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If religion died out, how would we repurpose all the churches?

There are a LOT of churches around. What would we do if more people started identifying as nones...? It would be a total waste to just leave all that real estate lying around.

silvereyes 8 Jan 21

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I am a boomer. When the boomers were school age, schools were built. When the baby bust followed, school districts sold schools. The elementary school my former husband went to was bought by a church. Real estate never lies around, it will be bought and re purposed. There is no lack of demand for space. They might lose some money but I don't see that as being a concern.

I like what Frank Zappa said about property on this subject . The only difference between a religion & a cult , is the amount of real estate they own . Tax the churches !

@Douglas AMEN! Tell it brother!


How about converting them in shelters or apartments for the homeless? Then they would serve a useful purpose.

Perfect, Max, my first thought also.

Weren't churches supposed to also be shelters? The apartments and I have even seen homes.


I'm completely with the homeless shelter idea previously stated, but if that wasn't viable for some crazy reason, I'd want them to be dance halls and music venues, I like the idea of loads of 4 piece bands playing rock and roll, with people doing the twist and jiving all day long, I'd never get bored of that.

Dav87 Level 6 Jan 21, 2018

@silvereyes who wouldn't, it's the only reason I encourage atheism.

I've seen churches turned into clubs in a few cities

@Unicus there was a club near me that on THORSdays played heavy metal all night long, it was a great scene and it was a converted church. Many happy memories in that church!


performing arts centers, museums and homeless shelters. Great acoustics, historical significance and lots of warm dry floor space.

Dwight Level 7 Jan 21, 2018

Homeless shelters!


Interesting. The very first thing I thought of was for homeless shelters, before I read any comments. 😀


@twshield I wasn't the first anyway. lol


I'd turn most into shelters and community centers for poor and less fortunate people. When there are more churches than homeless shelters, it's a truly sad state of affairs. Something that benefits everyone, don't care what it is.

Is it just me? Or the fact that there are more churches than homeless shelters only proofs that god really does not exist.

Oh, those churches still grow like weeds. Yes, there is no god who would approve of the insanely selfish way lots of churches behave and become self-absorbed.


We wouldn't. Realtors would. What we need to figure out is how we will repurpose the voice of the church. Or better stated.. uncorrupt it.

skado Level 9 Jan 21, 2018

I submit to you that, when a group of freethinkers engage in conversation in a respectful manner, that collective voice may prove difficult to corrupt. We are already striding toward an I ncorruptible voice.

Amen. What I was thinking.


I've always wanted to live in a small old church. I love the architecture. And I would remake the sign to say "HOUSE OF IRONY. A private residence.


The really architecturally beautiful ones could be used as restaurants or converted into affordable housing. The ones in strip malls could be used as bars, or brothels, or something else that's more useful.

Hhahaha lol. Brilliant!

Why not do both?

Places where people can come to worship other people, or worship each other, or in group.


I was reared Catholic and there are several Catholic churches around this rural area. Attendance is way down. One church is no longer used. Another two have scaled back services significantly. The church continues to hoard the property, tax free. I think it's a long, long time before we see these buildings and plots sold off.

The tax status is the main thing that churches need to give up. Be open about your books or be not trusted!


There were a few large churches up for sale in Chicago a few years ago. I thought they would make fantastic homeless shelters. Especially in Winter.

@SACatWalker I was thinking they could be sectioned off into separate floors. I know someone who bought a little church and built bedrooms upstairs.

@SACatWalker That just makes more room for a second floor . Thats what happened when the one church here got turned into a residential complex .

Drop the ceilings and fill in.


There are never enough shelters for women with kids.


24 hr. hotdogs and pancakes stop.


id love one as a house


Sell it and pay the utilities of the poor people in that town.


Don't reuse them there tainted burn them down. Actually that is the correct way to destroy something spiritual or holy/sacred. And if not I would turn them into business or meeting halls, dance halls, or they can be used as auditoriums, homeless shelter, private atheist schools, science labs ooooooooohhhhhh a Dojo you can fit a pretty nice mat in most churches. just some ideas i could go on for ever. But I would want to burn one down.

Since the spirit thing is a lie, you won't need to burn, exorcise, or decontaminate them.



This church in Dayton, Ohio was converted to a climbing center.

jeffy Level 7 Jan 21, 2018

Concert venues! Especially the older churches.


Convert it to housing and useful things like community centers.


A woman in a small nearby village bought a church that was no longer in use. She has musicians come play for donations. They also sell their CDs. If we arrive early, we can wander through the cemetery in back that was included with the church. Another two churches here in town have converted to apartments. Unfortunately, I can't see anybody paying for an old church, even one in bankruptcy, and not living in it or making money on it somehow.


They could be easily used as insane asylums for those still hanging on to the disease while religion is dying out. Then, we could turn a few into hate museums where they cover the atrocious activities of the past and with religion being dead, people would likely be a little more rational and we could figure out a way to make sure there are no longer any homeless people.

@silvereyes The people who go there will tell you , the worst of the worst go there . They say because they need the lord the most , but I think it's just a catch-all for misery loving company . Shared psychosis & so forth . . . .

I wish they were the kind of asylum where the inmates are not allowed to go out into the community because they are a danger to self and others!!

Also accentuate our American SEPARATION of church and state. Many are trying to bring that to fruition.


Same as now. Put them to all kinds of uses. The disgustingly opulent ones could be theaters for everything from science conferences to sports.


My old church shares itself with AA, CHOW, they run a soup kitchen, certain theatre groups use it, yoga classes. The church also owns houses on its property that it rents out really low. I’d like to see them used like that, with no religion.


Have to make a lot more bars would have lots of aimless people with nothing to do.


Shelters for women and children... Youth activity centers...

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