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What damage has social media caused to the individual?

The social media has subconsciously manipulated our thoughts,actions and views on everything from what activities we use for entertainment to our political positions.Guy Harrison has written on the deleterious effects of social media on the brain.He points out how the cellular phone has gone from making phone calls to a means of using Facebook,Snapchat,Instagram and Twitter to connect with friends which has replaced social contact.Most people are not aware of the cognitive biases,mental shortcuts and perception problems that come with the use of this means of communication.Even worse we know that this communication is monitored by corporations and employers to determine if an individual is worth hiring.

Marine 8 Aug 27

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A great deal of sucides plus people hurting others by their posts etc. It has not always been good.


Apparently this situation will all get worse. Efforts to get rid of unacceptable media is now going into areas of censorship way beyond what should be allowed. There has to be some censoring because you do not want to advocate killing or murder, or even cause others to react that way unless you have orange skin and hair. Then it appears to be OK and is a fault of "media." I hope that a few will excuse me just a little bit. When I was a child the telephone was a brown wooden box on the wall and your number might be 2 longs and a short ring. You did the number with a crank on the side of the box. Censorship was there too coz the neighbor would listen in when she knew it was your ring. Even in those days we figured out who it was pretty quickly.


I think you have answered your title's question. i don't necessarily agree with your assessment, though. first of all, i am disabled and social media have opened the world up to me, to a huge extent, EVEN to the extent of getting out of the house and interacting more with live people! in addition, i don't use my phone for social media. oddly enough, i use it for phone calls (and taking pictures, i admit, and sometimes i upload the pictures to facebook -- they tend NOT to be of my dinner, though!) social media has not replaced social contact, not for me anyway. i am aware of the monitoring; that sucks but i am not worried about it. there are bigger things about which to worry. meanwhile, i keep my facebook page completely open to the public, so my privacy choice includes allowing anyone i don't actively block to read what i post. i know the monitoring you mention is not mainly about that, but rather following what i visit, what i buy, or at least shop for. that is annoying as i say, but not the end of the world. i know others have experiences that differ from mine -- but surely others have experiences like mine, or unlike mine but different too from your assessment. those who are being manipulated by social media may well be the same people who, without access to (or the existence of) social media would be manipulated by something or someone else.



When I was growing up credit cards were not common. Luckily, so because my parents fought about money. If it wasn't there it didn't get spent. Later, I lived in Europe which was slow in instilling cc's. When I returned to the US CC's were not on my radar which, I believe helped me manage my money. Same for social media. I did not grow up with it and only use what I want. Where I live cell phone coverage is low so the items you mentioned are not an option per cell phone, only WiFi and computers. I have more important and better things to do with my life than constantly look at a phone. Unfortunately, I am an odd duck in the connected world.

But there are msany of us.

When I was growing up I never even knew anyone with a credit card. I do recall commercials later for American Express. It was the popular card.

@DenoPenno And now everyone has them. I am watching a program about repossessions in England and it was said the average debt there is 6,000 pounds!!!

@JackPedigo It may exceed that here. One ad claiming to come to your rescue if you have maxed out your credit card avoids telling you that you still have all that debt and then some. Chances are you only had one payment to the credit card anyway, so how did you help yourself here?

@DenoPenno The show is a coupl of years old so things might be worse. I agree, it is a crisis here. There are some sites where people with extra cash will pay off others debts. The interest is lower than from the cards and is determined n the risk level. One big condition is that the CC holder has to cut up their card and not get any more. It seems people don't understand you can't get out of a hole if you keep digging.


All of these things are just tools.

The problem I think, is that we have not grow in our views, tolerances, and sense of being cosmopolitan enough to take in the different perspectives without drawing divisions. In short, we are 3 back hairs away from being chimps in our relationships with each other, yet have all this technical ability. It's a bad mix.

Yeah, objectivity is a skill.

Learning to bne tolerent only comes with age and wisdom.

@Marine I don't disagree with that. Social media regulation can be how a person finds wisdom or at least the beginnings of it.


I choose to see the positive side of it.


Ruined my spelling and makes me think I have a social life when I clearly don’t, and denies me sleep!

Livia Level 6 Aug 28, 2018

Alot, and thankfully I never got that involved with social media, my life is better for it.



It's ruining this country... It's changed everything

especially for the younger generation.


I read a statistic the other day that farcebook is cited in 30 % of divorce filings now. Thats up from the 25% it was when my ex screwed a guy she met on there.


I am in the camp of 'net harm' caused by social media. Former Facebook executive, Chamath Palihapitiya's conversation about the medium he helped start is refreshingly blunt. What does it tell you when a guy who became a billionaire from the site he helped start doesn't use it and won't let his children use it either?

I'm sharing that video with everyone I know, and thank you for sharing it here.


I ofen ask people who are involved with their smart phone in a social setting, what they would do if they lost connection with whoever is on the other end. I have yet to receive a sensible answer.


whether you like it or you don't like it or you just don't care..... it's here... the question might be how does an individual protect themselves.


Shared on a social media site....

I believe there are pros and cons but the pros outweigh the cons. It seems to be human nature to consider new innovations negatively. New technologies have created new problems but have also done a tremendous amount of good. I don't think any other resource has made it so easy to obtain so much information and start breaking out of the harmful thought patterns of the past.

Also as always is the tendency to take the struggles a few people are having and projecting it more broadly than it is. Most people manage their technology use wisely. The fact that it's difficult doesn't make all technology evil. Just like alcohol, drugs, food, and any number of things broadly available, it needs to be managed and some people struggle with that. But that doesn't mean it's bad overall.


TRUMP is the damage.



What about the connection with all the people you would have otherwise had never met. It is just a parallel in this world that give a much broader life connection

Just look at the results that psychiatrists are developing that the current use of social media is ruining personal relationships because the people lack the ability to interact not having been with people face to face.Somehow the face to face meetings are adversely affected by not doing this on a daily basis. Question are they really friends if they exist only on social media?

@Marine I would have to look at it as a Ben Franklin would it is an experiment in social behavior the people with strong intellect will take the positive points and regard them as leaps into the future. The more deranged will exploit it and use it for selfish reasons.

@azzow2 You raise a solid point there, and had it not been for this site I would not have met a fellow HS alumni. It does come down to how an individual chooses to use social media platforms.


Social media is the downfall of our society. I have sat in restaurants and watched entire families eat a meal without speaking a single word to each other as they all had their nose in their phone. I have seen teenage girls sit next t each other and carry on a conversation soley by text rather than just turned their head and talking out loud. Careers have been damaged by stupid facebook and instagram posts, the list goes on. My buddies tease me about how little I use my phone and I simply reply that I use it to call people and little else and I am perfectly happy with that. (I use my laptop for this site)
People have lost the art of interpersonal communication.

Oh yeah, almost forgot, my ex-wife screwed a guy she met on farcebook and ruined our marriage. There's that too.

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