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What's Sacred to You?

What value or philosophy do you hold in highest regard?
What solemn principle would you never betray?

skado 8 Jan 18

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The term sacred is rooted in religion, therefore it's not applicable to me. Definition:

"The word "sacred" descends from the Latin wikt,sacer, that is consecrated, or dedicated to the gods or anything in their power,"

With that said, being true to myself, and living an authentic life are solemn principles that I will never again betray. The value that I hold in highest regard is the Platinum Rule: Treat others the way they want to be treated.

Platinum! I like that!

@VictoriaNotes <3 !!! Just read an article about platinum rule vs golden not long ago.

@Qualia πŸ™‚


Taking extreme responsibility when I fought to get my kids. To be a single parent with the 2 other lives to protect and tend to. Spent many nights on alert sleeping 20 minute intervals when they were infants. Just trying to do the right thing.


Turn signals. Use your turn signals people!

...and don't tailgate!

@skado LMAO tailgating is a dealbreaker for me


Be kind. Be smart and kind... to other and yourself. I say, "we learn to love others by loving ourselves, and we learn to love ourselves by loving others."


The golden rule.


Human life is sacred and should be preserved. Human life does not belong to the state. Life cannot be taken nor can it be granted by the state or another human. I don't believe that such life begins at conception. In the case of a mother and an unborn child, the mother decides which life to preserve. This is a paradox of procreation and the only acceptable exception to the concept that all human life is sacred and the preservation thereof.


Do no harm.




My wife... her well being.


I try to stick to respect for a value. Respect is key to kindness of others and a better and more fluid society.
I like to stay away from words like β€œnever” because it’s just too absolute.


My sanity and alone time for peace. love nature.


I am one with Nature. Everything is connected. The supernatural is an illusion.


Life terrifies me... almost as much as death. Needless to say I can find paradox pretty frightening.


The truth. We've had a lot of discussion about what truth is on this site but I'm still old-school and believe truth is what is provably not false. I think we should stand for what is true, not someone's belief but what is provable by evidence. Since the terms alternative facts and alternative truth have become popular, it seems truth is a joke. No it's either true or it's false. The truth is the value I try to not betray.

gearl Level 7 Jan 18, 2018

My mental sovereignty. Nobody tells me what to think.


Believing that people are inherently "good", and that any philosophy that teaches otherwise, is "evil". That manipulation through fear and guilt, is evil. That religion is the most evil invention of mankind.


Treat others the way you want to be treated.
Go with the flow
One day at a time.


My life and my individuality. Being myself and love the uniqueness that makes me The person i am


Babies, well all life. First do no harm.


Life is sacred. The man is his and his circumstances... You ask me what will I do for the Independence of Puerto Rico and I don't know what to tell you... what maybe I won't do and yet.... being a terrorist for that wish of mine is no longer an option. I had learned lessons and boundaries that are very real and that I will never cross or break despite that I believe every man has his price... sometimes we just never willing to accept that payment. Like many other parents I will do anything for my children including betray myself. Same could be for the right woman but never to the expense of my children.

@jwdiaz like i said before... I am not afraid of dying. Maybe you didn't noticed that puerto rico is half dead right now despite being an american colony. Only an ignorant will think that usa is needed for puerto rico to survive and i recognize there are many ignorants in this world... Ignorance is like any other epidemy, it can be spread and sadly, there is no cure.

@JWDiaz We don't want the Ignorant american to do Anything for Puerto Rico. We want america to set us free. I said FREE!!!!

@JWDiaz Exactly Free as any other ShitHole country of the world and now that you proved to us that you come from Norway and was the one hispanic that voted for trump. Goodbye.

@JWDiaz I was afraid of that. You must be proud now with the shutdown tomorrow.


It seems to me that life is the prime or first value from which all values ( 'good' or 'bad' ) stem. Those who are willing to kill others for some religious or political ideology consider their beliefs to be more important than life.



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