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If you could become a musical virtuoso, what instrument would you play?

Imagine you gained the remarkable ability to play an instrument like a virtuoso. What instrument would it you hope to play?

I'm fond of the oriental flutes or a harp. But, I could do a lot if I were amazing at the electric guitar! I think I'll go with the flute though. Yes, maybe, yes ; )

silvereyes 8 Jan 17

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Banjo or guitar Have a friend in South Carolina makes up funny video. He kind of inspires me that way. I would love to have a skill to put some of the poems, I have written to music.


Violin. It's easily one of my favorite instruments to listen to, and I was always fond of violin cover songs or having it mixed in to rock/metal.

I wanna be this guy πŸ™‚

@silvereyes Nope, just a really talented guy doing a violin cover of the second games opening πŸ™‚ That series has plenty of fantastic music, and some really good violin themes.


I used to play the violin

Why did you stop ???? That is such a wonderful talent...

I played in a Orchestra for a little while, too much traveling. I had a husband at the time and I missed him terribly. Then I got busy raising other people's
kids that needed a home. I'm getting back into it slowly.


Theremin, so I could play the Star Trek theme. Nah, scratch that… harmonica, because I can take it anywhere.

Winner. Two times.


Piano or guitar or both.

I think about my 3 wishes if I were to stumble across a genie lamp. One would be able to strum out any song I ever heard on an acoustic guitar! So envious of these people with natural musical abilities! I can barely clap in rhythm!
My mom put us girls through piano classes for years with her aunt. She never could figure out why we never learned a thing. I'll tell ya why! Aunt Verna was a pill-popper and the second my ma was out the door, she suck down a few "aspirin" and then slump over babbling incoherently for the next hour! Ha! Another favorite childhood memory!


Piano! I know how to play a little but to be a virtuoso, wow. That would be amazing!


Bass guitar.

I already play, but not at the level you've described. The bass has a cool range of sounds, from funky. to Jazz, to smooth blues.


Piano, so much you can do with it.


bass guitar or tenor sax


I played a rosewood flute in my twenties. I prefer the guitar though. There are amazing things you can do on a guitar. Just listen to James Taylor.


It would definitely be guitar because it’s so hard for me to play. I just love the sound of it. I found the trumpet and piano much easier to play.

balou Level 8 Jan 17, 2018

Piano. I have been trying to learn blues piano. It’s a very long road....


Yes same here, I love the harp.. I also like the mandolin & harpsichord. Flutes are nice too, specially the American Indian flute songs.

The harp is an amazing instrument but rather expensive (to insure) as they tend to explode over time. We had a guest harpist play with our orchestra years ago and she was amazing. The most memorable (as in make everyone in the room silent) instrument I can recall is the English Horn in the hands of a master.




Although I play several instruments, I would choose three that I do not play......the exquisitely expressive violin, the darker, moody cello, and the magical ring of the hammered dulcimer. I choose these with no consideration of monetary gain, only the sound of the instruments and my emotional response to them when played very well.....

jasen Level 7 Jan 17, 2018

Decades ago, I started to 'learn' how to play ruined the music I liked to play. I quickly forgot all about it and went back to the 'what's this?' version of music...a virtuoso of noise, if you will...the best compliment I ever received was that I play bass as if Lemmy Kilmister met GG Allin in a back alley and both were arrested for lewd behavior. I loved that one.


Viola, was in The Houston Youth Symphony when I was young. 1st Chair for 2 years ! Gave it up because the Navy had no use for a Viola Player...


The piano and the harp.


The guitar...

Watch "Maybe PRINCE HIS GREATEST GUITAR SOLO starts at 2.30" on YouTube


The violin, with my next choice being the piano.


Guitar. I am a poet, so that would be a different way to present my art


Saxophone. I've about 4 or 5 yr of instruction, but haven't seemed to master the instrument.


the tenner sexophone sorry saxophone


I really like all of them, but i think maybe drums ????
Good topic !!!!!


Wow, so many for violin. Guys, it sucks. Take it from me. It's one of the hardest to play (I mean physically difficult), sounds miserable when you start, difficult to master, expensive, temperamental... You have to LOVE it. Or don't bother. They're kind of a drag to carry too.

I'd pick something smaller and lighter like clarinet. Klezmer is bananas! Can't pick up and carry around a piano. Guitars are highly versatile but a drag to carry.

I've played all the ones I've mentioned. I want something I can slip in a backpack.

Hey, I've heard some pretty amazing ukeleles...

My wife played a flute in high school. Wanted to play cello, but they only had a VW. Now plays the tin whistle in our celtic band. Highly transportable. I mostly play electric bass, and with amp. a lot to pack. Have done some mandolin, probably the smallest for me.

I played uke and tin whistle for about a minute each, @Buddha and @Or-Humanist. I'd still be playing whistle if the mouthpiece hadn't broken. I love that sound! 😟 I have a huge D whistle that I can't play because my fingers are too small. The uke I gave to some dipshit I dated for about a minute several years ago.

...not a clarinet.. That had been my β€˜parent’s choice’ for me - then stuck next to the two girls (doing their best to) play violins on our grade school stage. Between my reed-splitting shrill notes (I think they’re plastic now) ..and their screetchy whinny πŸ˜‰

And so many songs you can play with 3 or 4 choreds. I bought one, but don't put enough time into it.
Try "Don't worry, be happy"
Great use song... lol



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