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Have you ever been the athletic type or super good at sports?

I’ve never been good at sports. I never even played them in High School, but I do go to the gym and workout daily during the week, though because I do see it as necessary to stay healthy.

EmeraldJewel 7 Aug 23

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I have been athletic my entire life.

In my 30s, I swam 1/2 mile in under eight minutes. That's without flip turns. Competitive speed.

In 2017, I set a personal record by hiking 327 miles with over 62,200 feet of elevation gain. I love hiking, running, snowshoeing, weightlifting and stretching.

Over the years I have enjoyed:

1 hiking and snowshoeing
2. backpacking
3. downhill and cross-country skiing
4. swimming laps
5. running
6. weight lifting
7. Yoga
8. Tai Chi
9. Rowing and kayaking

What kind of number is 62,2000?

hiking 327 miles in altitude is pretty f'n badass! i'm betting you meant that you were over 62yrs old and with 2,000 feet of altitude gain πŸ™‚... still f'n badass!!


Thanks! I fixed it. Dancing fingers last night: 62,2000000000000000....

@Piratefish, @SeeCanU

I will be 65 on Labor Day.

"Take the day off." I joke. "My birthday is a national holiday."

Badass? With high energy and enthusiasm, I feel 12 years old. (Cue the "Tigger Song." )

@LiterateHiker awesome! well you keep it up!


No. With vision as poor as mine is, sports were never really in the cards. I tried a few different sports up through 8th grade and then finally figured out it wasn't for me.


I'm not good at sports but I like hiking, cycling, and I'm going to learn about kayaking one of these days. So, good enough.


Nope. High school PE was closer to the movie Carrie for me.

Carin Level 8 Aug 23, 2018

Yes, I've played ⚽️ all my life and I still play weekly, people may find it wierd but it's like a stress reliever for me, plus it keeps me in shape.

Soccer is pretty damn fun lol.


i always shouldacouldawoulda'd... asthma.. but always been pretty fit... until i took paxil. up over 240lbs. now back down to 150'ish. i still can swim pretty well!


Being athletic and playing sports are both overrated and over-valued in our society. Intelligence and education are more important and practical after high school in the modern era.

I was a four sport letterman in high school and later worked a stint as a sportswriter. Over time I came to the same conclusion. It’s sorta like losing your religion. Your social groups and identity can be easily tied to playing ball but in the end my body is worn and I have nothing but plastic trophies that collect dust. My love for watching sports has followed the same decline into almost nothing. What has been difficult is finding something now that I’m as passionate or half way good at as sports.


Don't get me wrong, I enjoy playing some sports as well as watching them from time to time. I even lettered in two sports in high school myself. However, there is a distinction between being athletic and playing sports, and being fit and healthy. The latter are far more important, as they benefit all, and are necessary for the former. After all, one needs a sound body to truly have a sound mind.


Played basketball in high school. Did Kempo karate. In h service wrestled a lot just for fun. Now I am an Olympic class computer mouse controller.


I’ve been athletic my whole life. Basketball, track&field in high school. Now I do strength training, body pump and swim daily.


Nope. Not in school, anyway. I was the skinny, uncoordinated kid with bifocals. I also had zero stamina thanks to all the indoor second-hand smoke at home. I got winded far too easily. It was yet another reason why everyone in HS thought I was anorexic. Strangely enough, though, I was very strong for my size, and still am. So now I do things that don't require a lot of coordination or grace, like weightlifting.


I joined a track club when I was 10. By the time I reached middle school, I could run faster than anyone at school. Although my hand-eye coordination wasn’t great, I lettered in four sports (volleyball, basketball, softball and track.) In high school I focused on cross country and track. Made it to State Championships three years in a row. Only ran a few 10Ks after high school, plus fun runs. Fell in love with trail running in Colorado high country. Also Mtn biking and skiing - downhill and cross country. Haven’t done much team sports as an adult. Fully pedestrian these days.


I was raised with 5 boys and learned and played just about every sport. Not to mention jumping trash cans on bikes we put together by garbage picking the parts lol. As a single mom when my boys were growing up I taught my sons how to pitch, catch and steal bases. Btw, do you know how scary it is squatting down with a catchers mitt on and telling your 6'4" 225lb teenager to throw a fast ball at you! Lol.


When I was in school I played tennis and swam. I was awesome at swimming. I did freestyle and backstroke. Some butterfly. So so at tennis. Good enough to make the team anyway.


I was never good at sports, especially things like softball or golf because my depth perception is iffy for those things. But I was a great swimmer, and became a lover of hiking and outdoors activities. I've done aerobics (Jazzercise) for almost 25 years, which has helped with balance and coordination.


I'm more athletic as an adult than I was as a teenager. I'm a very good swimmer, very good bowler. I'd probably be a decent baseball player, but never played HS sports.


Loved sports throughout school, football was my game, wrestling and I dabbled in unfocused jackassery


I am lucky enough to be a natural at a lot of sports, despite only being average size. Generally being tall helps a lot with sports. I have two older brothers and played with their groups of friends a lot growing up. Maybe that gave me an advantage over the typical girls I competed with.


I won a powerlifting championship in High School. Also pole vaulted, but was just average at it.


I have done it all, my best story perhaps, is my early college days. I used to run every day up and down the stadium stairs all around the building. My legs got so big and strong that all that work paid off like a charm when I started playing indoors soccer. It's a fast sport where strength combined with a quick mind makes it really fun. I was famous in that league in college, I was the unstoppable monster with the big legs..... at my age now, its all in the books. My legs are not what they used to be but definitely you can tell something good was going on once. I still try to jog as much as I can but I wouldn't even try indoors soccer today.


Team sports and I never got along. The words "play ball" strike fear into my heart. I play golf on occasion; I like to swim; and I walk about 5 miles a day; but that hardly qualifies as athletic.


I was never better than average in school sports, but I enjoyed softball, basketball, volleyball, skiing, and cross country running. As adult, I’m an advanced intermediate skier and silver-level ballroom dancer (skill level; I don’t compete). I also enjoy hiking. So I guess that counts as being athletic.

UUNJ Level 8 Aug 24, 2018

Nope! Im way to uncoordinated for sports ?

Me too! One of my special talents is falling UP the stairs!


i wrote an essay a long, long time ago, and i think that essay answers your question, so i will link you to it: []



Excelled at gymnastics, best in weight class for wrestling. Lived and Loved being fit until October of last year, when a disc in my lumbar area herniated. Waited until January to do anything. Four surgeries later, I'm stuck in a wheelchair in a rehab facility. But it's not so bad. I have a private room. I'm surrounded by cranky WWII veterans (WWII has always been a fascinating subject for me. Enjoying the remainder of my time here listening to stories) and cute nurses who haven't had a younger patient... EVER.

And while it's only been half a year, it feels like several years have passed.

Wow! I’ve always wanted to try gymnastics, but was too afraid to get hurt so I just always watched it on TV instead hahaha!


A lifetime year round athlete from 7-20, bouncing from one sport to the next, then tennis in my early 20’s but found rugby at 23 and played it year round for the next 23 years ... I’m still a gym rat but that and golf fills my tank year round these days in my 60’s

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