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If the world was populated with clones of you- what would it look like?

My world would be pretty crazy.

One food group. Lots of puppy love.

Great arcades. But, we'd live modestly, so to preserve nature. But, there would also be some pretty crazy amusement parks without the kids.

I'm not sure the world would ever shut up, but we'd all get along until someone took the last slice...

silvereyes 8 Jan 25

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Everything would go to hell. We would put off climate change research for cat videos. Seriously I'm grateful there's not more than one of me. Nothing would get done. Philosophy would go places though. We'd all sit around asking "is it more noble to use a laser pointer to distract the cat or a toy mouse?"


ooh total cat lady here! yells over to Silver i want to crash his world! Can i World Crash?? haha

I am so cat, that even my name, Ari, means Lion and I am a Leo and im a Crazyy cat laady!

I support this world!


My world would be full of surly, sardonic, sarcastic cynics who avoid one another unless contact is absolutely necessary.

So you would hide from yourself? lol

@balou Literally and figuratively.

@evestrat Hard to believe, I know…


I don't know if I could survive all that ugly around me.


A bunch a cats all tangled up in rainbows and tape from various VHS movies. Wilfully roiling about trying to decide what to eat for dinner as they are gently illuminated by the last shining star. And boat fires. A lot of boat fires.


I would hope me except about 25 and sexy again. At least I could find some to talk to.


I think I would commit seppuku because I couldn't handle an entire world of Just Me's. hahahah! My brain would explode!

... then I'd gut myself. lol

Sadoi Level 7 Jan 26, 2018

I wouldn't be able to handle all the arguments. If it doesn't come up, jump to 7:45


Well, for one thing, there'd be no junk food, no pollution, and no children. We'd quickly go extinct!

Well, technically if the whole world was populated with clones of any one person it would go extinct in one generation because there'd be no one to mate with.


neuritic chaos


There CAN BE ONLY ONE!!!! Winner takes all...then realization....and cloning the most mundane valhalla ever....


The red sea


Animals would run free. The environment would be pristine. Global warming would not exist. Humans would all be dead because I need insulin to live and can't make it myself.


Immediate Suicide. LOL!!


Wouldn't we need to consent to be using our own
Living tissue ? Or do we not have that choice ?
would the choice be taken from us ?

My mom told me that she watched a series like about 20 years ago. There was a scientist that cloned a man. As the clone grew up, he couldn't figure out why he was in love with someone that he never met or seen .

Long story short, the clone found the woman and she fainted. She thought maybe her husband had a son with someone else. So there was a clone with a broken heart.

So would clones love the same people ?

We could never have enough love ???? I am sure that they would love you.


There will be no money that is for sure... pretty boring with poor option of competition. A female me... will piss me the hell up... you talking using sex as a weapon?


hum 7 billion copies of i guess the term " go fuck yourself" would actually have some meaning 😉

healthcare would be much better than what we have now! world peace cause i prefer wars of the mind, plus no racism.
I guess if i was the original copy i would be a deity 🙂


Twilight Zone!


Probably a whole lot of nothing getting done as all the clones would want to just laze about and maybe play board games...


i, me & my self? clones of that, & nothing else? it would drive me raving mad, so the world would look like an - admittedly colourful, naturally green, creative & mostly naked - madhouse 😀


I’m pretty sure I would question myself more than I do now. A lot of “why did you do thats?”

balou Level 8 Jan 25, 2018

Yay thought exercises! I love hypothetical questions.

I'm going to assume that you mean intellectual rather than physical clones. Otherwise the answer for literally everyone is a prompt global collapse because suddenly everyone is the same gender as me and only has the same skill set as me.

I/we would be: not religious or supernatural at all, follow scientific method, have evidence based social & welfare programs, be liberal & progressive & socialist, follow the spirit of the law more than the letter (I.e. bend the rules to help people in need), eco friendly, utilize green energy, recycle, do whatever is necessary to reverse global warming, egalitarian (e.g. everyone cooks because everyone eats), have way more vegetarian food options, be less judgemental of others, role play, treat non-humans with actual decency & respect, et cetera.


Absolute boredom without anyone different to talk with.

jeffy Level 7 Jan 25, 2018

ME !!

mzee Level 7 Jan 25, 2018

Where ever the wonder woman comes from...


For one, no longer would be able to see over the crowds of people!

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