larry David wanted his girlfriend to sign a form where she could not talk to anyone about their sexlife.


Well what's wrong? Consent is most important.

Hi Srijith,I must thank you for all the likes you give me on my posts.


This makes me think about numerous rap songs that discuss giving consent via video recordings. Rappers understood the world better than Jesus ever did. Snoop Dogg is a more accurate observer of the human condition than most homo sapiens.

MikeJ Level 4 Jan 17, 2018
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