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Are you intimidated by anyone? If so, who and why?

I’ve been told I’m intimidating over the course of my life by a lot of different people.
Sometimes it’s my sobriety that intimidates people, sometimes it’s my atheism and sometimes it’s just my focused face or presence or something..
Once they get to know me, they relax and see the errors in their judgement.
I’m just a no bullshit goofball.

I don’t think I’ve been intimidated by anyone since I was a kid.
I’ve long held that we’re all basically equal, no matter how much power one is disillusioned by.

AMGT 8 Sep 3

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I am not easily intimidated. I have had people tell me that I am intimidating, at first.

I think it has to do with direct eye contact, body language, and steady vocal tone.

I fully agree with you, well put.


My very first semester in American college , 23 years ago , English ok ( barely ), but not great . The anatomy professor told me in front of a crowd " if u don't have any intelligent questions in my class , don't have any at all ". That hurt . And scared me . For about a day or two thou . I have never raised hand in her class for remain of year . But 3 yrs later , she was one of the instructors that had to hand me my degree in front of bigger crowd , 4.0 just me and another girl sharing that recognition .
Even then , I seen no warm smile on her face , but mine had the smile of the cat that just swallowed a big fat rat .
Intimidation works like motivation w me I think ? I am proud of this ?


I've been told by several I'm intimidating as well. I'm a quiet person and smart, been told I'm "too serious." Being willing to get out of a bad marriage and daring to live life alone and on my own terms just intimidates people, who tend to engage me in some sort of psuedo-competitive mind-game-playing antics where they win and I lose.

I don't get intimidated by people. I have gotten star-struck in an embarrassing

Congratulations on your years of sobriety! That is truly amazing.


During my early years I was intimidated by my father and people like him. By the time I was 12, or thereabouts, I got over that and I can't recall an instance since when anyone has intimidated me. There are people who move me, but that is a different thing.


The only person I have ever been intimidated by was my ex-husband. I haven't been for many years now.


I'm another one who finds just about everyone intimidating. I'm getting better with it, but it's tough when you've had 'everyone is better than you' drummed into your head since before you can remember.

That's probably why it doesn't work the other way round. I couldn't intimidate anyone or anything if I tried. I hate eye contact, I'm short and soft-looking, I'm not that intelligent... People can and do refuse to acknowledge my existence.


I don't find anyone I deal with particularly intimidating. I'm kind of a big guy (6'1" 200+) and I'm bald and have a somewhat serious demeanor. So people who don't know me might find me a little "unapproachable." I put that in quotes because I was described that way once in a job interview. =\ I think I was best described by a former co-worker of mine who wrote me a wonderful character reference wherein he described me as "having a crispy exterior with a warm, gooey center." LOL! Seriously. =]


For me knowledge is power. As a union rep i know work policy back to front whilst my managers are too lazy to learn it thinking their position alone is enough. I have regularly called them out in front of their own workforce at meetings. It has earned me reputation that i have lived of for years. Some workers nicknamed me 'God', ironically of course, because i can get what i want. My managers even send me home early on a 12 shift just to get rid of me so they can relax. I take advantage of it. ?


I am sure you are not intimidating. You are just not conforming to a gender norm that women shouldn’t be assertive. When a woman is as assertive as a male she gets named “bossy” “bitch” “intimidating” I was once called “emasculating” - wore it like a badge of honor. Carry on with the assertive behavior and the sass. Not everyone has to like it, but that’s just too bad!

Livia Level 6 Sep 4, 2018

...really-thanks for bringing the context
of social "norms"-like reading a book from
it's cover; and authority used to muffle
desent or criticism. If your actions would
benefit the group, all should have followed
your example..!


I've been told by a few people that I'm intimidating, not so much physically — though there seems to be something in my appearance and stoicism that can be intimidating — but rather intellectually. I don't know exactly what people mean when they tell me this, though I think they're trying to pay me a compliment. While I pride myself on thoughtful expression and clarity of thought, I don't feel any different from other people in my daily life in terms of intellect.

