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QUESTION New Study: Owning Firearms Will Turn You Gay

Just trying to flush out the people I don't want to know.

NerdyOkieDude 7 Jan 25

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It depends....the majority of the world doesn’t seem to like the idea of same sex relationships.....personally...I don’t mind....I have friends that are in same sex relationships.....they’re very loving....different one might say to a heterosexual relationship....that’s my personal views anyway


What are we, like 4 years old? Why the nonsense?


Selling your shooters should sort out your problems. If only it were so easy?

@NerdyOkieDude Yes. Desperate problems creating desperate remedies? How many converts?

Periodically we receive receive news of mass shootings in the USA. We hear it with sad ness and almost disbelief.

For the record, I do not own firearms. I can shoot quite well but I found target practice tedious. Whilst I have been heterosexual, I have been fully accepting of partners who have been bi-sexual or had such tendencies. Whilst I have received homosexual advances I have simply said no to them.


How many guns until I stop half-way?


I have a collection of antique BB Guns. Will that work?


Will turn you gay??

I kind of thought that anyone who owns more than a couple of fire arms for the purpose of self defense and hunting for survival is over compensating and is already very deeply closeted. Fire arms don't make one light in the loafers. People who are light in the loafers need a whole basement full of fire arms to try to convince themselves and everyone else that they're not gay.


I can only click like once. Hilarious.

I get it


Well, for a moment there...I was wondering if there was an angle on firearm people that I had somehow missed! Glad to see, that it is a normal person, 'trying to flush out the people I don't want to know,' which I might have you meeting very few people. Isn't it that, there are enough guns for every man, woman and child, in America? I am ok though, I don't own a gun...don't see where I would ever use it, as I have never had an interest in hitting a 'bulls eye' or anything else!


That's why I rent mine


Hmmm.... consider the source.

Yep... it's the idiot magazine for those that want to explore theyre


If only...


Still safe, being a non-gun owning straight woman ( but know how to use them!) But, again, thoughts & prayers be with ye!


I wish they would. Half our problems with fix themselves.


What a great idea LOL.


I always thought that it was motorbikes.


This whole town is going to turn overnight. Think I'll be staying inside for the next few days while they shoot it out.


Not funny.

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