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LINK Wisdom from the dark ages of 1998 for the internet era

An editorial that speaks to our times. To me it is about the virtual (make believe or even feel good) world versus reality.

”Computers value information over knowledge or wisdom…and a world dependent on them may cause latter to disappear.”

”Does access to information balance the spread of divisive lies? Does “connecting the world” make up for atomized communities?” Is an atomized community?

JackPedigo 9 Aug 27

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I think a lot of these things are down to how traffic drives advertising revenue on the web. Click bait has certainly fuelled fake news and conspiracy theories.

Like everything also it is about money and being able to generate revenue. Even our newspaper is requiring people to subscribe online to get access to articles.


Computers don't value anything. they're machines. what people DO on computers is the point. the problem isn't that the people in question value information over knowledge or wisdom. it's that they have not learned to distinguish between facts and lies, and information that is mis- or disinformation is worse than no information at all (which is bad enough). a lot of folks think that "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing" means knowledge is bad. the key word in the phrase is "a LITTLE." i prefer to quote "information is power" -- but it is only power when one knows what to do with it (and of course if the information is factual, complete and in context).

in addition, i do not consider the computer to be connecting us only to the virtual world. there are real people out there (and in here). to you i'm something to read, but i'm a real person, and i am assuming you are too. yes, virtual worlds are among the destinations we can seek online, and i like a couple of those, as it happens, but i do not consider this site, for example, to be a virtual world. we're real people. we just don't necessarily live near one another, or perhaps wish to see each other (or be seen) naked at three in the morning while still wanting to communicate with one another. pretty much anything you can do nonviolently naked at three in the morning has my approval!


Sure we are real people but that reality is often disguised online. People can become anything they want on the computer and scams are rampant because of this. One thing about living on a island is we get to know a lot of people without a computer.


The last four decades of my "career" were devoted to computer technology: design, assembly, integration, programming, promoting. Looking at the state of the today's technology leads to the conclusion that my efforts contributed negatively to the well-being of humanity. I could have spent my time doing something far more worthwhile.


I think what most did not foresee is the addictive nature of what Bill Gates, back in the 1990s, used to refer as "information at your fingertips" (back when we were thinking in terms of CD-ROMs as the new medium of transmission).

The guy who invented the FB "like" button realized, belatedly, that he was creating a means for people to get little dopamine "hits", and that this would end up being used in Pavlovian ways by advertisers and idea-mongers. Now he crusades against it.

I do think the information revolution is more good than bad, that it's playing itself out and people are realizing it's unsustainable to be used in undisciplined ways. For example as a software developer I used to have about 20 shelf-feet of heavy, thick reference books in my office to research and learn new tech, now it's 100% online and that is way better. I can also audit courses at MIT for free, etc.

Is dividing people? I don't think so. It is certainly making it "easier" to be an unbeliever in a world that's mostly against freedom of thought. To find validation and support and community. The alternative -- feigning conformity and belief -- is certainly inferior to that.

There are always good and bad sides to technology. The population impact formula is I (impact) = P (pop.) X A (activity) X T (technology). Technology is a wild card but one unsustainable aspect of it is that it allows for larger populations. Unfortunately, resources are fixed.
Imagine what would happen if all or even some of the networks went down? When I had my accident all our networks went down (no WiFi, 911 or even land lines). I found out today a team of ham operators went into action to maintain communication with emergency services. If I had been in most other parts of the island I would not have been found so fast. Technology can make ud dependant and vunerable.


1st there is information. 2nd is Knowledge.3rd is wisdom. Then comes Data.......

twill Level 7 Aug 27, 2018

And then comes Twitter and tRump!!


As I read this I self-reminded that the next wave of information relay is on the way. The beancounters are still trying to milk the public with the old style radio wave transmissions equipment that will be replaced with lightwave technology. Which will start out with astronomical prices for the equipment.

Did you see my reply to mordant?


No they are destroying our society because they are not used the way intended and there isn't any way to prevent the wrongful use of this media.

First off, I agree totally and completely with your statement. Seems like folks just can't get their face away from that screen, I hate it. What is so interesting that they have to look at their phone while walking?
Then I ask the question about "wrongful use of this media.". I am curious as to how you find this wrongful. I am not attacking you, I would honestly like to hear your views on why it is being used wrong.
My thoughts are that the system was designed to pass along pertinent information, now it has been bastardized to let your followers know when you are taking a shit and they can't wait to read about it.

@MacTavish My concern is with the young who are loosing the abilty to associate with people and inter act with them. Various doctors have pointed out that the media has fostered sucides via bullying and other anti social behavior. The in ability of all users to identify and interpret news being used to manipulate their thoughts. I hate to use the term but fake news impact on people. These are just a few of my concerns but I trhink you can see the pattern.

@Marine Thank you, sir. You make a very valid point and are dead on.
I have often wondered why the victim of internet bullying doesn't just block them? I haven't heard a decent response to that question yet.


Bad religion was on point when they wrote the song, "I love my computer" for their new america album.


"What do I know? I only know what I read on the internet."
Donald Trump

Unfortunately that describes too many people.


It's definitely a problem when people are unable to discern "information" from "facts".

And able to discern "facts" from "alternate facts".

Is it unable to discern or unwilling? How many of us want those who give out uncomfortable facts to go away?

@JackPedigo I'm fine with receiving facts, regardless of whether they're "comfortable" or not. My issue is with those who refuse to accept actual truth in favor of that which makes them more comfortable.
Then they insist that which makes them comfortable are the facts, completely dismissing the truth.

@KKGator Thank you for that. I have been criticized on this site and within certain groups for giving out information people don't want to hear. Liberals are just as guilty as conservatives. One area that is especially touchy is the environmental movement and our culpability (every single one of us, myself included). Early on, this site said they wanted to bring awareness to overpopulation. However, for many, this is a taboo issue.

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