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With this site now open, do you consider Facebook to be redundant now?

I do. I have 42 "friends" on there. Most of them are atheists. Some family friends, one ex, one rude "friend," one who never posts but one meme every 2 months, etc... Facebook seems more of a hassle to me. I only keep it to read athesits' articles and science articles. Along with the local news.

My Messenger is always dry. One friend talks for 3 minutes once a week, (the too truthful one) I have my ignorant ex on there, (nothing intelligent to talk about with him that he would understand), a friend whom is in the Air Force and works nights, (hardly a conversation there), one mom friend working 3 jobs and has no time to talk, a Christian friend whom never checks or answers messages, and my bosses. So you see why I am on here more and don't really have friends? I would love to get rid of both, but my bosses need to get ahold of me. So, I just quit Facebook after my innocent post got trashed. (Another post on here)

Sarahroo29 8 Jan 19

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No, I still have friends on FB that would not be comfortable here.


I have lots of family as well as friends on my facebook. Sometimes we do funny. My aunts find this post particularly amusing. I say here is a photo of my cock. Everyone seems to have fun with it.

azzow2 Level 9 Jan 19, 2018



I most definitely find myself spending less time communicating on the bookface thanks this awesome community I've found here. Thanks to facebook though for alerting me to the existence of this site.


Yes, sort of. They serve slightly different purposes for me though. Folks more like me here; everybody else there.

skado Level 9 Jan 19, 2018

Facebook is how I keep in touch with friends and family who live elsewhere.
This is where I come for community. For me, there is a huge difference.


Not at all, Facebook and Twitter are where I go to post insulting messages to the dick in the White House. Gotta have that outlet.


Iv only got about 60 friends on FB, and I delete anyone that posts like a bigot. I rarely post on FB, but I use messenger to keep in touch with people. FB is a good way to make friends from the bar who are uncomfortable giving numbers.


I like facebook for a totally different reason\


Facebook still has its uses for me. I have friends all over the place and it's a good way to keep in touch with them. I belong to a community with a particular interest (Balkan folk
music) on there, and only a very few of those community members live where I do. That said, I seem to be spending more time here than there these days. I couldn't get the kind of conversations from posts that I'm getting here. I have NEVER used Facebook for work. My clients are businesses and that's not where they would find me anyway.

My bosses aren't on my FB. They're on my Messenger.

@Sarahroo29 I see. Well, maybe I do. I don't use Messenger at all, especially the app. My colleagues can text me through Google Voice, which is probably pretty much the same thing (except it keeps FB and work separate, which I like).


Not redundant, just insipidly boring.


Not really. I think Facebook is used in different ways by different people. Apart from the obvious that younger members use it differently when compared to the older members, there's also geographical differences.

For example, hardly anyone in AUS (or to be more precise, hardly anyone in my Facebook list who are Australian - but I can almost guarantee that it is hardly anyone in AUS)...

Hardly anyone in AUS use Facebook as a source of news like how Facebook has been reported to be a main source of news in the U.S. by the U.S. media. I really doubt Australians would ever rely on Facebook posts to determine our political landscape.

My Facebook friends use Facebook for keeping in contact with others. The contact could be as fleeting as a like on a post, or an upload of a family photo, or more direct as organising an event, or more involved as a conversation.

I actually don't believe in the notion that social media has made us more disconnected. I believe in the opposite. Social media has made us more connected and with more people. (By the way, there is a science of the upper limits of human contact which states that we can't efficiently keep more than about 150. But I digress. Back to the point.)

It really depends on how one uses Facebook. For example, if Facebook is the only medium of a person's communication with others, then Facebook would cause that person to be more disconnected with others due to the "crash" that happen after that instant-dopamine hit from a like, comment or chat, etc. - especially if those don't convert to more meaningful connections.

But if Facebook complements a person's contacts - allowing them to stay connected with more people than their immediate in-real-life circle of friends and family, then, Facebook is a connectivity tool.

For me, I don't think Facebook is redundant. But, of course, because we are all different people, Facebook may be redundant for others. I certainly have friends who are not on Facebook and friends who are on Facebook but are not active.


I still love facebook, mostly to talk with my friends on messanger and belong to groups that I need. Im not one to post selfies or memes or let the world know what I am up to everyday. Only if something exciting happens.
I follow my favourite bands,The SPCA, a few funny groups, and at the moment I love National Geographic especially when the do Safari Live.
A have a few Christian friends that are always asking for everyone to pray for them, but they live in the States, and I just need them there for various reasons. A lot of my friends are Muslim, though they don't preach, Most of my other friends are just not religious, don't even talk about it.
Also my Mother is on there so I have to behave 😉 lol.

Sacha Level 7 Jan 20, 2018

Lol. I just woke up to 78 notifications on here.

@Sarahroo29 From me?

No, from my 3 posts last night.

@Sarahroo29 Then you have to click on all 78 of them to make them go away lol

I know. Ugh...

You can click "Mark All as Read"


If not redundant, less interesting.


No. I am a musician and belong to a few musician groups and enjoy posting my music and hearing theirs and we offer each other constructive criticism and have even done some on line collaborations. I can keep in contact with my local music community, where people are playing. I can hear them even when not there. Also, I have moved great distances a few times in my life and it keeps me in contact with friends and family, even ones I have never spoken to on the phone but we message each other. I have reconnected with people from my youth and even gone and visited a small handful of them and rebuilt our friendships. I find facebook is a valuable tool for me.


Good for you. I have 150 friends and family on FB so I stay on. I don't check every day. This has been my hangout for almost 3 months now.


I use FB everyday to promote my Radio show. But as far as community I spend more time here now! This site rules and we need a legitimate APP!


no most sheeple will use it and I do for my charity work


No, for me FB is to keep in contact with the young uns, my kids, nieces nephews and their friends, I have under 50 contacts on FB but it is really to manage social events.


I considered Facebook to be redundant before this site was created. However much I enjoy the discussion here, this is no substitute for interacting with the person seated on the bar stool next to me..


I use Facebook to keep in touch with friends that live far away. Most of them would never use this site.


I have to go there to find the "low-brow" Russian-bot comments. It feeds the sarcastic side of my personality. Other than that my friends are angry posters, but I do get to keep up with the kids.


I've relocated many times over the course of years, and Facebook was great in that I was able to reconnect with old friends I hadn't seen in years. None of them are on this site and few would join. I think FB is way overrated, mostly a waste of time, some people are almost addicted to it, BUT I appreciate that I can look up and connect with just about anyone when I want to. So I don't 'look' for new friends on FB (I guess that is what I'm actively doing here) but use it instead to maintain communication in a social arena with current friends.

I hardly use it now.


No, because I still have friends and family that aren't agnostic or non religious. I come here to discuss things without religion getting in the way. All of my family and all of my friends are either religious or at least spiritual.


On this site much more than FB


no most sheeple will use it and I do for my charity work

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