In terms of feeling intimidated myself, not so much. I have a degree of anxiety much of the time, but that's less about people than it is about situations.


" I’m just a no bullshit goofball. "

Love it...


not really, not intimidated, yet loud, imbalanced, angry folks i do try to avoid.


Not in my adult life, even if I'm sure they can whoop my ass.

I've had two professional therapists and many people tell me I'm intimidating, which is no doubt due to a combination of my looks, size, and demeanor. Everyone respects my personal space, so it's cool.


I relate...people always readme that way. For one thing, I never smile. That doesn't help my case. Interesting how I thought those judgemental attributes would be removed by sitting behind this bogus identity, only to find out they have been replaced by something real life people thought process may go like "why is he so serious, why he doesn't smile, is he angry?" and here goes like "why that name, why no picture, who is he??". I find both hilarious.


Intimidation is a Gift provided by a 2nd person. As a kid I knew a guy not that big but everybody knew he earned his nickname of "Danger" in blood. You fight him and he will fight you until he passed out. I remember him saying I fight bigger guys than me so the little guys do not even think about fighting me. I had see guys that on pure size along looked like trouble or hard to handle. Seen women that their beauty will mangle the confidence of the most handsome or capable man. I had seen some eyes that simply penetrate you. The Assistant Commanding Officer in one of my commands. It was not her beauty she had and she was... or her body... she did had... it was those piercing blue eyes that every single guy on the base will say the same thing and feel the same thing about her. Sometimes and in your case may be that... your eyes. That dismantle us. Can not say unless I see you in person but among other things... eyes... intelligence... voice... beauty... height... careless air about you... stature... status... strength... size... reputation... behavior... can do the trick on lesser beings but the being has to give you and acknowledge that Gift.


Not in the last 3 years


One of my sisters used to intimidate me. Even though she was younger than me, as kids she was very tough and outspoken while I was very passive and quiet. As we got older we both seemed to move closer to the center -- I became tougher and more brazen while she became softer and more reflective -- which I was looking forward to seeing more of before she sadly passed away almost five years ago.


Not in a long, long, long time.


Everything and everyone intimidates me... I don’t do good with people.

@AMGT I do fine online or when I am at the office... in person I get social anxiety big time....


I once took on Harvard when they had one of my T-shirt designs pulled off of CafePress. Details are at []. After I talked with their outside counsel it took them less than 24 hours to back down.

I was talking with my friend who had assisted me with the legal research for the case and asked him why they had even bothered? He said, "They thought they were going to intimidate you." I asked, "What?" He was halfway through repeating his answer when he started laughing.

That's not to say I have never been intimidated, just that it doesn't happen easily.


That’s interesting. As I have thought about it, the older I get, the less intimidated by people I get. Situations can still be intimidating, big tasks, less so people.

JDRay Level 5 Sep 4, 2018

Everyone. I wish I was capable of trusting people, but I've been through hell and have learned my lesson.

@AMGT Politics is what does it for me nowadays. I think to myself, how can people I've known my whole life support all the horrible things that are being done to my country by this depraved regime masquerading as an administration?


Funnily enough I just got told I'm less intimidating with short curly hair. (Cut my hair two days ago in a fit of pique and it decided its curly now, lol)


I've been told I'm intimidating. I don't intend to be, and rarely do it on purpose.

Once when I was at a fair with my daughter and her best friend, we had to walk through a tightly packed group of people. I overheard my daughter tell her friend, "Walk right behind my dad. People get out of his way."

I'd never really thought about before, but she was right.

JimG Level 8 Sep 4, 2018

I had a manager that was former special forces and there was just something about that training, maybe, that stayed with him. He was a big guy, always in control when he got angry. It was still easy to imagine him wanting to say, "Hulk smash!"

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