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I find this news very disturbing. What are your thoughts on racism as it relates, or doesn't, to religious social forces? I tend to view religion as, though not entirely responsible for racism, a powerful force that props it up. That is because, at least in the case of the Christianity that was my cultural reference point growing up, it teaches people to tolerate social injustice as something gawd has allowed or even ordained, such as claims that children of Ham were cursed by gawd and became "the dark races," or apostle Paul's directives to Christian slaves to obey their masters, etc.

MikeInBatonRouge 8 Jan 18

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Racism in America?, religion in america? A racist in america will point to other countries how they handle refugee issues and the problems in that country because of that. Me and my son had arguments because I don't see the benefit of flying a refugee 10,000 miles to a temporary place or to a new opportunity not afforded by the natives but of the two of us arguing... he is the only one that served in Afghanistan. Sometimes nationalism is confused with racism and sometimes is not confused. America suffers of the very same thing that the nation claimed to be... "give me your poor, give me your weak", america never paid back retribution for slavery. Just like many other countries neither did. Paul Mooney, black comedian in his routine put the african slave issue better than anybody else ever could. In a way I always been of the same line of thought that africa was a continent full of slaves already. Tribes will raid other tribes to steal women and to obtain cheap labor... whites exchanged those wonderful new weapons they had for slaves. And africa wrote off the loss slaves as a bad check. "They never came back for us he said, and we waited and waited and nobody showed up to take us back home". Pardon my ignorance on the subject but we still maintain those concentration camps we kindly and christianly assigned the name of Indian Reservations. This is a racist nation maybe in many ways more than any other nation. Because we are fragmented but we look ourselves in the mirror and we refuse to see the cracks so we simply say... "looking good, nothing that a little cream won't fix". We are beginning to look like the Dorian Grey Portrait. And take a foreigner to see the cracks you refuse to see. I grew up in a little place in the caribbean , in a little island were the least american we were the happier we became. In our ignorance and lack of goodies... we found abundance and fortune and I was raised in the capital San Juan and I didn't learn the meaning of the word "nigger" until I joined the Navy at 26 years of age. And I am an American too and I consider my biggest asset to be... not having a god to follow.


Why the fear of spelling god?

It is intended irreverence, because it does not deserve reverence. It is backwoods pronunciation, rather like "Jezuss!" Why do you assume fear?

@MikeInBatonRouge I use god, use jesus, I call the bible bonded toilet paper. Hey but backwoods pronunciation is okay with you is okay with me and there is no fear bro. thanks for explanation. And between us you look like the husband on the movie "3 billboards".

Really? Okay, I haven't seen that movie. I have been told I look like a handful of people. And here I thought I was unique! 😉

@MikeInBatonRouge You are unique bro and is a great movie, winning awards now about the many things that can happen in a small americana town when a woman is the one with the big set of knockers.


I know many 'christians' who are intolerant of other races and other religions who say to me "Oh but I don't mean you - you're different' I don't quite know how this much divisiveness gets into any society, but I think it might stem from fear of 'other'; no matter what we are told or brought up to believe (or not). As a child I was brought up to be acceptant of other & to treat people as equals . On the whole I find that pretty easy.


There isn't anything wrong with power. Humans are drawn to the charismatic. Power becomes a problem when too many morons try to occupy the same soap box.

Yes, power is a tool, a means to an end, neither inherently good nor bad. It is what is done with that power that should concern us. Human nature tends toward unethical uses of power. You know what they say about absolute power corrupting absolutely.

@MikeInBatonRouge I think this is the case because humans, along with all other organisms on Earth, are inherently selfish.


This isn't about religion but about power. (Though, religion has always been about power.)


I think religion is something of a lightning rod for racism and bigotry, but I think it's also easy to be religious and not harbor those sentiments.


I agree with @MsOliver ... the doctor has a right to his view.


@MikeinBatonRouge this white Christian bitch is upset for a doctor taking a knee like football players and trolls him on FB should be made an example ot the extreme Right. Keep fucking religion out of a man's career and livelihood.


This is my thought were prejudices come from. One religion has their ideas about how their rituals are performed. The other religion disagrees because the way they perform the ritual. Then a fist breaks because one is more correct than the other.

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