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Play is widespread in animals, and all but universal in mammals, especially the smart ones. The most common view of play across species is that it helps youngsters rehearse for adult life. Children at play are training their bodies and brains for the challenges of adulthood.
~ Jonathan Gottschall

Benthoven 8 Jan 20

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Some version of hide and seek is played by children of all cultures all over the world


Once I challenged an ID group by submitting three items to be run through their process and let me know if each of the items were designed or not.

One of the items was doggie football. In urban (or otherwise crowded) dog parks, at some point a dog will pick something up -- a stick, a discarded half tennis ball, whatever -- and run around with it. Then all the other dogs follow the first dog. Then some dogs try to get the thing from the first dog. Then they get bored, and the first dog drops the thing but stands over it, while some of the other dogs try again to get it, starting the process all over again.

Couldn't get a straight answer from the group about any of the three items, but it was fun getting a rise out of them.


Kids play war all the time yes it is true

He talks about that in his book.


I agree with his premise.


Totally true!! I have my granddaughter coming over shortly and we are going to play with balls and soft toys and just work her little brain! She's a year old. Play is work for babies.

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