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To hug or not to hug

Are you a hugger?

Do you feel comfortable giving/receiving hugs from strangers or people you aren't close to?

Why or why not?

Crimson67 8 Aug 26

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I love/need hugs, but not from strangers. Hugs are a trust issue & that has to be built, it is not automatic. But, from those I love, hell, yeah!

Male or female, btw, hugs are definitely not always sexual but comforting.


I am an affectionate man, I came from a family of huggers and I have no issues with being hugged and/or hugging and enjoy it very much. I will always ask a stranger if I could get a hug before proceeding and always respect the answer. It applies to both men and women equally.

I think asking is good and something I’ve learned to do


Friends & family mostly...I am quite naturally affectionate and tactile...

It is important to remember the others mileage may vary..they are not wired that way..which is absolutely fine..never hug someone that you even slightly suspect is not wired to be responsive to a hug. Never invade somebody's personal space by foisting a hug on them...nobody likes awkward...

So apart from friends and family..I reserve hugs for strangers in dire straits who need help and are reaching out.


I love hugs. I will always take the opportunity for one. ☺️


It really depends on the person and how I feel about them. Personally, I like hugs, but not awkward hugs. So it has to be a mutual connection that is hug-worthy. Most strangers, some friends, and even some family members do not fit the bill.


Don't. Just. Don't. I need my space. If it gets to be too much of a point I will laxen my hygiene until professional distance is maintained.


My friends, my family & myself - we are all huggers.


Friends and family only. Any others I tend to get weirded out.


Not to hug. I have a slew of reasons. And then there are a few people that it feels natural so those are "to hug".


A couple of years ago at work, one of my coworkers went to hug me and I flinched only because I didn’t see it coming... Now every time she sees me, she comes over and says, “I know how much you love my hugs!” and gives me a huge hug. She tells everyone that I hate being hugged, even though I say it’s not true... it’s very uncomfortable for me, because people already think I’m standoffish!

My opinion is, If someone is happy enough to see me that they want to hug me, that feels awesome so let’s get it on!

@Crimson67 yes!! Everyone else acknowledges that it’s weird too. ? Just a few months ago we went to a funeral for a former student who unfortunately passed away, and she did it there and was telling other teachers from my school that I hate hugs... like, I’m standing there CRYING, and she’s harassing me!

Perception is greater than the truth. If you want to change this, you need to start hyper-hugging everyone. except me. if you see me, please don't. because i don't like hugs. for real. not a joke. (People think i'm kidding and still hug me. i hate it.)


Other than close personal relationships, I don’t want to touch humans. They’re nasty, disease ridden, and often stink. If I do make contact with one, I usually want to wash it off of my hands.
Close relationships with friends and relatives are acceptable for hugging, but I can’t guarantee that sometimes I won’t go wash my hands in that situation, either. Depends. A niece with chromosomal errors, an aunt that smells like cheese, a cousin that smells like ball sweat, or whatever. There are others, however, that I never want washed off me.


I'm not too much of a hugger because of my nervous system conditions. It's often painful to hug. So I can do it, but I don't seek it out much.


From a stranger? No!

Gees that runs right into full on assault. No thank you.

People I know well - and who have good hygiene? I'm good with that.


Yes...i am good to hug or be hugged


Absolutely! There is no dithering in hugging...🙂


Hugs are very important. Especially for men, imo, as we are often deprived throughout our lives.


If they are complete strangers it may be a little awkward. But I am a hugger


I like to hug, even bro hugs are cool.


I could definitely use one right now.


If I know you then I will hug you if I haven't seen you for a long time. If I'm dating someone or in a relationship then hugs will be random and almost invasive lol


If uncomfortable ask person first before hugging I personally love hugs friends at church hug me all the time x

sunnn Level 4 Aug 27, 2018

I detest the huggers and just stick out my hand.


I love hugs and don't get enough of them, ever. Not saying I'll start hugging strangers (although I have, with extenuating circumstances), but I'm a big fan of human touch. It's so good for us on so many different levels.

You light up my day like you will never know ?

@IamNobody Thank you, that's really nice to hear!

@Nottheonlyone oh boy... Which part? (My brain works in mysterious ways ? ) ..... The part where you will never know? ???

@IamNobody I'm okay with all of it! ?


I’m definitely a hugger! I tend to be very touchy-feely and have a very small personal bubble. I try to respect that other people have a larger personal bubble but sometimes I forget


Never been a hugger but have loosened up over the years and enjoy them when I get them.

However, I rarely initiate them unless I know the person well. As a man I don't trust my own reading of others and I don't care for coming across as creepy and I've seen far to many negative reactions to a man going in for a hug. Women seem to get away with it much easier.

Your caution is appreciated. I wish more people thought about this before they put someone in the awkward position of compressing bodies.


I am a hugger. I am comfortable with giving//getting hugs wherever I can get them. But I am also conscious that some people do not wish to be touched by strangers. So, I do not automatically hug someone I do not know, unless they initiate it. There are people I know well who prefer not to hug and I respect their preference.

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